Want to visit an Apple Store? Get ready for long lines, temperature checks, face masks, and more

If, B.C. (Before COVID-19), you hated going to the Apple Store because of overcrowding, cacophonous noise, and waiting on awful wooden boxes, you’re in luck. Sort of. You get to that set of annoyances for a whole new experience: long lines to get into the store, temperature checks prior to entry, face masks, social distancing of at least six feet between everyone, and more. Some stores will only offer curbside pickup. Apple will provide face masks to those who show up without them.

Apple King Street in Charleston, South Carolina
Apple King Street in Charleston, South Carolina

<a href=”https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/05/18/apple-store-reopening-coronavirus/>Rachel Lerman reports for The Washington Post:

Apple will be enforcing strict social distancing guidelines in its stores, Apple retail and human resources chief Deirdre O’Brien wrote in a public letter this weekend.

Apple said it would also be doing “enhanced deep cleanings” on all display products, as well as tables and other parts of the store… Getting [retail staff] back to work in person has meant an exercise in implementing safety measures and navigating government regulations.

It’s unclear exactly how the Apple shopping experience will change with the new measures in place, which eliminate some of the custom experience of shopping at the retailer. But Apple did say people might have to wait in line if the store reaches a limited capacity, and said it will limit the number of staff each customer deals with.

The company said it is following local regulations in each city and state. In California and Washington state, where the company is reopening a total of 13 stores, only curbside pickup will be allowed.

MacDailyNews Take: Most people are going to require a damn good reason to go to an Apple Store before they subject themselves to all of that, so that will help to shorten whatever lines there are, if any, to get inside.


  1. And its all for nothing. All for show. Since germs are plentiful and omnipresent these new “features” will be permanent. I won’t be going to the Apple store any more.

    1. Good, Kent. If you and all the other people who think that 90,000 dead Americans are inconsequential stay away from the Apple Store, it will be that much safer for those of us who have enough sense to take reasonable steps to protect ourselves and other non-idiots.

      1. Whatever, doomer.

        Doomers aren’t actually tying to “save lives” as they so smugly try to say, they’re addicted to the dopamine hit they get from feeling morally justified. The COVID-19 media coverage, and the rationale used to justify lock downs is based entirely on fear and emotion. Doomers grab ahold of this fear and feel like they are being superheroes for calling the cops on business owners, neighbors, and posting shrilling takes on social media about how evil people are for wanting to go back to work.

        Recently the Chief Medical Officer of Pennsylvania’s UPMC has called for an end to the lockdowns and said “Our outcomes are similar to the state of Pennsylvania, where the median age of death from COVID-19 is 84 years old. The few younger patients who died all had significant preexisting conditions.” Rather than the logical take away from this kind of information, which is that we should take steps to protect the elderly and infirm, but there is clearly no logic to keeping literally everyone locked down when the virus has little effect on most American, the doomers will tell you that you want to kill old people just for money, which literally nobody is saying. Amazingly, these same doomers have nothing to say about Gov. Andrew Cuomo forcing COVID patients into nursing homes, which invariably killed A LOT of people.

        Doomers are obsessed with feeling moral, patting themselves on the back, and ultimately feeling like they are better than you. A lot of progressive thinking is built off the idea that those who agree are part of some intellectual nobility. They flaunt their points as if anyone who disagrees doesn’t have the cognitive ability of understanding the “experts” like they do, the same “experts” who have been less reliable than a local news station’s weatherman (see The Religion of Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever their calling their model-driven crap this decade). They are addicted to the dopamine rush they get from feeling like they are part of some ultra-intelligent group who gets to preach to the luddites and unwashed masses who happen to be composed of their friends, family, and neighbors.

        There’s a common theme among the doomers. Every person I have spoken to who is clutching their pearls and shaming anyone who dares think about going back to work is still working. The people who are the most committed to keeping everyone hiding under their beds from COVID are those who are the least affected. The reason why you feel like you’re taking crazy pills trying to figure out how these people are so committed to this idiocy is because they aren’t, it is all about them feeling superior, and part of the intellectual nobility, it isn’t actually about COVID or saving lives.

