Apple Music on iOS 14 surpasses Spotify, becomes ‘the ultimate music streaming service’

As with members of the MacDailyNews team, 9to5Mac’s Bradley Chambers has been an Apple Music subscriber since the day it launched in 2015, but Chambers says, “Despite being an Apple Music customer, there have long been aspects of Spotify that I preferred over Apple Music.”

Until iOS 14, that is. Now Chambers says, “Apple Music on iOS 14 brings over the best of what Spotify offers my opinion, making it the ultimate music streaming service.”

Apple Music
Apple Music

Bradley Chambers for 9to5Mac:

In iOS 14, Apple Music renames the For You tab to Listen Now. The Listen Now tab is the default loading screen over the Library in previous versions of iOS. What I appreciate about the Listen Now tab is how it quickly helps me find something to listen to (my station, recently played, one of my Made For You playlists), New Releases, and Replay playlists, etc. Apple’s library management is much better than Spotify, but using it as the launch screen was always frustrating. I felt like I’d always end up on things I recently added to my Library vs. exploring new music. By making Listen Now the first tab, it’s putting it front and center while retaining the excellent library management…

I’ve long believed that Apple Music was the better music playing app, but Spotify did a better job of helping you find something to listen to when launching it. With iOS 14, Apple brings the best from Spotify and combines it with the best library management and iCloud Music Library.

MacDailyNews Take: More bad news for Spotify which was overtaken by Apple Music in the world’s largest music market, the United States, in February 2019.


  1. C’mon MDN… Apple Music is the worse music streaming service. And to me, Spotify is really the best. Sad to see Apple pushing a lesser offer with their weight and wealth. It reminds me of another company we all dismiss so many time… you know… Microsoft!

  2. Why anybody would want to pay a monthly rent to listen to music is beyond me. No commercials? Just wait, there will be.

    Nothing like purchasing your own music and being able to play it whenever you want and without paying hundreds of dollars a year to do so.

  3. Spotify is supposedly superior to AppleMusic because it offers an ad-supported free tier. Whoa. Personally, I think it all comes down to choice. They’re both decent services. Spotify has been around a lot longer than AppleMusic, so maybe AppleMusic just needs a year or two more to be on par with Spotify.

    One thing for certain, Spotify’s share price has doubled in value over the past year despite not making very much money.

    1. I strongly disagree. For one, HUNDREDS? You mean one hundred (if you know you are going to keep it, like I do, you just pay by the year – $99 plus tax, in my case that is about $109. Back when you could get Apple gift cards at 105-15% off price, I was doing that as well, so I was paying < $100. If you pay by month for a single user that is $120 plus tax. ANYWAY you slice it saying hundreds is silly). I imagine if you are purchasing your own music you are paying at least $100 per year. Moving to next point….

      If I were to keep it for the next 30 years of my life, at the current rate, that would be 3000-4000 over 30 years (assuming rates may go up). Again, this is pittance compare to purchasing music. Lastly…

      I am an audiophile amateur taper who records live concerts of bands that allow that sort of thing (see, or a bunch of bands that let you purchase their FLAC or ALAC in HD). All those can be added to Apple’s music App or iTunes (depending on which platform you have – Windows and < Catalina are iTunes, etc). Once you add them (and I can add them as lossless 24 bit 96 KHz ALAC files) to iTunes/Music, the application will automatically generate 256 AACs for the cloud for me to be able to stream them from anywhere to my phone. So yes, my own music that I have recorded, music that I have purchased elsewhere, and music I am listening to from Apple’s Music that I have not purchased all show up in one place.

  4. I stick with Apple for music services mainly because of iTunes Match and the convenience of staying within the ecosystem. But Spotify does seem to have an edge – it looks and feels more slick.

    I think Apple should demote Eddie Cue and get someone younger to lead Apple Music.

  5. Big fan of Spotify,I used Apple music before but I decied to swaped to Spotify and download Apple music I purached before on my PC with Tunelf Apple Music Converter.I don’r want to use Apple music now.

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