Elon Musk wins as Alameda County capitulates over Tesla factory reopening

After Tesla’s factory reopened Monday with CEO Elon Musk practically daring local authorities to arrest him and after the factory’s operations continued on Tuesday, the Alameda County Public Health Department “approved” the factory’s reopening shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Musk was backed by U.S. President Donald Trump:

On Monday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin backed Musk along with California Governor Gavin Newsom who also issued support for Tesla and Musk.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO
Elon Musk
On Tuesday, Musk emailed Tesla employees:

Just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for working hard to make Tesla successful. It is so cool seeing the factory come back to life and you are making it happen!!

An honest day’s work spent building products or providing services of use to others is extremely honorable. I have vastly more respect for someone who takes pride in doing a good job, whatever the profession, than some rich or famous person who does nothing useful.

Gratefully yours,


Tesla’s factory reopened Monday… But the reopening defied orders from the health department, which has deemed the factory a nonessential business that can’t fully open under restrictions intended to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Musk, whose company has sued Alameda County seeking to overturn its order, threatened to move Tesla’s manufacturing operations and headquarters from the state.

Tesla contends in the lawsuit that Alameda County can’t be more restrictive than orders from Newsom. The lawsuit says the governor’s coronavirus restrictions refer to federal guidelines classifying vehicle manufacturing as essential businesses that are allowed to continue operating.

MacDailyNews Take: So, in a nutshell:
Alameda County: You can’t open. Unapproved.
Elon Musk: We’re opening. Come arrest me. By the way, Texas and Nevada are looking pretty good right now.
Alameda County: You can open. Approved.
Elon Musk: We’re already open. Thanks for your “approval.”


  1. Kudos to Musk for not succumbing to mass hysteria. Of course, Musk is mentally strong, not weak.

    Mass hysteria occurred during the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people rushed to groceries stores in order to purchase toilet paper, believing that the world would run out. People predicted millions of deaths and closed global economies, killing many businesses and jobs and causing mass anxiety, to later realize that the death toll would be not much worse than the 2009 swine flu pandemic, which claimed 150,000 to 575,000 lives worldwide.


      1. If you’re going to call something a lie, prove it or STFU, Pelosi.

        CDC estimated that 151,700-575,400 people worldwide died from the swine flu (H1N1)pdm09 virus infection during 2009, the first year the virus circulated. The impact of the (H1N1)pdm09 virus on the global population during the first year was less severe than that of previous pandemics. Estimates of pandemic influenza mortality ranged from 0.03 percent of the world’s population during the 1968 H3N2 pandemic to 1 percent to 3 percent of the world’s population during the 1918 H1N1 pandemic. It is estimated that 0.001 percent to 0.007 percent of the world’s population died of respiratory complications associated with (H1N1)pdm09 virus infection during the first 12 months the virus circulated.


      2. The real issue is you’re 99% political on a Mac site. There’s got to be some playmates for you out of the world-wide-web, but curiously, you like this sandbox.

        1. I enjoy the increasingly scarce comments about Macs. I tolerate the opinions. I respond to material misstatements of easily verified facts. How that makes me more political than the guys who never post anything that isn’t a combination of political opinions and “alternative facts” is beyond me.

          1. What are you now thinking about the “ easily verified facts” you’ve advocated about the Russian collusion story for the last couple of years?

            Is it conceivable that your beliefs—the ones “obviously” verifiable and truthful—were in reality, the “alternative facts?”

            Please, spare me of your need to go verbose…essentials, please. A “yes” or “no” works for the minds you see as simple here and that need your instruction on this Mac site. Yes, or no?

            1. No. I have not seen anything to change my opinion or that would alter the facts as I believe them to be. What new information do you think I am ignoring?

            2. You’re answer is disingenuous at best and doesn’t deserve a reply. It’s altogether clear that, either your sources are only MSNBC-like, or your bias prevents you from clarity of thinking.