        1. This is the third time you have taken one line from pages of testimony by the Chief Medical Officer of UPMC utterly out of context. Apparently you still haven’t read the whole thing, so here is the link for the third time:


          As anyone who reads the original statement will agree, the doctor argues that the original nationwide shutdown was fully justified. It provided a pause to assess strategies appropriate to individual areas of the country. He also argues that a continued lockdown is justified for areas with high caseloads and stressed medical infrastructure. He specifically mentions New York and Philadelphia, but could have listed other hotspots. Does that make your own expert a Doomer?

          He then goes on to describe the situation in the western half of Pennsylvania, where there is a low rate of infection and abundant surplus medical capacity. Under those specific circumstances, he argues, the lockdown could be relaxed, provided that there was continued voluntary cooperation with reasonable public health measures like masks, distancing, limited access to residential care facilities, widespread testing, contact tracing, isolation after exposure, and so forth. Do those recommendations make your expert a Doomer?

          To repeat, when you attack those who argue for a lockdown until it is 100% safe, you are attacking a straw man. Nobody is arguing that. They are suggesting that states and localities should follow the recommendations of the Trump Administration that controls should not be relaxed in places where caseloads are high or rising and there are inadequate resources to handle a second wave. Is the President a Doomer?

          As I said above, I am glad that Apple is opening the stores. I am pleased that they are doing so responsibly. I am thankful that those who dislike social responsibility will refuse to enter and threaten the rest of the community.

        1. I would have to agree with Governor Abbott that the “Morality Rate” among his supporters is no more than 0.0038%. That is obvious from their claim that dropping quarantine requirements statewide is reasonable when a number of counties have seen the number of cases rise by 60% in the last two weeks. Not much morality there.

      2. Roughly the same number of people die every year no matter what the government does. Except this year there will be a bit of an increase as people don’t go to the hospital for heart conditions and other serious problems because the hospitals are now perceived as dangerous having been taken over 24/7 by virus kooks. Suicides will be higher as idiots like TXUSER insist that government end life as we know it until all germs are eliminated. And homocides will spike as people are locked in their homes with people like TXUSER.

        All in all though, the same number of people die but TXUSER feels very virtuous having locked everyone out of the beaches of California during the summer.

        1. So you are a math expert now?

          The overall death rate in NYC and other hotspots is up by 50% over the comparable period in prior years, yet you claim that is the same number.

          The chance of dying after developing a symptomatic case of Covid-19 are 1 in 82, while the chance of winning the Powerball jackpot is 1 in 292,201,338, yet you claim that is the same number.

          1. Glad to have you fighting the good Pro Life battle to save all humans, including those on their way.

            It’s interesting that deaths in NY are up since they began counting mob hit murders and abortions as COVID 19 deaths. Of course, the hospital gets $38,000 bonus bucks if its COVID and they hook up a ventilator to the fetus before it dies. Well, who’s checking anyway. $38K here we come.

            1. I didn’t say that Covid-19 deaths were up year over year. It didn’t exist a year ago.

              I did say that total deaths from all causes were up 50%. Do you have an explanation other than coronavirus for the difference?

              In fact, the number of deaths in the entire United States for the third week in April 2020 was up 30% from the essentially identical number in 2016-2019. Again, do you have an alternate explanation?

  2. Look at it like this. A coin flip. Flip it to see if you get infected. Flip again to see once infected if you die. Take that chance. The odds suck at this point.

  3. Here’s my take on lockdowns. They are a failure of governments to act creatively, act in nuanced ways and behave as responsible adults capable of seeing who is most at risk and creating the necessary mechanisms to achieve protection for that subset of society.

    1. The first identified death from Covid-19 in the US was a 52-year-old white woman in California who had been a high school athlete and continued to watch her weight. She had no known health conditions and no known contacts with any previously infected person.

      What “subset of society” did she represent? What “mechanisms” could be applied to achieve protection for her without affecting society at large?

  4. Too many idjit pro-lifer types seem to be careless corona pro-deathers too. Just shows the inherent hypocritical lack of true empathy in this group. Poseur-Christian types without an ounce of true compassion, just selfish and ill-considered actions stupidity. They have more in common with unfeeling Pod People.

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