What’s new in Apple’s iOS 13.6 beta 2

Yesterday Apple released a new developer beta for iOS 13.6. This release is a follow up to last week’s release of an iOS 13.5.5 beta to developers and public beta testers. Apple renamed the beta and is now referring to yesterday’s release as iOS 13.6 beta 2.

iOS 13.6 beta 2Jeff Benjamin for 9to5 Mac:

Naming strategies aside, this new iOS 13.6 beta 2 release comes bundled with a few user-visible changes and features.

Unsurprisingly, Apple’s release notes for the 13.6 beta 2 update were vague. “This beta version of iOS 13.6 contains bug fixes and improvements,” is how Apple explains it in its release notes. Despite the lack of detail, there are a few obvious changes that users will notice when browsing around iOS or iPadOS.

Perhaps the biggest new addition is a refinement of Automatic Updates that appear in Settings → General → Software Update. In iOS 13.6 beta 2, Automatic Updates have been renamed to Customize Automatic Updates. Users now have the option to enable automatic iOS software downloads by toggling the Download iOS Updates switch to the on position. This will cause iPhone updates to automatically download over Wi-Fi.

MacDailyNews Take: That new Health app feature for tracking headaches, runny nose, wheezing, etc. will certainly come in handy right about now as we feel like we’ve been in dust storm of pollen for the past several days!

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  1. Me & my son are still on iPhone 8’s & we’ve both just updated to 13. Is it me, or has Apple fixed it, so it’s slowed down slightly & most 3rd party charging cable & pads don’t work properly anymore. Didn’t they get busted for these antics before?

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