Apple’s next-gen. 5G ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ said to feature ProMotion display

Apple’s next-generation 5G “iPhone 12 Pro” is said to have a 120Hz ProMotion display along with an improved Face ID system and an upgraded telephoto zoom, moving from 2x to 3x, on the rear camera array.

Apple's next-generation 5G "iPhone 12 Pro" is said to have a 120Hz ProMotion display
Apple’s next-generation 5G “iPhone 12 Pro” is said to have a 120Hz ProMotion display (Image: artist’s concept via EverythingApplePro)

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

It is claimed by EverythingApplePro that Apple will use a ProMotion display on the Pro model releases for 2020. If true, this would mean the higher-specification 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models will be able to switch between a 60Hz and 120Hz display mode similar to the iPad Pro’s version of the technology, but the 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” will have a normal 60Hz display.

ProMotion offers a few advantages, including smoother movement of items on-screen when engaged at 120Hz, while the switching of refresh rate will allow the iPhone to go down to lower rates to conserve power…

On the back, the rear camera system will be enhanced by LiDAR, such as by speeding up the autofocus system and improving image stabilization, as well as improving Portrait Mode shots. Smart HDR will also be improved to make low-light photography better.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to see Apple’s ProMotion promotions!

Will we see Apple Pencil support come to Apple’s “Pro” iPhones?

In June 2017, Apple’s brought the ProMotion display to iPad Pro, a technology that delivered refresh rates of up to 120Hz for fluid scrolling, greater responsiveness and smoother motion content. With ProMotion, Apple Pencil became even more responsive with an industry-best, 20-millisecond latency for even more fluid and natural drawing.


  1. makes 1 image left eye, one image right eye, at 60Hz… OLED with optional switchable directional shutter in front of it. 2 facetime cameras. –> 3D facetime without glasses.
    just a guess.

    1. Sounds like we’ll have to wait for 6G first, so the coronavirus health impacts are nullifried.

      I mean, you want nullifries with that, right? 6G will nulliry frozen chips for you on the way home from Costco, just place your phone near the bag and boom – piping hot nullifries!

      The same will happen with a 6G Mac. 5G just isn’t powerful enough.

  2. What will the tech-heads be demanding after 5G and ProMotion Displays? Just when battery life starts getting better, tech-heads are now demanding features that will quickly eat up battery life and then they’ll start complaining about shortened battery life all over again. It’s just so stupid to never be satisfied for a few years. High-end smartphones are already quite good. I suppose it’s OK if the user can turn off ProMotion Display and use 4G LTE if they want to conserve battery life.

    I don’t think most consumer users are begging for all these new “must have” features. It’s easy for tech-head Youtubers to always be asking for new features when they review a dozen smartphones and see some smartphones missing features other smartphones have, but most people can’t compare a dozen different smartphones to know what they’re missing. It must be tough to live in a world where no tech is ever good enough. It sure makes for an expensive world for some people by constantly having to buy the latest tech.

    1. I’m begging for ProMotion. Do you read the news on your phone every day? Do you scroll FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter, or Snap throughout the day? Do you do anything that involves motion on your screen? Then you want a 120 Hz promotion display.

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