Apple hid a powerful new ‘Back Tap’ gesture in iOS 14 that will change how you use your iPhone

iOS 14’s most notable feature is without a doubt widgets on the home screen. They really do change your home screen for the better. But after spending some time poking around the developer beta last night, Input‘s Raymond Wong discovered a hidden feature – called “Back Tap” – that just might change how you use your iPhone.

Apple's iOS 14 lets users "Back Tap" on the rear of their iPhone to perform actions
Apple’s iOS 14 lets users “Back Tap” on the rear of their iPhone to perform actions

Raymond Wong for Input:

The iOS 14 feature we’re talking about is a setting buried within Accessibility. Under the Touch setting, there’s a way to set a “Back Tap” to perform an action. Essentially, Apple is turning the back of your iPhone into a button. There are two programmable taps — double- and triple-tap — and within minutes both have already changed the way I use my iPhone.

You can map either taps to activate a number of select settings, accessibility features, scroll gestures, or Siri Shortcuts. Personally, I set a double-tap to scroll up in an app or web page and a triple-tap to take a screenshot. The latter is especially killer because even though I’ve owned an iPhone for 10 years, I still fumble with pressing the power button + volume up to take a screenshot on my iPhone 11 Pro. Literally, taking screenshots only requires one finger now.

MacDailyNews Take: Very useful! Check out the video examples in the full article.


      1. This could also be a way to drive eyeballs and awareness of “normal” people to accessibility features in general. iOS accessibility apparently remains way ahead of what Android offers, so among people who need accessibility features there are 3 times as many iOS users than Android, a complete flip from “normal” people usage.

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