As expected, Taiwan exports fell in February, but at a far slower pace

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan’s export orders in February fell for a second month, but at a far slower pace than they did in January. February orders slipped 0.8% from a year earlier to $28.68 billion, data from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs showed on Friday, partly helped by a low base in February 2019.

Taiwan exports. Image: COVID-19 coronavirusYimou Lee and Liang-sa Loh for Reuters:

Orders had been expected to fall at a slower pace as the week-long Lunar New Year fell in February last year but occurred in January this year.

Economists in a Reuters poll had estimated orders would slip 0.6% compared with a 12.8% decline in January – the steepest in nearly seven years.

In a statement, the ministry said telecommunications products were down 23% from a year ago, as supply chains and production were affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus. The ministry expects March export orders to fall between 13.2% and 9.3% from a year earlier.

It said, however, rising demand for new technologies, including fifth-generation telecommunications (5G) and artificial intelligence, will help boost sales in the coming months.

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  1. TIME MAGAZINE March 18 2020:

    “Eight hundred and fifty thousand of Taiwan’s 23 million citizens reside in mainland China. Four hundred thousand work there. At its narrowest point, the Taiwan Strait between the island and the mainland is just 130 km. So, by all accounts, Taiwan should be in the midst a major coronavirus outbreak. Instead, as of March 18, it had seen just 100 cases compared to the more than 80,000 in China and the tens of thousands in several countries in Europe”


    Latest Taiwan Data on world meter: Infections total : 135, Deaths : 3

    Note that Foxconn which employs hundreds of thousands in mainland China is a Taiwanese company.

    South Korea : Deaths Less than 100
    Singapore : ZERO
    Hong Kong: 4

    These countries were closer to the epicentre , Singapore is 80% overseas Chinese with extensive business links to China (like Taiwan ).

    For weeks now I’ve said look at the Asian Data on fighting COVID 19.
    I’ve listed links, showed videos.

    Weeks ago Asian Data provided a RECIPE for COVID 19 fight, not to ‘mitigate’, ‘build herd immunity’ etc but to STOP it and LET BUSINESSES i.e the economy get back to NORMAL.

    But invariably RACIST XENOPHOBES have laughed at them and my posts.
    I regularly get one star and called idiot.

    Shoot, I live OVER HERE and not in Asia, I don’t want to live under Xi BUT the DATA (solutions, methods) would help us over here.

    The Data, like from Dr. Awylard (whose videos I’ve posted frequently here at MDN) from W.H.O who led a team of USA, European specialists into China had plenty of data on:

    Social Distancing, Contact Tracing, need for huge amounts of gear like ventilators, use of computing like A.I to track outbreaks etc.

    Methods employed by Singapore, Korea, Taiwan etc.

    This info was available weeks ago.

    But here at MDN when I posted the links xenophobes went crazy : “you can’t listen to lazy stupid Asians who eat dirty things “, “you can’t listen to W.H.O it’s run by Tedrous a BLACK ETHIOPIAN ” (Yes i actually debated withe the guy who wrote Black Ethiopian here at MDN )

    Just like a couple of weeks ago when Italy started to Explode, a prominent USA doctor on a major news channel defending the slowness of the USA preparedness, said “FINALLY we have REAL Data from a WESTERN (i.e White) country and NOW we can devise methods to fight this virus” ignoring THREE MONTHS of Data from Taiwan, Korea, Singapore. That doctor said “Chinese are lying, Asians using quarantine methods are MEDIEVAL “.

    Taiwan data shows they were aware of the corona virus in late December and that data was available to the USA.

    God, I’m sad and disgusted at all this.
    Even one day ago when I posted the W.H.O videos again was called all kinds of names and got one starred.

    Korea : less than 100 deaths, Singapore Zero, Taiwan 3, Hong Kong 4
    China with twice the population of Europe : 3000 +

    (yes, xenophobes will invariably say they are LYING, but hey who are building those new MACS, iPADS etc ? Zombie Chinese ? Tim Cook opening all Apple Stores in China is also lying?)

    If the West had looked at the Asian Data (methods, solutions) Death rates in Italy etc would be like Taiwan, 3 instead of 4000.

    The sad thing is as politicians and their followers (like some here at MDN) promoting the racist agenda (calling “Wuhan Virus” etc. ) we still won’t learn their methods and puts negative pressure on those (like me) who say look at their data.
    (some countries etc are now partially following

    Like I said no matter what enjoyment you get from xenophobia, if it gets out of control the outbreak will hurt you at the minimum and kill you at worst.

    Donald Trump deliberately cancelling COVID 19 and putting ‘Chinese’ on his speech notes


  2. What? Look at the WHO’s data? Haha! How about just call Beijing and ask for the lastest numbers. WHO isn’t the most reputable or reliable organization. December 2019 – Taiwan warned The WHO about an “unknown” pneumonia in Wuhan. Mid-January 2020 – The Wonderful WHO finally responds that specialists from China see no indication of human to human transmission. Haha! No human to human transmission! Thanks WHO. At the same time, Taiwan becomes the first country in the world to begin blocking certain international flights (Wuhan to Taiwan). Taiwanese must be racist… or just allergic to Wuhan virus. January 2020 – WHO offers no global warning to restrict travel in or out of China. Meanwhile China continues to spread the love by NOT shutting down international flights to who knows where. Wanna bet there were flights to Italy. There were. Meanwhile back in Beijing they are busy arresting doctors, shutting media sites, welding household doors shut and deleting social media posts. Good job China! Where was The WHO? In China’s pocket. The WHO needs to work on their reputation. Gonna be a long hard road to earn it

