Apple acquires Dark Sky weather app, kills Android version

Apple has acquired the Dark Sky weather app, Dark Sky announced today.

There will be no changes to Dark Sky for iOS at this time. It will continue to be available for purchase in the App Store.

Dark Sky for Apple Watch
Dark Sky for Apple Watch

Adam Grossman for Dark Sky Blog:

Today we have some important and exciting news to share: Dark Sky has joined Apple.

Our goal has always been to provide the world with the best weather information possible, to help as many people as we can stay dry and safe, and to do so in a way that respects your privacy.

There is no better place to accomplish these goals than at Apple. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to reach far more people, with far more impact, than we ever could alone…

Android and Wear OS App: The app will no longer be available for download. Service to existing users and subscribers will continue until July 1, 2020, at which point the app will be shut down. Subscribers who are still active at that time will receive a refund.

Weather forecasts, maps, and embeds will continue until July 1, 2020. The website will remain active beyond that time in support of API and iOS App customers.

MacDailyNews Take: Our favorite weather app, one that has a coveted complication on all of our Apple Watches is Dark Sky, so this news that Apple has acquired Dark Sky is excellent! And, yet again, Android gets even worse. 🙂

You want Dark Sky? Get a real iPhone and a real Apple Watch.


        1. That’s because I am your typical suckwit scum bag who loves to bash Apple relentlessly, but openly wishes for Android’s demise. I am not really applecynic, I am applehypocrite who blogs trolling statements for the lulz because that’s the kind of person I am

      1. I really mean that I wish Apple would discontinue me, I’m the kind of user that really should be a huge fan on MicrosoftDailyNews but even I’m not that dumb. I mean, I am dumb – we all are to some degree – I just take it to a special level where I pretend to hate Apple with vehemence but I use all their gear, their apps, openly wish for Android’s demise, own Apple shares and even went to CitizenX’s shop in the mid 1980s, proving just how connected and deep I am into the apple ecosystem. I even have apple in my username. I’m really applelover but I have to pretend I am very cynical about them because it’s my thing, my persona, but in reality I’m faker than Donald Trump’s third test tickle.

          1. Yes, as a bipolar BS artist I talk to myself a lot and call myself out on my BS. I am really good at it. I even use different avatars so I can pretend I am talking to my other self, instead of myself. It’s like a fight club in my brain, but I scare myself so much sometimes it is a real fright club. Apologies to all, don’t take me seriously, I certainly don’t.

    1. My favorite was WunderStation, but IBM has killed it. They are increasingly providing access to their network of 300,000 personal weather stations only to their commercial clients. The consumer apps (Weather Channel and Wunderground) only provide a fraction of the information and no weather history. I.e. I can’t check how much it rained yesterday, even if it is just past midnight today, much less the weekly or annual rainfall. I can’t check the weather in a neighborhood, just for a city, even if the city has multiple microclimates due to topography. IBM does allow the PWS owners free access to data from their OWN station. Wow!

    1. I’ve been having a decent run with Snowflake which uses BOM data and others for overseas locations.

      Also nothing beats Rain Parrot, whose lack of android version always surprises me.

      While we’re on it, killing competitor platform versions of products strikes me as petty. It’s not the early 2000s anymore, and Dark Sky is unlikely to hold a person onto a platform like Final Cut Pro. You’re just generating more animosity within android users. Why offer an android version of Apple Music just to kill off Dark Sky?

      1. Because Apple wants to create a dark sky on the sly for Android users, chipping away at their sanity. Apple is gaslighting Android in the one case of gaslighting being good in the history of gaslighting ever, except when you actually need to light gas.

  1. As MDN said the settlers don ‘t deserve Dark Sky. Today was yet (another) great day for Apple and Apple users in general.

    I hope Apple continues to do this type of thing to that user base every fucking time they get a chance.

    We will NEVER forget.

    Petty? No. Still pissed? Likely that.

            1. Yes, I am the bipolar applecynic and I am a lousy fraud that pretends to hate Apple but loves it so much I spend all my time at this site arguing with myself. I am like twin bald brothers fighting over a comb, or two halves of a bipolar split personality fighting over the same brain

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