Apple pledges $100 million to racial equity and social justice causes

Apple CEO Tim Cook has pledged to donate $100 million to organizations dedicated to racial equity and social justice causes.

Apple social justice initiative. Image: CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

CEO Tim Cook announced Apple’s “Racial Equity and Justice Initiative” Thursday on Twitter:

The new initiative arrives after Cook last week released an open letter addressing racism in America and the death of Floyd, saying the company “must do more” to address inequality.

MacDailyNews Note: Read Tim Cook’s open letter, “Speaking up on racism” here.


  1. Why does Tim Cook feel the need to VIRTUE-SIGNAL constantly?

    Because he hates himself and projects it onto others. He thinks everyone who is “white” is racist. He is wrong.

    Why does he feel the need to be a sanctimonious SJW 24/7? Because he was brought up a Christian in Alabama and is gay. He tells himself and anyone who will listen that he has PRIDE, but he’s really a self-loathing gay.

    Because he sold out his country to communist dictators. He says he loves America, but he screwed his own country and sold his soul to communist murderers and he knows it, subconsciously, at least.

    The only thing he loves about America is that it allows him to spout his crap and rake in hundreds of millions and misspend Apple shareholders’ money by flushing it down the toilet to liberal fronts funneling money to Democrat candidates.

    I don’t need unending wrongheaded lectures from vastly overpaid self-hating multi-hundred millionaire pricks who sell-out their own country to communist dictatorships so they can live in protected splendor pontificating to everyone they’ve destroyed by their own actions.

      1. Tim Cook is worth roughly $900 (so he’s been overpaid over the years only by about $875 million).

        Why doesn’t Tim Cook spend HIS OWN MONEY on HIS causes, instead of Apple shareholders’ money?

      2. Your binary logic pretty much speaks for itself. Believe it or not, it is possible to not be either/or in the reality the rest of us inhabit. You are making this about you when it isn’t, and you are conflating topics.

        1. We need change, but I cringe with TC’s constant SJWarriorism. With that said, may the effort bring positive change.

          What needs to happen, SJWarrior-ism or not, is to differentiate between the aims of groups. Is it ok to bring violence and destruction along with seeking to bring racial change? Some absolutely justify violence and destruction and Cook has been and is foolish to proceed without differentiating.

          Law and order isn’t to be shunned. Groups that intimidate, with violence and destruction, to achieve their goals should be.

          1. I think it’s widely accepted and can be confirmed that Antifa uses violence. Black Lives Matter’s beginning included violence, as far as I know. I believe they “tempered” such practices, but I’m unsure how much? Correct me if I’m wrong, some important percentage still believes violence has a place and still some others see Antifa as a partner in the effort (whatever that truly is)?

            My uncertainty is quite unsettling in all of the strife. I have NO IDEA who’s who and what the rules are. This is a very serious topic and I WANT CHANGE, but when a battle/challenge is ahead and the foe is nondescript and the end goal is undefined, no battle of this kind can be won because supporting an ambiguous foe is foolish.

            Govts are disbanding police depts…for whom and for what concrete purpose? Streets are being painted for whom and, beyond a superficial feel-good-ism, for what purpose? Historical statues are being toppled; for what EFFECTIVE purpose (Mpls took down Columbus (today/recently)? Although it’s Apple’s prerogative, 100m for whom and to what end would be nice to know. Will ANY of these dollars support groups, agencies or ANY entity that thinks whacking a human, building, or a business is just for racial fairness? Is so, we are in the Land of Lu-Lu, or if you prefer; Cray-cray.

            I’ve never really been confused by “No justice–No Peace” like I am now. Does “no peace” mean destruction and harm is ok as a means for one’s ideals? Do people realize it now goes the other way…a culture cannot have peace if there’s no justice. To have justice, no matter who’s speaking the moniker, there MUST be Law and Order and Law and Order has a bad rep right now…because the undefined foe says so.

            1. I was trying to write with deference to BLM, but I didn’t take much effort to see AT LEAST some in the group think throwing and blowing up stuff is ok…even if, or especially if, a law official was harmed.


              As a stockholder, it’d be pretty nice to know IF TIM KNOWS if part of/any of the $$ would fall into the hands of this kind of activist.

              Maybe I’m not a modern-man to have this concern?

            2. Might I ask who here has said that violence and destruction are ok? There is no evidence that Apple is going to fund anybody who said that, either. The effort is precisely to reduce the violence and destruction experienced by certain sectors of American society. If you think that isn’t happening, you aren’t paying attention. Law and Order isn’t Law if it is not applied impartially and it is not Order if it contributes to the polarized disorder within American society.