              I will add, when accusations were presented years ago, I hoped they weren’t true, but I held them true because of the abundance and, seemingly because of they’re interconnectedness. Now, there’s an onslaught of information showing a conspiracy in the other direction. One doesn’t have to look far, but under the rock makes a new view challenging.

              When one views “their way” as the only…free of “alternative facts,” their credibility is puddle-level. No need for response….you’re wearying.

      3. Your comparison of Covid-19 with H1N1 was lying with statistics.

        The attempt to paint the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak as less threatening than the 2009 (H1N1) influenza pandemic or ordinary seasonal flu involves an apples-to-oranges comparison. Briefly, there are (at least) two ways to measure the deaths caused by any given disease:

        Method A–One can limit the death count to persons (and cadavers) that were individually examined by a medical professional and determined to have died of the disease, perhaps in combination with other factors. However, this results in a huge undercount because many people die without seeing a doctor. So, epidemiologists rely on

        Method B–One can estimate the actual death count by sophisticated modeling that takes into account not only the reported individual cases confirmed by testing, but also a reasonably reliable rate for underreporting.

        The 2019 coronavirus is too new for scientists to even estimate the underreporting rate. So, the only death count we have is from Method A: 293,513 worldwide and 82,548 U.S. as of May 13. We know that is far too low (among other factors, China and Russia are clearly lying).

        The number often quoted for U.S. deaths from seasonal influenza of 60,000, give or take, is a Method B estimate. However, it is likely pretty close, unlike the undercounted Method A figures for the past six years: 3500 to 13,500 counted deaths from flu and pneumonia combined. If we compare the highest annual figure with Covid-19 deaths counted the same way, the coronavirus has killed six times more Americans in three months than flu kills in a year.

        The Method B estimates for the 2009 H1N1 pandemic range from 151,000 to 475,000 worldwide. However, the Method A count of individual lab-confirmed cases was only 18,449. Again comparing apples to oranges, Covid-19 has already killed more than 16 times as many victims as H1N1 (2009) did in total.

        1. Doomer,

          Thousands upon thousands of people are dying right now because of the stupidly shuttered economy. Substance abuse is skyrocketing, suicide hotlines are overwhelmed, and people are lacking healthcare that could otherwise save their lives. Women are postponing mammograms. Men are postponing prostate exams. Both men and women are postponing colonoscopies. Down the road, this will result in increased cancer deaths from this myopic lockdown idiocy.

          There are consequences to the fear porn that doomer fools of your ilk peddle that only take the Wuhan China Virus into account. A recent study found 75,000 could die just from substance abuse alone as a result of these hysterical lockdowns.

          1. Oh my, I think you are a little angry due to being made to look a delusional Fool. In that regard you badly implicated yourself the moment you put finger to keyboard as usual. There is always a balance but the losses you speak of are but a fraction of those the virus will kill and indeed mame and that’s with lockdown which has substantially reduced the numbers and with medical overload would have itself increased deaths from other causes exponentially. Think of the implications before you blather.

            1. Many people ask how some can be so obsessed with quarantine and how they can get so psychotic about closing everything down. There’s a reason why it’s impossible to figure out their rationale, it’s because it’s irrational.

              Doomers aren’t actually tying to “save lives” as they so smugly try to say, they’re addicted to the dopamine hit they get from feeling morally justified. The COVID-19 media coverage, and the rationale used to justify lock downs is based entirely on fear and emotion. Doomers grab ahold of this fear and feel like they are being superheroes for calling the cops on business owners, neighbors, and posting shrilling takes on social media about how evil people are for wanting to go back to work.

              Recently the Chief Medical Officer of Pennsylvania’s UPMC has called for an end to the lockdowns and said “Our outcomes are similar to the state of Pennsylvania, where the median age of death from COVID-19 is 84 years old. The few younger patients who died all had significant preexisting conditions.” Rather than the logical take away from this kind of information, which is that we should take steps to protect the elderly and infirm, but there is clearly no logic to keeping literally everyone locked down when the virus has little effect on most American, the doomers will tell you that you want to kill old people just for money, which literally nobody is saying. Amazingly, these same doomers have nothing to say about Gov. Andrew Cuomo forcing COVID patients into nursing homes, which invariably killed A LOT of people.

