Apple explains how to make your own face shield

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has shared instructions for how to make your own face shield while warning that, “These manufacturing instructions should only be used by an expert. Manufacturing the face shields requires professional level expertise in manufacturing and design, and should only be done by professional engineers or machinists in a factory environment.”

Apple make your own face shield (image: Apple Inc.)
Apple Face Shield (image: Apple Inc.)

After warning of potential issues that may arise during manufacturing, Apple even offer downloadable design files here which include:

• 2D cut files available

• Manufacturing drawings available
– Face shield – PDF
– Forehand band – PDF
– Silicone strap – PDF

• Instructions available
– This document – PDF
– Assembly – PDF

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung, no doubt grateful for the time saved reverse-engineering this one, is likely quite thankful for Apple’s instruction.


  1. In this one instance, I’m sure Apple would be happy to see Samsung follow their lead.

    On the other hand, South Korea probably doesn’t need this, because they have a functioning national government, with a leader who focused on fighting this issue directly rather than stroking his ego and profiting personally and politically at the expense of thousands of human lives.

    1. Too. Much. CNN. And too much MSDNC.

      Communist China, a corrupt World Health Organization, a broken and biased U.S. media, and overreacting Lib morons (Newsom, Cuomo, etc.) caused a global recession, perhaps depression:

      In mid-March state and local officials painted a doomsday scenario for Californians, telling them that if they did not “shelter in place” 25 million (yes, million) Californians would be infected with coronavirus within two months, 5 million of which would require hospitalization. With the state having only 90,000 hospital beds total, clearly any scenario involving the need for 5 million hospital beds would be catastrophic.

      Having heard that, Californians willingly (for the most part) went along with orders to shelter in place and to practice social distancing.

      As of 3 p.m. April 18 there were 30,439 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state and 1,139 deaths, making those projections absurdly inaccurate. At the same time, 1.6 million Californians had filed for unemployment as of March 31.

      Pushback against the orders has started up and down the state. Holding signs saying “We will not accept your new normal,” “Give me liberty or give me death,” and “Open Cali Now,” and shouting “Newsom must go,” protesters rallied along Pacific Coast Highway.

      In many other states, especially those with intractable, power-drunk Democrat governors, pushback has also begun and will only grow until sanity is restored.

  2. Last Sunday, my part of Texas was under a tornado warning. Everyone in the area went to a safe place and nobody was killed. Everyone thanked the Weather Service for saving lives.

    Californians were also warned. Everyone went to a safe place and remarkably few died. Some of the survivors now want to blame the government for saving their lives.

    You call that pushback. I call it being an ungrateful fool.

  3. Nice post! The Dems’ power grab game of Hungry Hungry Hippos continues (like Fancy Nancy P eating ice cream from her Napa Valley Sub Zero ice box while refusing to approve small business payments – first time in recorded huperson herstory the Dems don’t want to give out free money… maybe because Trump supports it).

    Crickets from CNN and MSDNC…

    crickets, crickets, crickets…





          1. Right where the gatekeepers want you—-stuck in the democrat republican trap. And the mental shackles prevent you from even realizing you’ve been captured. At this point, all it takes is a few code words like liberal, conservative, etc.,and you obediently line up to the respective dem / rep stalls like a herd of cattle to the slaughterhouse.

        1. Steele wasn’t making a particular effort to keep his work secret, so it would be shocking if Russian counterintelligence wasn’t aware of it. The “dossier” never purported to be anything other than a collection of memos on raw intellegence. Anybody evaluating it on our side would assume the possibility of deliberate misinformation.

          And none of that explains why the Administration knew about the Chinese outbreak in November 2019, but took very few effective steps to prepare for it before mid-March 2020.

            1. Here is a separate article about how CDC scientists on assignment with WHO were making regular reports to Atlanta, warning of a major threat in December at the latest. Again, the claim that the Administration didn’t know what was coming does not hold water.

          1. Jan. 14 The WHO announces no human to human transmission
            Jan. 30 CDC confirms human to human transmission
            Jan. 31 Trump issues first travel ban
            Feb. 1 Trump mocked
            Jan. 31 Pelosi introduces “No Ban Act” to limit Administration’s power to impose bans. Very helpful.
            Feb. 4 CDC and FDA researching and preparing various types of covid-19 tests
            Feb. 24 Administration requests two billion in emergency funding for CDC and FDA
            Feb. 24 Pelosi strolls around Chinatown in SF to encourage tourism. Smart one!
            Feb. 24-28 House Democrats withhold two billion from CDC and FDA. Good job Dems!
            Feb. 24-28. Pelosi allows only ONE bill to a vote – a ban on flavored tobacco. Again, oh so very helpful.
            Mar 2 House FINALLY passes money for CDC and FDA. FINALLY!
            Mar 3 there were only 102 cases in the USA
            Mar 10 Italy locks down
            Mar 14 Spain locks down
            Apr 21 House blocks additional funds to employees of small businesses. Thank you, Democrats. Thanks a trillion!

