TSMC expands U.S. manufacturing with $12 billion chip fabrication plant

Last week, the world’s largest contract chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), announced last week that is expanding its manufacturing footprint within the U.S. The new facility will be built in Arizona, and TSMC says it received support for the project from the U.S. federal government as well as the State of Arizona.

TSMC expands U.S. manufacturing with $12 billion chip fabrication plant. Apple's Arm-based A13 Bionic SoC
Apple’s ARM-based A13 Bionic SoC is fabricated by TSMC

Evan Niu for The Motley Fool:

The chip fabrication plant will use TSMC’s 5-nanometer process technology and be capable of producing 20,000 semiconductor wafers per month. Over 1,600 jobs are expected to be created directly by the construction project. The company plans to commence construction next year, with production starting in 2024. The total cost including capital expenditures is estimated to be approximately $12 billion, spread out between 2021 and 2029.

TSMC already has a presence in the U.S., including another manufacturing facility in Washington that it operates through wholly owned subsidiary WaferTech. The new Arizona facility will be TSMC’s second manufacturing plant in the U.S. The company also has design centers in Texas and California.

Apple is easily TSMC’s most prominent U.S. customer; TSMC produces the Cupertino tech giant’s A-series of chips that power iOS devices. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has been pushing for chipmakers to build new chip factories in the U.S., according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal. In other words, the TSMC news could be interpreted as a win for the Trump administration.

MacDailyNews Take: Good news for the U.S. and Arizona, in particular.


  1. Manufacturing always produces ground, air and water pollution which is why bad Donald virtually eliminated environmental regulations so that now Capitalist companies can pollute as much as Soviet Collective Factories.

    1. Right! By preventing manufacturing in the US, we keep all the pollution in other countries. Yay!
      But, as you know, China and India (and probably all other countries) are much stricter than the US when it comes to environmental issues. MUCH stricter!

        1. Thank you for asking.

          John Dingler, artist above is concerned that opening factories in the US will lead to more pollution. Valid point. I suppose it may.

          If he cares about pollution and the environment so much, why would he want fewer factories in the US and more factories overseas (where there are, evidently, fewer environmental regulations). Doesn’t he care about all the crap that China pumps into our atmosphere and water? I know that Dingler is an artist and not a scientist, but it doesn’t take a scientist to know where most of the world’s pollution comes from. Give ya a hint – it ain’t a factory in squeaky clean Arizona.

          I guess dingler wants MORE government restrictions and controls on people. That’s just dingle doo dandy, too!!

          So, yes, I was being sarcastic.

    1. Exactly my point. Let’s strangle US manufactures to death (oops… already done that) so all of the factories (and jobs) move far far away. Let’s criticize Trump when he tries to bring all the polluting factories back to the US. Let’s pretend that all the pollution produced by factories abroad just… stays abroad. You know… kind of like… out of sight, out of mind.

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