Elon Musk: Tesla prepared to leave California amid fight over shutdown

On Saturday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he is going to sue Alameda County and move future operations out of California after a dispute over whether the company can reopen its factory there. Musk has been clashing with government officials over local shelter-in-place orders due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lora Kolodny for CNBC:

Elon Musk
Elon Musk
On Friday, Alameda County’s interim public health officer, Dr. Erica Pan, said that health orders to contain a Covid-19 outbreak in the region are still in place, and that Tesla does not have a “green light,” to resume vehicle production at its main U.S. car plant in Fremont, California, yet.

Musk wrote on Twitter:

“Tesla is filing a lawsuit against Alameda County immediately. The unelected & ignorant ‘Interim Health Officer’ of Alameda is acting contrary to the Governor, the President, our Constitutional freedoms & just plain common sense!”

He also claimed that: “Tesla knows far more about what needs to be done to be safe through our Tesla China factory experience than an (unelected) interim junior official in Alameda County.”

Previously, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO cursed and called Covid-19 health orders “fascist,” on a Tesla earnings call.

MacDailyNews Note: Here are Musk’s tweets on the subject:


    1. He will be much happier here. Our state officials are as hostile to enforcing social distancing as he is. Exhibit 1: a woman who told a judge, to his face, that she would rather go to jail than comply with a quarantine order. Our Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, and Attorney General flew to her defense, pointing out that she was just trying to feed her family and the law got in her way.

      They have not been quite as generous with poor shoplifters as with society beauticians. After all, thieves seeking to feed their families are threatening property rights, not just risking lives with a deadly disease. Mr. Musk will fit right in with his obvious set of priorities.

        1. So we should endanger lives based on what the criminal cabal in the white house wants.

          Bye elon. don’t let the worlds 5th largest economy hit your ass on the way out.

        2. The worlds 5th largest economy was built under republican politicians. California used to be red and led the world in environmental safeguards. One forest fire has more pollution than all the cars for a year, and CA used to be best in the world at preventing it. Now it’s near the bottom of the list. Illegal visitors from all areas of the globe cost the state $12 billion a year in lost payroll taxes and welfare / healthcare costs. They are decimating the schools and not paying in to support. But the Dem leadership needs votes.

  1. Good for Musk. California has such a stranglehold on businesses, it is a wonder any of them can survive there. I hope he leaves and takes Tesla with him to a friendlier place.

      1. It was run by Republicans until they disregarded the majority of voters in the state and drove them into the other party. Watch the same thing happening in Texas, even as we speak. It has not been a pleasant experience for a lifelong traditional Republican.

        1. You? A traditional Republican???
          I guess next you will grace us with knowledge on how Reagan turned California blue
          (actually the color to denote Democrats was usually red back then but whatever….)

        2. When Reagan was Governor, California had already contributed two Republican presidents. He was the third. Almost every state executive office was held by a Republican, the Legislature was closely divided, and 14 of 44 in the congressional delegation were Republican (everyone outside the biggest cities).

          The debacle happened when Pete Wilson and his cronies decided that it was a good idea to attack immigrant, LGBT, and college communities when those were the fastest growing segments of the state’s population.

          Today, Wikipedia reports that “Republicans represent approximately 24% of the state’s registered voters, placing the Republicans in third place in California behind the Democratic Party and no party preference voters. The party is a superminority in the California State Legislature, holding only 19 seats out of 80 in the California State Assembly, and 11 seats of 40 in the California State Senate. The California GOP also holds none of the 8 statewide executive branch offices, 6 of the state’s 53 seats in the House of Representatives, and neither of California’s seats in the United States Senate.”

        3. Your slants, as in the one about the Dallas beautician and our Lieutenant Governor, are so one sided, liberal and without merit that I question everything you claim.

          You are in no way a Republican.
          Being the most conservative person in the most liberal area of Texas doesn’t make you one, it only means you MIGHT be a blue-dog Democrat.

          To me you are simply Beijing Betty. Anything Republicans do that is good for America you are against. PERIOD. Name one thing they have done lately you support. Name one thing Democrats have done that you agree needs to be investigated. You won’t. You’ll type a half page diatribe speaking out of both sides of your mouth with legal talk before you dare offer a crumb to the other side.