  3. You are correct – the west is NOT prepared. Even as the current administration publishes guidelines, unfortunately many are not heeding them. Catastrophe is headed to the US. People are not prepared. They are waiting for the government to “do something.” They are waiting for a pill to pop to fix it. Waiting for a magic drug vaccine. The pills, vaccines and government assistance is coming. But, it isn’t here TODAY. Whatever the reason for that… doesn’t really matter if YOU rub your eye or inhale while in the checkout line behind someone not wearing a mask. Americans are not being proactive. You must protect yourself. This war must be fought NOW from the bottom up and from the top down. So far, I mostly see and read about Americans waiting and complaining. Not doing. God help us!

  4. WHO Twitter January 14: “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China🇨🇳.”

    China and The WHO are disgusting and NOT to be trusted. PERIOD. Who needs The WHO? What are they really doing, anyway? Collecting “donations” from China? Taiwan has earned so much praise for their amazing response to the Wuhan virus even though The WHO (a world health organization) excludes Taiwan, withholds data from Taiwan, does not allow Taiwan to participate in meetings about the virus, etc… Gee, that seems… so… healthy? Again, The WHO and China are sick! And now the world is sick, too. Sad

  5. I’m not going to engage with people individually but here some notes:

    All I want to add is go look at the numbers:

    Singapore: TOTAL DEATHS 2 (increased by 2) yesterday:
    Taiwan : 2 ( either I misread it yesterday as 3 or the new case was diagnosed as not COVID 19)
    Hong Kong: 4

    The excuse some make that USA and other Western countries are so unprepared because they didn’t have info due to China lying, WHO lying etc etc.

    so for those beating up on me, how do you explain the low death rates, infections of these countries, HK, Taiwan etc.

    You cannot excuse unpreparedness for China ‘lying’, WHO ‘lying’ etc when these particular nations were able to respond.

    Even if the WHO is ‘bad’ as some claim and ‘China lying’ , and you ignore them, WHY DIDN’T THE USA etc pay attention then to Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc data. ?

    I suggest that the SAME RACIST ATTITUDE like ‘Wuhan Virus’ poster above stopped some from looking at these OTHER ‘Yellow, Asian’ — or whatever their pig brains think — places as well.

    South Korea like I pointed out before in previous days is a way smaller country than USA built 100 plus mobile testing centres and Labs in 2 WEEKS or so. Together with fixed facilities they had over 600 testing sites. Some worked 24 hrs a day. They could process 20,000 tests a day .

    These were all up and running weeks ago. How come didn’t USA admin etc didn’t look at that?

    Just like about 10 days ago, USA processed had processed about 4000 tests in total over months.

    WHO’s Dr.Aylward (Canadian) , with USA and European doctors team in China who gave ideas WEEKS AGO about social distancing, contact tracing, need for ventilators, vast amounts of hazmat gear .

    That should ALSO be ignored because it’s WHO ? Are the WHO haters saying what their info is UNTRUE ? (need for extra ventilators, contact tracing etc. )
    people have no brains to shift through the info for true false?

    or is it just a stupid EXCUSE for UNPREPAREDNESS ?

    I showed Aylward’s video 2 hrs long several times here at MDN. He gives a clear idea of how COVID 19 was fought.

    The lack of testing, Contact Tracing is why the West is so unprepared. The lack of masks, ventilators is self evident.

    One note for human to human transmission. Note that many viruses are carried by animal and other vectors.
    MERS was finally beat when they found a CAMEL vaccine.

    MERS :
    “Although most of human cases of MERS-CoV infections have been attributed to human-to-human infections in health care settings, current scientific evidence suggests that dromedary camels are a major reservoir host for MERS-CoV and an animal source of MERS infection in humans.”

    West Nile by Birds and Mosquitoes , Dengue is by mosquitoes.
    One Swine Flu component was a virus from pigs mixed with human H1N1 virus.

    (Swine Flu is also interesting as at one point people blamed China. There was a huge ‘don’t buy pork from China’ thing. Most researchers now believe it originated in North America, most probably Mexico)

    People can see how complex this is.
    OK imagine if WHO said conclusively that it was human to human BEFORE it was sure and then MISS an ANIMAL vector. People would be screaming AGAIN that WHO f–k up.

    and even if WHO is incompetent again why didn’t people look at data from Taiwan, Singapore etc ?

    Here again is a short FOXNEWS video on expert USA epidemiologist Ian Lipkin, (John Snow Professor of Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and Professor of Neurology and Pathology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University)

    who worked for CDC, fought SARS etc
    WHO WAS IN CHINA AT THE START OF THE OUTBREAK IN DECEMBER 2019 and stayed there through most of the fight

    Watch what he says about identifying the timeline etc.

    For the person who said we shouldn’t worry about past as mistakes done , true , but my point is people are STILL not looking at available data from Taiwan, Singapore etc on tips on fighting the contagion.

    BTW , China claims Zero new local infections, third day in a row. People are going to say they are lying (in spite of new Macs , iPads staring at them and Tim Cook saying Apple stores open when others closed in most other countries). Do we want to look at HOW they did it, or settle for 18 month type timeline etc.

    (The opportunity is mostly gone from emulating the East Asia countries, outbreaks too big in west but maybe here and there there might be something to help)

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