      3. You are so stupid that you have to ask why?

        Because Americans are tired of libturd stupidity, BS and violence.

        Americans have guns because Democrats are violent.

        The next civil war, will be fought between Americans and Democrats

        1. Less than thirty miles from here, two deputies stopped a 400-pound man who told them he had heart disease and could not breathe. He had failed to dim his headlights. They administered a series of electric shocks until he died. I doubt they were Democrats. Their elected boss—the Sheriff who hired them, exonerated them, and told “Live PD” it could erase its recordings of the incident—is certainly Republican.

          All of us are tired of violence.

            1. I know the Sheriff is Republican because he ran in the Republican primary after being elected as a Republican in three prior elections. I also know that his department only hires people who agree with his views on law and order.

              Republican voters outnumber Democrats in the county by a wide margin, so it is an extremely safe bet that any given deputy voted for his boss when he ran unopposed in the recent Republican primary. It would have been a bad career move to vote for his opponent in the Democratic primary. Which primary you voted in is public information.

          1. So TX you read the full report and concluded that the facts show the police were at fault??

            Sounds like one less stupid fat fucck to fuck around with the police

            1. Whatever the law where you live, in America failing to dim your headlights while black and overweight is not a death-penalty case. Most of the reports are still being stonewalled after sixteen months, but we do know this


              And this


              The law enforcement press release claimed he died in custody of natural causes and did not mention the four tazer shocks. The man’s family reports that they were not allowed to see the body until the day of the funeral and were never told what happened until they read it in the papers with the rest of us sixteen months later. Both the Travis and Williamson County DAs insist that the Sheriff and “Live PD” have been entirely uncooperative.

        2. TX: Is BLM making the changes, or serving in the/a role to make the changes needed? What are the specific things are happening that are reducing violence and destruction?

    1. Though i’ll skip the invectives, yes, his constant posturing is beyond annoying. Personally, I’d like it if Apple would just start hiring qualified people again, whoever they are. Their stuff has been uber buggy since he took over, particularly over the past few years, and very much so this past year. Seems to get worse and worse in that regard. Even Apple Store employees are a lot less capable than they used to be, though that may be a statement about our broader society as a whole, as a lot of things have fallen off. I hate to pull the millennial card, too, but. . .

    2. Yes, he signals his virtue by stealing shareholder/corporate money and giving it to the people who are the absolute worst racists in America. Now that group includes Tim.

  2. Exactly how much of Apple shareholder’s money are Tim Cook and his captive BoD going to blow to assuage whatever festering guilt Cookie is harboring for God only knows what?

    Cook can’t leave Apple soon enough. He’s China’s bitch and, in our newly awakened climate, that easily disqualifies him for his job.

    1. On the other hand, it is entirely predictable that we are going to have an orgy of demands here that Apple abandon its 44-year commitment to social justice. The shareholders knew that tradition when they bought the stock. MDM users knew it when they chose to come on this site. If you don’t like it, stop buying Apple products and stop posting on Apple sites.

  3. Hey, blowing $100 million SJW’s is probably decent enough marketing. It’s certainly better marketing than screaming dementedly at the host of a NAACP panel:

    Some have suggested that Biden’s penchant for angry outbursts is a result of his diminishing mental state (it’s a glaring sign of dementia), you lying, dog-faced pony soldiers.

    1. “ ….you lying, dog-faced pony soldiers.. “ hahahahaha. Good one. You thought that up all by yourself? Amazing what people with 2 brain cells can accomplish these days.
      Yup, so much vitriol coming these days from Trump supporters who have come to the realization that they are supporting a lost cause. I understand your anger…’s ok. Let it out, you’ll feel better and maybe, just maybe, you will start to discuss issues rationally without trade-Mark, childish name calling.

      1. “ ….you lying, dog-faced pony soldiers.. “ hahahahaha. Good one. You thought that up all by yourself? Amazing what people with 2 brain cells can accomplish these days

        Are you so stupid to not know those are dementia Joe’s own words

        Libturd stupidity is staggering

            1. Nancy, looking at your wonderful grammar skills and your Trumpian penchant for bringing in toilet talk instead of thoughtful discussion, I imagine you are one of those ‘Women for Trump” people. For most of us, the “women for Trump” is more viewed as a supply line for his personal desires.

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