Leaked screenshots reveal how Apple CarKey will work

A set of screenshots shared on Twitter this week purportedly reveal Apple’s so-called “CarKey” feature for iOS, a “digital key” that rumors say will let users unlock and control certain vehicle systems with their iPhone and Apple Watch. However, some inconsistencies call the veracity of the screenshots into question.

Alleged screenshots of Apple's CarKey interface. | Source: "DongleBookPro" via Twitter
Alleged screenshots of Apple’s CarKey interface. | Source: “DongleBookPro” via Twitter


A trio of screenshots from “DongleBookPro,” captured on an iPhone running an unknown version of iOS, apparently demonstrates the feature with a key tied to a BMW i8.

Much like HomeKit or other smart home locks, users can apparently share their CarKey with another iPhone owner. According to a third screenshot, access can be restricted to specific subsystems like door locks, trunk locks and a car’s ignition. Support for other variables may exist. For example, some cars with wireless key fobs integrate safety driving modes that limit a driver’s speed and other mechanical settings.

Express Mode, like Wallet’s Express Transit feature, automatically enable CarKey without requiring authentication with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode. In theory, this feature would allow users to simply walk up to their car, unlock and start it without pulling a device from their purse or pants. If the mode works similarly to Express Transit, the digital key might also work when an iPhone’s battery is depleted.

Whether the screenshots are legitimate is unclear, as abnormalities suggest the images were manipulated…

MacDailyNews Take: That “Trunk/Truck” misspelling in these so-called “leaked screenshots” gives away the ruse.


  1. How is this better than the key fob I already have? It’s small, I carry on my key ring with my other keys, I never have to take it out of my pocket or even touch it, and it even has a key inside in case of a problem with the electronic system. I don’t see any advantages to having this functionality on my phone.

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