iPhone SE (2020) teardown reveals nearly identical design to iPhone 8

A new teardown video of Apple’s iPhone SE (2020) posted to YouTube on Thursday reinforces the idea that Apple’s latest smartphone is an updated iPhone 8, with a nearly identical external and internal design and with several interchangeable parts.

iPhone SE teardown
Apple’s powerful iPhone SE starts at just US$399

Apple on April 15th announced the second-generation iPhone SE (2020), a very powerful new iPhone featuring a 4.7-inch Retina HD display and Touch ID for security. iPhone SE comes in a compact iPhone 8-like design and is the most affordable iPhone. The new iPhone SE is powered by the Apple-designed A13 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone and also features the best single-camera system ever in an iPhone.


Conducted by Chinese mobile phone repair and technical training specialist Ao Technology, the teardown offers a first look at iPhone SE’s internals, as well as a direct comparison with the iPhone 8 model it replaces.

A video of the disassembly and analysis of internal components was published on Weibo and cross-posted to Ao’s YouTube channel, the latter of which includes English translations.

As anticipated, the SE’s internal layout is nearly identical to that of its iPhone 8 predecessor. Significant changes were announced in Apple’s press release last week, including an upgraded A13 Bionic processor with 3GB of RAM, updated connectivity stack with 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, and the company’s “best-ever single-camera system.”

MacDailyNews Take: Keeping what works well keeps the prices down. iPhone SE (2020) is the best new $399 smartphone on the market!


    1. Thank goodness the company is ignoring the 4 inch size. Mom has a 4 inch iPhone SE and many apps just don’t have enough space, especially when the fonts are enlarged for older eyes. Don’t get me wrong, she loves the smaller size, but the small screen and larger font size makes it harder to enjoyably use the phone. Which is a shame. Thank you, Apple, for not listening to the 7th heavens of the world of you’d be pumping out 2-inch smartphones that no-one wants

      Unless of course you turn them into a watch, in which case they are very popular!

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