          Being a Conservative Republican doesn’t mean you stick your finger in the air to see what’s popular to do. If Pete Wilson alienated illegals, the gay Mafia and college Socialist indoctrination that only means he has principals that he believes are more important than politics. After all, what would Republicans be if they had no beliefs? That’s right….Democrats.

          There is no way in f*cking Hell you are a Republican, just another “lazy lyin’ libral”…

        4. I do not live in a liberal area of Texas. I live in one of the most conservative and Republican areas of Texas. Living near Austin is not living IN Austin (likewise for areas near Dallas or Houston).

          I did not say I was a Trumpist. I said I was a traditional Republican, which you clearly are not. For the difference, see


          A traditional Republican would not value the stock market above human life, or justify crime in the name of economic necessity. Traditional Republicans in the 1950s supported the notion that American prosperity should make all Americans prosperous. They recognized that economic inequality is socially polarizing, so they determined that workers should share in their companies’ success. They supported the extension of civil rights when most white Democrats opposed it. The traditional Republicans were patronizing, to be sure, but I will take a patrician over a robber baron every time.

          Pete Wilson did not do the right thing although it was unpopular. He did the wrong thing because it was popular in the short run without considering the long term social, economic, and political consequences. The collection of Trumpists running Texas state government are making exactly the same mistake. So are you.

        5. TowerTone absolutely well said! 🤠👍🏻

          It is refreshing their are honest commentators calling out the FAKE POLITICAL SHILLS like TxUser poisoning honest discussion with tedious partisan falsehoods and careful wording that is so transparent and at the same time so laughable. Well done and PLEASE remain vigilant to manipulative misinformation…

        6. That would be Pete Wilson he turned California blue by alienating every Latin American in the state and then everyone else too, Arizona is up next.

          California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and then the big prize Texas in 2028. And once Texas goes the Mormons in Utah will follow Mitt Romney or I should say the Mormon church to sanity, and leave those southeastern Republicans, why? worldwide the Mormons want new members into the church.

          Elon just mad the Germans are getting ready to smack him with better fit and finish and speed (Taycans, and EV Audi’s). The Germans like Apple make profit not smoke and mirrors.

        7. “It was run by Republicans until they disregarded the majority of voters in the state and drove them into the other party.”

          What a LIE! The Democrats have flooded the state with ILLEGALS that vote Democrat after getting all the free goodies from Democrat laws. The Republicans drove them self out to live in neighboring states same as in New Yorkers fleeing there state.

          “ It has not been a pleasant experience for a lifelong traditional Republican.”

          THE BIG LIE!!!…🤣🐂💩!🤣🐂💩!🤣💩🐂!🤣🐂💩!🤣

    1. Huh? California is handling the virus better than most states given the density of the population in its urban areas. Testing per person is highest per capita and deaths kept to a minimum.
      As for Musk he needs to take some meds and like Trump, stop making an idiot of himself on social media. California has bought more Tesla vehicles than any other state and provided lucrative incentives to lower the price of entry. Try not bitting the hand that feds you.
      He can go and move his factory to Texas if he wants. Of course I doubt there will be a factory ready made for him there. Maybe Detroit would be better.

    2. California has the largest economy of any US state.
      If it were its own nation, California would have the fifth largest economy in the world.

      Some “disaster.”

  2. A positive note that will be coming out of COVID-19, is Federalism, just as the Framers intended. 50 individual states, making their own laws and rules, competing (or choosing not too) and citizens deciding where they want to live.

    CA has been screwing over its individual and corporate tax payers for decades now, and a large contingent of working folks are fleeing the state.

    Tesla would be well served to follow suit and leave California entirely.

    1. Good riddance California buys most of those badly made cars, Tesla needs to make real profit, but I’m afraid its too late the Koreans, and the Germans are about eat Tesla ass.

      I do like the Tesla’s Powerwalls however. Wish Apple would get into that instead of stock buybacks.