              Doomers are obsessed with feeling moral, patting themselves on the back, and ultimately feeling like they are better than you. A lot of progressive thinking is built off the idea that those who agree are part of some intellectual nobility. They flaunt their points as if anyone who disagrees doesn’t have the cognitive ability of understanding the “experts” like they do, the same “experts” who have been less reliable than a local news station’s weatherman (see The Religion of Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever their calling their model-driven crap this decade). They are addicted to the dopamine rush they get from feeling like they are part of some ultra-intelligent group who gets to preach to the luddites and unwashed masses who happen to be composed of their friends, family, and neighbors.

              There’s a common theme among the doomers. Every person I have spoken to who is clutching their pearls and shaming anyone who dares think about going back to work is still working. The people who are the most committed to keeping everyone hiding under their beds from COVID are those who are the least affected. The reason why you feel like you’re taking crazy pills trying to figure out how these people are so committed to this idiocy is because they aren’t, it is all about them feeling superior, and part of the intellectual nobility, it isn’t actually about COVID or saving lives.

            2. Just shut the fuck up 2018 BC. Jeebus are you one ignorant and hateful pile of crap that recently pulled itself out of the toilet with it’s new assignment.

            3. Just shut the fuck up CitizenXwit. Jeebus are you one ignorant and hateful pile of crap that recently pulled itself out of the toilet with it’s new assignment. You are HATE personified and your endless shitty stories about your shit shop and your stupid rich friends proves you are a Class 1 fukkwit of the highest order, so why don’t you just fukkk if permanently and go back to retail where you were happiest. Fkkkkk you cnut!!

            4. Just one observation on First’s citation of the UPMC Chief Medical Officer. Here is the entire testimony:


              If you read it all, you will see agreement that the initial lockdown was an obvious and essential step at the time. Obviously, the lockdown has to end as soon as possible. Nobody disputes that. The question is about how much risk is acceptable in determining when easing restrictions are possible.

              They suggest that considerable loosening is possible within their service area (western and central Pennsylvania and extending into the adjacent states) because the infection rate in the area is much lower than in other areas, even as close as Philadelphia. There has not been a single case within a UPMC residential care facility and they have only seen one positive antigen test in Western Pennsylvania and three in Central Pennsylvania out of 2000 tests administered to people without symptoms. The area has abundant medical resources to manage a spike.

              However, they emphasize that one size does not fit all, even within Pennsylvania. “Philadelphia, not too dissimilar to New York, with high case rates as a result of density, travel and socioeconomic diversity, must open up in a measured, stepwise manner with extensive testing, contact tracing and treatment.”

              Which is exactly what I have been saying.

            1. In my shop, I frequently hosted Donald Trump, everything he knows about incompetence, hate and sexual predation, he learned from me. Hypocrisy is my thing, I am an expert at it.

      4. When you speak you lie. You are a Democrat. You have been unmasked.

        By the way, I was right about the low death rate of COVID and you were wrong. Of course, it they count murders and Stage 4 cancer deaths as COVID, well, you’re still wrong by a lot.

        1. “Many people ask how some can be so obsessed with quarantine and how they can get so psychotic about closing everything down. There’s a reason why it’s impossible to figure out their rationale, it’s because it’s irrational.”

          You just have to think the same way. As this has largely broken down along party lines, we once again see those who cherish freedom and traditional American values on the right, in conflict with those who are just the opposite on the left.

          Leftists are those who are comfortable depending on the government to provide them with everything they need. As such, they are willing to accept and obey whatever the government tells them to do no matter what the consequences. They are utterly besotted with the state.

