Android settlers mourn loss of Dark Sky app after Apple acquisition

By SteveJack

Popular hyper-local weather app Dark Sky yesterday announced the company’s acquisition by none other than Apple.

Android Dark Sky discontinued. Image: Dark Sky for Apple Watch
Dark Sky for Apple Watch
Dark Sky says that there will be no changes to the Dark Sky app for Apple iPhone and Apple Watch users at this time. The Dark Sky app will continue to be available for purchase in App Store, which already lists Apple as the developer of Dark Sky. The Dark Sky website’s weather forecasts, maps, and embeds will continue for two months until July 1, 2020. After that time it will support the Dark Sky API and iOS/watchOS app users.

Those who’ve settled for fake iPhones running Android and pretend Apple Watches running Wear OS are, however, SOL.

In-between malware infections and while being tracked by Google, scammers, random governments, and God only knows who else, the settlers took to Twitter to whine, moan, and cry. Their collective reaction was almost as if they’d all woken up en masse and realized they were carrying around fake iPhones and/or wearing knockoff Apple Watches and who (when not being cursed by real iPhone and Apple Watch users for ruining group messages with their putrid, featureless, conversation-wrecking green bubbles) are being laughed at behind their backs for being cheap and/or ignorant masochistic rubes.

The settlers’ delicious tears rained down on Twitter:

Yes, Google, please rip off Apple yet again! You’re so adept at it you’re almost in Samsung’s league.

The glorious rain continues:

Of course, it’s to be expected that the settlers’ mastery of language needs work. They’ve got one four-letter word down pat though — you know, because they have to deal with Android all day.

A few more whiny widdle babies:

We’ve already responded, with an appropriate level of compassion:

More acquisitions and moves like this, please, Apple! Payback should continue unabated ad infinitum.

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer, and contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.


  1. DarkSky already had a monopoly on the DarkSky app. Now that Apple owns it, Apple ALSO has a monopoly on the DarkSky app! PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE THE DARK SKY APP EVERYWHERE #unfairmonopolyq

  2. Fake Apple watches? Huh? Android and Samsung came out with smartwatches years before Apple did. Also, as Apple gave up on their own hardware and went to the Wintel stack, aren’t Macs “fake PCs” also? And AirPods? Samsung did them first so “fake.” Smart set top boxes? Amazon and Google first so Apple TV “fake”.

    In any event, Apple ecosystem users spent DECADES whining about the “evils” of Microsoft. You can dish it out so go ahead and take it.

  3. It appears the majority of these whiners are college age liberals, who understand nothing about how life or business – anything linked to reality – actually works.

    But they do understand how to swear and sadly love to hate… Great job university system, your doing so well preparing the next generation…

    BTW: I appreciated the post wanting Google to somehow make the web no longer work for iPhones, such as Google’s search and other online html tools. This is an app people, figure it out.

  4. “Great job university system, your doing so well preparing the next generation…”

    The university system has already failed to prepare Bobby for writing snarky comments by letting him use whichever form of the word “your” he pleases in any given sentence.

    Don’t be like the university system.

    Don’t be like Bobby.

    Don’t use Android.

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