            What would you suggest the Administration have done, TxUser? Shut down the USA in February? What steps should the Administration have taken?

            Tell us

            1. What steps did the Administraion take that you are not satisfied with?

              Should governors have shut down their states earlier? If everyone already knew, why weren’t things shut down earlier? Maybe early March? Maybe February? November? Are governors not responsible for their states?

              What should have been done, TxUser? More tests? Where are those supposed to come from? The magic covid-19 test kit factory? Where is that?

              You complain that the Administration should have done more earlier. Like what? When?

              Tell us

              Try to answer with reasoned and rational examples. Not just links to questionable sources like ABCNews. (“According to two unidentified source.” Reminds me of the Whistleblower who heard something from a friend…)

            2. Does your state have its own intellegence agencies? Here in Texas, we rely on the US Government to inform us about looming threats to homeland security. As late as the middle of March, the highest authority in the federal government was assuring all of us that there was no Covid-19 threat because they had it handled. It isn’t our fault that the claim wasn’t true and that we relied on it.

              Beyond that, the most recent guidance from the responsible federal agencies had been that the states could rely on them to locate and allocate supplies like PPE and ventilators across the nation according to need. They didn’t realize that it wasn’t true until the bidding wars began after caseloads ballooned. By then, it was clear that two months had gone by without anybody ordering anything.

              There would have been enough tests in March, and still would be enough, if the US had adopted the standard WHO test most other countries have been using since February. After the CDC test bombed, the FDA opened the field to dozens of proprietary tests, each of which requires a different set of kits, equipment, and processing supplies. The resulting support tangle has kept the volume of testing at 1% of our population, which is less than a third of what is needed to open the country under the President’s own guidelines.

              As for whether things should have been shut down sooner, we can see the differences between early closing states like California and late closing states like New York. That was a decision for the governors and local authorities to make, but the President’s insistence until March 17 that there was no threat stripped them of all political cover for doing the right thing.

  4. If the average Joe and Jane really were smart enough, they wouldn’t need to see the likes of Nancy Pelosi in her kitchen front of her twin $25,000 Sub Zero refrigerators filled with designer ice cream, lecturing them not to go to their jobs so they can feed their kids, but to instead “stay inside” and lose their jobs for nothing, because they’d realize that Democrats don’t give a shit about them and are just playing them as pawns election after election after election.

    1. Remember how the corrupt mainstream media shrieked when Trump had two scoops of ice cream?

      Not a peep from the fake news phonies over this. Not a peep.

      Wake up, suckers.

      1. Instead of reporting about ice cream, they were reporting this:

        The latest Associated Press analysis of available state and local data shows that nearly one-third of those who have died are African American, with black people representing about 14% of the population in the areas covered in the analysis.

        Wake up, suckers.

        1. This is not, as TXFool wants you suckers to believe, because “The Man” hates black people.

          COVID-19 preys on those with pre-existing conditions, especially on those with diabetes and obesity.

          CDC: U.S. Black adults have the highest prevalence of obesity (38.4%) overall, followed by Hispanic adults (32.6%) and non-Hispanic white adults (28.6%).
          NCBI: U.S. black adults have the highest prevalence of diagnosed diabetes mellitus (12.6%), followed by Hispanic adults (11.8%) and non-Hispanic white adults (7.1%).

          What you see in my post are facts. What you see from racist hucksters of socialism like TxFool above is propaganda: using one stat to infer something else in order to attempt to hurt opponents or to promote a political party that has failed Black Americans for decades, keeping them slaves to welfare in order to keep them voting Democrat in a sick cycle of dependency.

          Wake up, suckers.

        2. Is that all you’ve got left? I’d say “nice try” except it isn’t. So, bad try.

          Do you ever get tired of trying to use a tragedy to score political points and failing miserably? It’s positively Pelosian. SAD!

          Dr. Anthony Fauci said on April 7th that African Americans are also more likely to have underlying health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension obesity and asthma, increasing their risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19.

          “It’s very sad. It’s nothing we can do about it right now except to try and give them the best possible care to avoid those complications,” Fauci said.

          1. I don’t question that more African-Americans have pre-existing conditions. I only question why black women for Trump are not more concerned with that than with whether Nancy Pelosi likes ice cream.

