Apple TV+ offers inside look at ‘Greyhound’ — Battle of the Atlantic

In the new film Greyhound, inspired by real events, Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) leads an international convoy of 37 ships on a treacherous mission across the Atlantic ocean to deliver thousands of soldiers and much-needed supplies to Allied forces.

Tom Hanks WWII film ‘Greyhound’ to premiere on Apple TV+ on July 10th
Tom Hanks WWII film ‘Greyhound’ to premiere on Apple TV+ on July 10th

Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, and Elisabeth Shue star alongside Hanks. The Apple Original film was directed by Aaron Schneider and produced by Gary Goetzman.

Learn more about the Battle of the Atlantic with Greyhound star and screenwriter Tom Hanks. Coming to Apple TV+ this Friday:

MacDailyNews Take: This is a big moment in the early life of Apple TV+ and it looks great! Can’t wait to see it this Friday!


  1. Apple needs to start promoting better, stronger. This is a decent type of start, but they need to hype their big “box office” films a few months in advance on cable TV networks and beyond. Creating a big build up and getting 500k, 1kk new subscribers at a time.

    If Apple can bring out a Greyhound level movie (or greater) every 3 months they will be doing well on the movie front, and who would then give up their subscription? $4.99 a month and every few months get a $12/$14 per ticket, top level movie theater release? I’ll just keep my subscription thank you.

    Now, if Apple can acquire Viacom/CBS’s back catalog, or outright buy them out (my choice) they will have a vast catalog, and can start scoring millions more subscribers with loyalist shows like Survivor, Star Trek and beyond, folding in most of them.

    CBS would also provide Apple as “news” network, which could use some revamping for sure. 60 minutes, once a hard-hitting objective show has become, uh, repeat the leftist narrative (sorry, but it’s true). I liked it when they beat on all sides, and I think Cook could provide the leadership to make it a very strong and objective news organization once more. Watch FoxNews and you are a right wing cook, watch MSNBC or CNN and you are a left wing’d nut. Apple could really punch a hole in media narratives and provide LESS Hannity and Lemon/Tapper “infotainment” and provide more hard hitting investigative journalism shows, like 60 minutes once was. It would be so refreshing, but not likely to happen.

    But hey, I’ll take the back catalog.

  2. “Ernest Krause” is a very odd name to have as the ostensibly American hero of an anti-German U-boat movie. It looks like there was really an Ernest Krause: a naturalized U.S. citizen who received the Medal of Honor during the Spanish-American War but then was discharged for some chicanery. Like with Saving Private Ryan and showing mercy for the prisoner who ultimately killed him or glorifying the coward character, using a German surname for the main American character intentionally injects moral ambivalence into what should be a clear-cut tale of good vs. evil. What’s wrong with Jones, Smith, Perkins, Thompson, etc.? Screw Hollywood and Apple for injecting more money into that America-hating beast.

    1. Commander Krause was the character’s name in the 1955 source novel by C.S. Forester, The Good Shepherd. In fact, his crew affectionately called him, “the Kraut.” Like hundreds of thousands of other German-, Italian-, and Japanese-Americans, he loyally served the United States as an integral part of the Greatest Generation.

      We have this thing in the US Constitution called the Fourteenth Amendment that forbids discriminating on the basis of national origin. Assuming that a character is portrayed as German to create moral ambiguity is just as wrong, and for the same reason, as profiling African-Americans as thugs.

  3. TxUser: You (for the first time) had me agreeing completely with you until you threw it all away with the final sentence. The BLM, which was co-opted by thugs of a violent and destructive nature, has resulted in many deaths. The composition of the takeover group in most cases appears to be of revisionists of USA history—whether that history be just or not in today’s social context. And, again numerous people of nearly all ethnicities lost their lives in the recent destructiveness visited upon innocent citizens and small family business owners.

    Your desire for popularity seems to have overridden your sense of what is right. Hence, I must downvote your otherwise well written commentary.

    1. Please point out where I mentioned Black Lives Matter, whether the phrase, the movement, or the organization. I said that ethnic profiling is wrong (and in many circumstances, unconstitutional and/or illegal). For example: Assuming that somebody with a German heritage must have supported the Bad Guys in both World Wars is not only wrong but nonsense. The assumption that somebody with an African heritage must support the Bad Guys in the War on Crime is equally nonsensical, and for exactly the same reason.

      With all due respect, I think that lumping everybody who has recently been protesting together with violent rioters is an example of the same phenomenon. Individuals should be judged as individuals and not just as members of a class

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