Apple’s rollout of installment plans for Macs, iPad, and more is a timely idea

Apple is preparing the rollout of a plan to allow consumers to purchase devices beyond the iPhone – Macs, iPads, AirPods, and more – via installment payments using their Apple credit card.

Apple Card completely rethinks everything about the credit card. It represents all the things Apple stands for. Like simplicity, transparency, security, and privacy. You can buy things effortlessly, with just your iPhone. Or use the Apple‑designed titanium card anywhere in the world.
Apple Card

Donna Fuscaldo for The Motley Fool:

Payments for costlier devices, including an iPad and Mac, can be spread out over 12 months, while cheaper devices, including AirPods, Apple TV, and its HomePod speaker, can be paid over the course of six months. Consumers won’t have to pay interest. The payments will be evenly split and charged monthly to the Apple credit card.

Enabling interest-free installment payments will not only drive sales of Apple devices but it may get more people to use its credit card, which it launched in conjunction with Goldman Sachs in August. The credit card is built into the iPhone’s wallet app and offers perks beyond the interest-free payments, including daily cash back.

MacDailyNews Take: In a time of COVID-19 shutdown-induced economic woes, Apple’s plan to spread out payments with installment plans for products ranging from Macs on down is a prefect idea for the times that will pay dividend for the company as the world recovers from the aftermath of COVID-19.


  1. Very good timing for this shrewd marketing arrangement. No interest, easy purchase, 3% off the sales prices, automatic payments. In the words of that irritating mortgage guy on the radio…”It’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of (hu)mankind!”

  2. Has CoViD-19 actually helped Apple make more money? Apple was originally said to become a big loser in the pandemic but it didn’t actually turn out that way. Yay!

    I wonder if many people are still disappointed with AppleCard. It seems to be steadily improving over time.

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