Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad is a heavy, premium-priced game-changer

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad reviews are in after the company brought an official trackpad experience to the iPad Pro for the first time.

The premium-priced 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard weighs more than a 13-inch MacBook Air, but the first full reviews of are calling Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad a game-changer.

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro with trackpad delivers the best typing experience ever on iPad.
The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro with trackpad delivers the best typing experience ever on iPad.

Ben Lovejoy’s roundup for 9to5Mac:

The Magic Keyboard might not be my ideal solution, and it’s pricey compared to some of the third-party options. But its technical elegance and the fact it draws inspiration from Apple’s much-improved MacBook keyboards, make this the best all-around option for being productive on your iPad Pro. – Engadget

The new Magic Keyboard is as different from that device as the new MacBook Pro keyboards are from the low profile ones that dominated headlines over the last couple of years. It’s a huge jump forward in usability for the iPad Pro — and for last year’s model too. – TechCrunch

The floating screen looks so good… What I like so much about this, and I honestly don’t know why it took Apple so long to make this kind of a case, is I can easily adjust [the screen angle] without having to move my iPad. — iJustine

MacDailyNews Note: Also check out John Gruber’s review of Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad over at Daring Fireball in which he writes, in part, ” Once I let go of my preconceptions, I fell in love. This took all of 15 minutes. I went from that “I don’t like the way this thing feels at all” first impression to “I can’t wait to start raving about how great this thing is” in 15 minutes. The iPad Magic Keyboard is to iPad-as-laptop accessories what AirPods were to earbuds: a game changer.”

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