            1. Pelosi seems to think her ice cream is more important than getting her Dem ass back to Washington. Employees of small business owners are waiting while she has another chocolate. I can assure you that black women and white men and Americans of every color and gender for Trump 2020 are very concerned about that!

            1. Really? What would you like to see? Tell us. Would you like to see more funding for employees of small businesses? I would. You know the House controls funding, don’t you. Not the Administration. Where is Pelosi? She does work in DC, doesn’t she?

              Hey, TxUser, you have yet to tell us what you would like done and, more importantly, how you would get it done. We are still waiting.

              So far, you are just a backseat driver.

              Tell us, please

            2. I’d like to see a bipartisan bill pass out of Congress. Hey! Just such a bill just passed the Senate after negotiations with the Speaker, who was apparently doing what her constituents elected her to do, which includes standing up to provisions that might harm them.

              What part of “bipartisan” do you not understand?

            3. The Administration is also known as the Executive Branch of government. The House and Senate are the Legislative Branch. These are two totally different parts of the government.
              The Executive Branch requested money from the Legislative Branch for employees of small business. But, Pelosi, who (sometimes) works in the Legislative Branch delayed as she usually does. Mmm… ice cream. Yum, yum!
              “Standing up to provisions that might harm them.” What might those be? What part of receiving money is harmful? Did Democrats hide another 25 million of pork fat for the The Kennedy Center of Performing Arts in the package? Mmm… pork fat. Yum, yum!
              Back to your original concern… What would you like to see the Executive Branch do about this virus and how should the Executive Branch do it? You have yet to address your own post.

            4. Since the Executive Branch doesn’t have a time machine to undo the damage that has led to thousands of American deaths, he could at least up his game.

              A start might be to stop issuing contradictory messages. He needs to promote the guidelines for “opening America” that his own task force developed (and save lives). He needs to stop encouraging Americans to flout those very same standards (which will cost lives). He needs to support the governors, rather than attacking them for things that are actually his fault.

              Most of all, he needs to man up and admit his past mistakes, apologize to the American people, promise to do better, and keep that promise. That is about as likely as Richard Nixon owning up to the Watergate horrors instead of trying to cover them up. If he had done that, he would still have beaten McGovern. If Trump were to do it… Just saying.

  5. TxUser wants to see Trump “act presidential.” I would like TxUser to give details of what would be considered “acting presidential.”

    It is easy for TxUser to complain, however it seems more difficult for TxUser to provide specifics of what the Administration should have done (and how) and should do now (and how).

  6. Excellent! So, by your own admission (“See answer above.”) you are satisfied with President Trump. You have given an excellent example of President Trump being presidential. Good job, TxUser, you are finally getting it!

    Let me break your tingly satisfaction down for you…

    Americans shelter in place. This results in closed business and lost income. No income = no salaries. No salaries = Americans with no money. No money, no funny!

    Side Note – let’s extend the shutdown a little longer… maybe November 4 or until all 328,239,523 Americans can be tested for covid-19… let’s say 2023? Gee, that is a hell of a lot of swabs! Why didn’t Trump replenish the National Stockpile with 328,239,523 swabs last November? Oh, I know why. It isn’t the responsibility of the National Stockpile to be a giant WalMart buffet of free stuff during a once in a century global pandemic. That’s the States’ job. Oh, I know… the purpose of the National Stockpile is to supplement the States’ supplies. By the way, there are not enough factories in China to pump out 328,239,523 swabs. I guess America is gonna have to make them on our own. Maybe Pelosi can introduce a bill banning domestically made swabs. That should help to extend the shutdown.

    The President (Executive Branch), elected by Americans, sees this problem and requests money for Americans from Congress (Legislative Branch).
    The Funding Bill is delayed in the House (Legislative Branch) while Pelosi has another scoop of pork ice cream, not in DC, but in her WALLED mansion in San Fran. (Side note – walls are ineffective at keeping unwanted people out, that’s why Pelosi has a BIG one around her SF compound.)
    After more than a weeeek of pork ice cream delays, Congress (Legislative Branch) finalllly passes the bill. Oink, oink.
    Now the bill goes to President Trump (Executive Branch) where he immediately signs it after an unnecessary delay in the House (Legislative Branch). The President signing a bill for money that he requested is… uh… presidential.
    Small businesses get their money. Bosses pay their employees. Americans have jobs and, by extension, income (money).

    Thank you TxUser for an excellent example of Trump not only acting presidential, but being presidential! Is there anything else you would like our President to do for America?

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