Nokia launches data center networking tools, developed with Apple

Nokia on Thursday launched a set of tools for data center networking, developed in cooperation with Apple, designed to help companies to manage the growth in traffic as 5G and machine learning technologies roll out.

Nokia Apple networking toolsAdam Bechtel, Vice President and Networking lead at Apple, said, “We regularly upgrade our data center equipment with technology to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Using Nokia’s new system will enable better networking and routing capabilities in our Viborg, Denmark facility.”

Apple is an early adopter of the innovative technology, deploying the solution within its cloud operations in its data centers,


As the usage of 5G networks expands, vast quantities of data will be generated as more household appliances and other machines are linked up with sensors and artificial intelligence tools, creating the so-called “internet-of-things.”

“We worked very closely with (Apple) over the last two plus years to understand their requirements,” said Steve Vogelsang, Nokia’s chief technology officer for IP and optical business.

Nokia’s new tools aim to assist firms running big data centres, known as hyperscalers, such as Amazon, Alphabet Inc’s Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. The products will help them scale up resources swiftly.

MacDailyNews Take: Nokia’s press release is here.


  1. Slowly but vigorously, by this move, Apple is reducing the amt. of data that Amazon Web Services and its cohorts manage to surreptitiously steal from Apple.

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