          In addition, leftist politicians see this as a golden opportunity to try and blame Trump for something, anything at this point, as well as grow their constituents. Leftist constituency is made up of people who consider themselves to be victims. Angry people who believe that everything negative in their lives is caused by others. People who are tricked into believing the classism arguments of socialists and so on.

          And the longer this goes on, the more disgruntled, angry, and victimized people will feel. In other words, the longer we are sequestered, the greater their power becomes.

          It’s like gun control. If you look at the facts you will easily find that most gun control measures are ineffective. The thing is, it’s not about safety, it’s about power. Anyone who believes that gun control is about safety is naive. The desire and effort to control guns is a small but highly significant battle in the war for the soul of this nation. Gun control advocates have locked onto firearms and regulating them as a powerful method of manipulating constituent emotions, while simultaneously demoralizing conservative voters. It is 100% politics. It is the unethical exploitation of tragedy for political gain.

          They do not care about safety. If 2 million people die after the country reopens, nothing could possibly be more satisfying to them.

        2. I quoted estimates that the case mortality rate would be in the range of 1.0%. You were (and still are) calling it a “weak flu,” probably less of a threat than seasonal flu, which has a mortality rate of 0.1% or less.

          The tricky bit is that there are an unknown number of “patients” who never show any symptoms. Until there has been large-scale testing for antibodies, we won’t know how many.

          The latest number I’ve seen for mortality among US patients who show ANY symptoms is 1.3%. Whether you or I are actually closer will depend on whether you want to count contagious but otherwise healthy people as “cases.”

          To me, something that kills 82,000 actual counted cases in three months is hardly a mild version of something that was fatal in less than 13,000 counted cases in any of the last six years.

        3. Let’s be clear. If you shooting someone and they die one day, one hour, one second prematurely…Cause of Death: murder.

          Same thing with COVID.

    1. Deluded assessment fittng ‘facts’ to your desired subjected and biased viewpoint. No comparison to swineflu in terms of what this virus can do if you listen to the science. Lets see what history says about it and the eventual number of deaths for real and calculated had no serious lockdown (as with swineflu) not taken place. For arguments with those who refuse to be remotely objective or rational but concerned only for their investments, is pointless while the Desease is still far from over. ICaled as MDN used to say.

          1. Biden 2020. Senility and stupidity for all!!

            Thank you to the fuccking idiots that nominated the dementia patient which guaranteed a victory for Trump and Americans

            1. A corrupt criminal last election, a dementia patient this election. You can’t make this shiit up

              I thank god every day for the stupidity of the left

    2. No one should be allowed to drive again until there are not fatal accidents for 14 consecutive days.

      Then we can slowly begin to phase in certain classes of people who can begin driving again, but at only half of the posted speed limit

    1. Where do you suggest that former Alabama resident Tim Cook move his company?

      More to the point: why are the headquarters of the vast majority of the Fortune 500 located in CA or NY?

      The only reasons major corporations set up shop in rural areas in the present era has been because southern rural states offered billions in incentives, free land, and special tax protections to set up manufacturing there and get peasants off the public dole. Just like China. Now the residents of those same states are being fed endless partisan propaganda trying to convince them that prosperous coastal states that have progressed on to the digital economy are somehow the enemy. Thanks, Pew-tin Troll who doesn’t know what year it is. Thanks also DD, troll extraordinaire who uses every opportunity to show what a selfish jerk is.

      We are all in this together. Stop ripping apart the nation with your partisan politics.

  2. CitizenX really is an idiot. He has absolutely no clue what your posts mean. He can’t understand any word larger than two syllables, never mind concepts. Funniest part is that he is too stupid to know it but that typically of the left

    1. He is a nasty, nasty piece of work. Always boasting about his stupid shop, how he knew Steve Jobs and other famous people, how he has a YouTube video, how he used to be – yes, used to be someone who knew important people, all this endless crap and stuff – from 30-40 years ago! Now this “great man” comes to lecture us all about… pure crap! Nastiness personified. Go away CitizenX, go back to your little league taxiing of kids around the place, it’s your best skill, taxi driver.

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