Apple’s premium headphones said to be called ‘AirPods Studio,’ cost $349

Now-serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser has tweeted about Apple’s long-expected premium over-ear headphones, revealing the name, “AirPods Studio,” and the price: US$349.

AirPods Studio. 9to5Mac has discovered two icons representing light and dark versions of Apple’s headphones in iOS 14 code.
In March, 9to5Mac reported the discovery of two icons representing light and dark versions of Apple’s premium headphones in iOS 14 code.

Prosser’s tweet states, “Looks like Apple is sticking with the “AirPods” branding for their new over-ear headphones” and reveals the product name, codename, and retail price:

• AirPods Studio
• Codename: B515
• $349

Last month, Prosser claimed that Apple aims to launch its over-ear headphones at WWDC in June. Back in 2018, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that an “all-new” design of premium over-ear headphones were on the way from Apple that would offer the wireless capabilities of the AirPods.

Also last month, Mark Gurman reported for rBloomberg News that Apple is working on at least two variations of the headphones, including a premium version with leather-like fabrics and a fitness-focused model that uses lighter, breathable materials with small perforations.

In a modular design, the ear pads and headband padding attach to the frame of the headphones magnetically so they can be replaced by the user to allow for customization. For example, the same set of headphones would be convertible from general use to the treadmill and back again.

MacDailyNews Take:


    1. So you’re saying you don’t buy anything from Apple – ; )

      I have never owned OTE headphones that have batteries that are replaceable. Interesting…

      But no, Apple’s not going there – no way. They aren’t about user servicing items, they are focused on experience, quality, and quality service.

      But one can always hope I suppose…

  1. When I purchased my Stinger GT, about 2 weeks later KIA sent me a commemorative edition of HK wireless over-the-head headphones, compete with Stinger engraving and box. Was a very nice gesture… Well, I won’t say that a certain son of mine lost them…. and that KIA has no more of them, so maybe Apple’s next OTE set will be the replacement.

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