Five things that Apple tried to axe at WWDC20

When Apple hit the stages – both physical and virtual – at WWDC20 early last month, the company also swung the axe at many existing features.

Here are five things that Apple tried to axe during its annual developer’s conference.

Apple's WWDC20 Keynote Address was live-streamed around th eworld
Apple’s WWDC20 Keynote Address was live-streamed around th eworld

Andrew O’Hara for AppleInsider:

Boot Camp: Apple has said that its new ARM-based Macs will be unable to Boot Camp and have not announced a replacement at this time.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, the only people who use Windows are those stuck with legacy apps, the ignorant, and the stupid. Nobody who knows about Apple’s Macintosh chooses to run Windows, they do it because they’re stuck.

97% of enterprise Mac users say they’re more productive after upgrading from Windows.

Some “solution” will materialize for the poor souls who are stuck having to run some Windows-only app, but for the rest of us who are already or, like us, have always been free of the Borg:

Apple has been, for years, building strength in the enterprise via BYOD and the rise of mobile which Apple ushered in with iPhone and iPad. “Compatibility with Windows” is not nearly as important today as it was even a few years ago… We expect to see Apple begin the ARM-based Mac transition with products like the MacBook and work their way up from there as the apps are brought over to ARM via Xcode and as the rest of the world continues to throw off the Microsoft Windows shackles into which they stupidly climbed so many years ago, lured, wrongly, solely by Windows PC sticker prices.MacDailyNews, June 19, 2019

• Force Touch: Even though existing Apple Watches have the necessary hardware for Force Touch, watchOS 7 strips this feature away. It replaces it with redesigned apps that put these additional features behind menus and long touches. For example, to change your watch face, you now long-hold on the watch face to enter the editing menu.

MacDailyNews Take: Expect Apple Watch Series 6 to do away with the pressure-sensitive display, perhaps allowing for thinner Watches while offering cost-savings to Apple.

• Surplus Home screens: Apple has solved this issue with iOS 14, by allowing users to hide their additional Home screens and introducing the new App Library.

MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye reams of Home screens and demands for user-intensive app organization!

• Trackers and snooping: Apple continues its battle against user tracking while promoting user privacy. In iOS 14, macOS Big Sur, and iPadOS 14 Apple made more changes in support of these values.

• Google Translate: Apple has introduced its own translation app, allowing users to have conversations in real-time with the new Translate app. On iPhone, iPad, and Mac there is also built-in translation for websites.

MacDailyNews Take: We look forward to seeing how well translation works for websites. If it works well, we can remove the Google Translate selector in our desktop and mobile menus!


  1. “… the only people who use Windows are those stuck with legacy apps, the ignorant, and the stupid”

    A quote from a movie in response to the above: “Eat shit you stupid fuck!”

    There is NO reasonably-priced RELATIONAL database better for the average person than Microsoft Office’s ACCESS app. It is absolutely wonderful and writing powerful queries in SQL to probe one’s database in it is a snap. I have an older MacBook Pro dedicated and configured via Bootcamp to startup in Windows 10 Pro and ACCESS. At one time Apple did offer a quasi-relational database app for macOS called Bento (what an absolutely ridiculous name), that I still run with glee on yet another older MacBook Pro, but Apple and their ornery subsidiary Filemaker stupidly discontinued it. Hopefully some day someone will develop a reasonably priced RELATIONAL database app for macOS that is comparable to the power and ease-of-use of ACCESS. Until then I’ll keep those old MacBooks chugging along.

    1. Uh dude, I get the feeling that you’ve spent as much time ignoring Filemaker as you have becoming a hotshot fiend with Access. There is nothing that Access can do, that FileMaker cannot. Access is also Windows only, while FileMaker is Windows and Mac, and iOS.
      Oh, and by the way, Bento was nothing a dumbed down version of FileMaker.

      FileMaker handles much larger databases than access. I know. I’ve had to convert many access databses to FileMaker.

      There are multiple methods of using SQL with FileMaker…

      You can find the Filemaker SQL Reference here:

      “…As a database developer, you can use FileMaker Pro to create database solutions without any knowledge of SQL. But if you have some knowledge of SQL, you can use a FileMaker database file as an ODBC or JDBC data source, sharing your data with other applications using ODBC and JDBC. You can also use the FileMaker Pro ExecuteSQL function to retrieve data from any table occurrence within a FileMaker Pro database…”

      I also use FileMaker with external languages like PHP, PyThon and JavaScript. FileMaker is able to develop systems that run an entire company, not just a database that one guy in a corner hammers on all day.

      FileMaker offers a cloud based service to host your Filemaker solutions.

      Or (and this is my preference) you can go the DBaaS route, and create a server on a 3rd party service, and point your client to that server. I have a single machine that I set up virtual servers on for different clients.

      “…There is NO reasonably-priced RELATIONAL database better for the average person than Microsoft Office’s ACCESS app…”

      You might also want to take a look at AirTable and QuickBase.

      Also, as far as reasonably priced, you might want to take a look at mysql and. postgresql.

      I respect your love of Access, we all have favorite tools, but Yeesh!

      1. Funny how timely a post this is. I’ve spent months working on retiring a 20 year old ACCESS database that is used for a critical part of a multi-billion business. The developer was that guy buried in a corner. In fact, he was old and frail 8 years ago, and is now dead.

        I had to scramble and contract to an ACCESS expert just days ago as we retires this thing. I asked him if he ever worked with FileMaker and he said no. He admitted that ACCESS was not good from a UI standpoint. Bingo. It sucks. FileMaker uses open Web standards with effortless mobile Apps and a Web version. FileMaker is so much better than ACCESS. I want to use it for multiple things at this business, but they’re stuck on Windows.

  2. “MacDailyNews Take: Again, the only people who use Windows are those stuck with legacy apps, the ignorant, and the stupid. Nobody who knows about Apple’s Macintosh chooses to run Windows, they do it because they’re stuck.”

    Why must you be so arrogant and condescending? Are you compensating for something?


        Second time in two days.

        Please check IP addresses and delete the imposter access to MDN in the future.

        Thanks in advance, the authentic GoeB!…

  3. MDN TAKE: “Again, the only people who use Windows are those stuck with legacy apps”

    Unfortunately, your characterization is incomplete. It’s called employer requirements for making a living. Nothing we can say will change IT reality. Please be a tad more sensitive to the sufferers out there. 😉

    Brought to you by the AUTHENTIC GoeB and not the PATHETIC IMPOSTER!…

      1. TT thank you for your concern and helpful suggestion. I tried and for some reason I have been denied. I used to check box follow up comments and also been denied. This is the THIRD go round someone is impersonating my screen name repeatedly. Last time I wrote MDN Webmaster and got a nice reply the IP addresses are different and certainly appreciated the response. But unfortunately, I’m still stuck I cannot register and I cannot receive e-mail notifications to my posts going back for a couple years now, even though I have been reading MDN since their debut. Imperfect, but it is what it is…

  4. For all his faults, at least Tim isn’t obsessed with injecting everyone with his vaccines like that control freak Gates is. Windows can burn in hell, I don’t miss that garbage OS one bit.

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