Apple Watch keeps saving users’ lives

With its fall detection feature, heart rate notifications, exercise tracking and even the ability to make a call from your wrist, the amazing Apple Watch keeps saving users’ lives.

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5

Vanessa Hand Orellana for CNET:

No one noticed Toralv Østvang fall and hit his head on the bathroom floor that night, except for his Apple Watch. Kacie Anderson used her watch to get out of her car after a near fatal accident left her and her 9-month-old baby trapped inside. The only warning sign Heather Hendershot had that something was seriously wrong with her body came from her wrist.

These stories and more have one common thread. In September of 2014, when Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the first Apple Watch, he didn’t exaggerate when he said it was the most personal device the company had ever created. Since its launch, the Apple Watch has become a fitness coach, a health monitor and a constant way to stay connected. And for some users, it has been much more.

For these people, it even changed their lives.

MacDailyNews Take: Rather quickly, Apple Watch has proven to be a lifesaving device. Our compendium of examples of Apple Watch saving lives is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. I have a Heart Transplant. I Keep using the EKG and monitor my heart rate. One day I found I was in AFib. Called my doctor let him know told me to go to the hospital and he called a heat to let them know I am coming. Had to stay in the hospital 3 days to get it corrected.

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