How to get more usable space on your MacBook when working from home

If you, like many today, are newly working from home with your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll likely get good use out of these tips to help you make better use of your MacBook’s display space.

MacBook space. Sidecar brings the intuitiveness and precision of iPad and Apple Pencil to creative Mac apps and can run on a wireless connection.
Sidecar brings the intuitiveness and precision of iPad and Apple Pencil to creative Mac apps and can run on a wireless connection.

Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

When you work you often need lots of different application windows open. You may also need dedicated workspaces for what you’re doing, and even if you are using an external display as well as your Mac notebook, you may still want to optimize the amount of actual usable desktop space you get to use.

Your Mac lets you Split the display between two applications. This is such a great tool when researching, data inputting or otherwise trying to avoid constant and repetitive switching between applications. It lets you stay in the same window, and lets you work between two apps in an incredibly focused way… Spit Screen is super useful, but gets even more handy when you use it with… Spaces.

If you have an iPad and are running macOS Catalina you can set your iPad up to work as a second connected Mac monitor thanks to Sidecar mode…

MacDailyNews Take: Simple explanations for all of the ways you can make better use of your MacBook display space are included in Jonny’s full article. Maximize your usable, viewable space!


  1. The single best productivity improvement for most laptop users is an external monitor or two. No matter what you do, you would be amazed how much time is saved when you can see several windows at once or content zoomed to a more legible size.

    Don’t forget to buy the always necessary adapters that Apple should give away for free but instead overcharges its formerly loyal customers to have. Some people will have to spend hundreds on docks to add all the still-important ports that used to exist on Apple laptops before 2015.

    Partly out of spite for Apple’s bad display and port policy, I bought 4 Dell monitors to replace my old Apple Cinema display, which of course had a Mini Displayport connector that doesn’t match anything Apple makes today. Of course I could have used the old Apple monitor with an adapter for my new MacBook Pro but I wanted multiple matching monitors and when I bought, Apple didn’t offer any monitors of any kind. I wasn’t going to buy a second used Apple Cinema Display. I wasn’t going to buy an ugly overpriced plastic LG monitor at the Apple Store.

    For about a decade now Apple has left average Mac users without an affordable display/dock that matches its Macs. Other makers offer very good displays for a fraction of Apples new pro display, but none offer a convenient built in Facetime camera or dock with the missing Apple ports. Ethernet anyone?!?!?!. Isn’t Apple going to offer more options for displays again? WTF !?!?!?!

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