    2. They wouldn’t be have to “screw over” their tax payers if they didn’t have to fork over $14 billion more to the federal govt than they get back every year. much of that $14 billion goes to those great bastions of self sufficiency and low taxes, the Red States. If they actually had to pay their own bills their taxes would be just as high as CA and NY

  3. If A.I. controls the world (sooner than you think, just look at Google data centers) , do you really think that you are “worth” enough to allocate any real resources too?

    1. Texas is not the panacea that Musk wants to believe, as they’re in trouble even though they don’t want to admit it. And Nevada’s even worse off.

      YMMV, but Musk’s Thailand ‘pedophile’ nonsense from that cave rescue convinced me that this is someone that I do not ever want to do business with. This repeat of his spoiled brat attitude clinches that conviction. If Tesla is the last car company on earth, I’ll drive a restored Ford Pinto instead.

  4. Tesla isn’t leaving just over the shutdown. If it leaves, it s because this is just the final nail in the coffin…nailed by California politics that inflict massive injury to businesses in the state.
    For many…MANY quality companies, they reached their limit with California long ago and already left.
    Frankly, Tesla would have done well to move out of CA long before this, and I say that as a long-time Ca resident. California politics is literally being the state to its financial keens, and Covid really is just the final stamp of failure.

  5. From wiki:
    California’s economy, with a gross state product of $3.0 trillion, is the largest sub-national economy in the world. If it were a country, California would be the fifth-largest economy in the world (larger than the United Kingdom, France, or India).

    1. Ca should leave the US and form it’s own country, or just all off the continent. Either way the US will be better off without Pelosi and the idiots that voted for her

        1. Nothing wrong with speaking another language, it would be like Europe (except for the UK), where people actually speak more than one language.

          The company I work for is owned by Germans, more than half of them speak more than two languages the same goes for many of the people in Holland and the Nordic countries education isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

        2. Even if you ignore the recent immigrants, the UK has Welsh, Scots, and two flavors of Gaelic. Donald Trump’s mother spoke English as her second language. If you include the Crown Dependencies, they have Manx and three versions of Channel Island French. There is also a Cornish revival.

          When I moved to Central Texas in the early 1970s, there were fairly sizable communities of second and third generation Americans here that spoke German, Czech,and Swedish. Between 1850 and 1920, there were more German speakers than Spanish speakers in Texas. After 250 years, many Acadians in Louisiana still speak French.

          The notion that English is our sole national language is highly exaggerated.

        3. “The notion that English is our sole national language is highly exaggerated.”

          You don’t “exaggerate” you simply LIE AGAIN LIBERAL TxUser.

          English indeed is the national language in the USA. Only liberals overall are in DENIAL.

          Beginning with the 13-colonies to Ellis Island to present day immigrants naturally have brought their native languages with them. Overwhelming majorities through the centuries have assimilated and learned English.

          One exception is the present day Latino community that is kowtowed to and provided with handicaps in all phases of daily life providing NO incentive to learn. They are tools of your Democrat Party and believe lying fools like you that simply CANNOT wish reality as something you prefer.

          Back in my home state a fly fishing friend in the City of Hazleton, PA mentioned the first and only nightly curfew in the state and remains the hotspot for Northeast PA and one of the Top 5 hotspots overall statewide.

          Local newspapers published several front page articles noted the growth of the Latino community from less than 5% of the population in 2000 to over 50% today. Most are from the New York area of Queens and other boroughs as well as the Dominican Republic. Hazleton Latino companies run shuttles and buses to NYC area daily and the mayor has asked them to temporarily suspend during the crisis. These factors contributed to the first state citizen curfew in effect today.

          Unfortunately, not learning English for some has contributed to the language barrier a challenge for timely information putting their and other citizens at risk of Covid virus according to news reports.


          Certainly if the Latino community learned the national language of the USA like generations of other ethnic groups for centuries before them — a Democrat handicap would be removed, communication and assimilation would make the community stronger and safer and eliminate the need for interpreters in emergencies…

      1. If CA were to leave … and especially too if the ‘Blue’ northeast joins them, then all of those Red “freeloader” states are in for a big bag of hurt when the Fed free lunch revenues end for them…

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