Countries worldwide close borders, restrict travel to contain coronavirus spread

Countries worldwide this weekend continued to close borders, impose strict entry and quarantine requirements, and restrict large gatherings in efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

countries worldwide close borders due to coronavirus


Apple Inc said it will close all its retail stores worldwide, outside Greater China, until March 27.

Countries have shuttered museums, tourist attractions and sporting events to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission… The World Health Organization (WHO) says Europe has become the pandemic’s current epicenter after reporting more cases and deaths than the rest of world combined, apart from China where the coronavirus originated last December…

The U.S. military said it will halt most domestic travel, extending earlier restrictions on international travel for its more than a million active-duty troops around the world.

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum and the Moulin Rouge cabaret closed their doors. The Smithsonian museums in Washington were preparing to do so on Saturday and Broadway theaters in New York went dark. The kissing of the Blarney Stone, one of Ireland’s oldest tourist traditions, was suspended. The global sporting calendar has also been left in tatters with major tournaments canceled, postponed or forced to continue without spectators.

MacDailyNews Take: Be safe, everyone! Read the U.S. CDC’s How to Protect Yourself and Others.


    1. Funny what you fascists haven’t accomplished, Mother Nature did. But hers is only temporary. I bet you were all for Globalization as a corporatist person kind of thing.

    2. Democrat “Logic”

      Closing borders to prevent the spread of cartels, traffickers, gangs, criminal aliens, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and human trafficking of young girls and women is “RACIST,” but closing the border to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is A-OK and “Why didn’t ORANGE MAN BAD do it earlier?!”

      Again, open borders that spread cartels, traffickers, gangs, criminal aliens, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and human trafficking of young girls and women is just fine according to the Democrat Party. They even set up “Sanctuary Cities” to promote all of it.

      February 15, 2019: President Trump is taking the necessary steps to address the crisis at our Southern Border and stop crime and drugs from flooding into our Nation despite being constantly fought by Democrats who need to import uneducated illegal alien voters they bribe with U.S. taxpayers’ dollars in order to continue getting elected.

      1. Since you are an expert on crime statistics, I’m sure you accept the necessity to deport everyone born in America, since they have a substantionally higher crime rate than immigrants.

            1. I know no one with that fantasy, just fools with the fantasy that some believe it.

              But again, the realist vs the fatalist.
              Continue on with your extremes…

        1. You should stop lying.

          The crime rate among illegal immigrants in Arizona is twice that of other residents. Illegal immigrants between 15 and 35 are less than 3 percent of the state’s population, but nearly 8 percent of its prison population. And the crimes they were convicted of were, on the whole, more serious.

          In New Jersey, illegal immigrants are incarcerated five times more often, and rates on the West Coast are triple that of legal residents and citizens.

          In each of the 10 states, this study cited by the Associated Press found illegal immigrants incarcerated at higher rates. The gap was biggest in New Jersey, with an illegal immigration jail rate 440 percent higher, followed by Arizona, Oregon, Washington and California in the top five.

          New York and Nevada came next, with rates at least 160 percent higher, followed by Florida, Texas and New Mexico, with the smallest gap though even there, illegal immigrants were 42 percent more likely to be in prison or jail than the citizen and legal resident population.

          Who’s paying to keep illegals housed in U.S. jails that are likely nicer than their homes back from whence they came? U.S. taxpayers, of course, perpetually on the hook thanks to non-thinking MSDNC-regurgitating fools like TxUser.

          1. You should stop relying on biased “studies.”

            As the very AP article that you cite points out, the study was conducted by an anti-immigration political action group and hardly anyone else agrees with its conclusions. The Cato Institute, which is a libertarian thinktank about as far from the Democratic Party (and from generic liberal/progressive/socialist thought) as one can imagine, has analyzed the very same dataset and reached the opposite conclusion. Their conclusions match the well-known reality that the American cities with the highest proportion of immigrants have among the lowest crime rates.

            The flaw in the study—as the AP article points out—is that it compares apples with oranges. Essentially, they took the reported prison population of each state and divided it by the number of illegal immigrants for whom the state sought financial compensation.

            The difficulty is that “prison population” is the average daily number of prisoners over the course of a year, while the reimbursements are based on the annual number of alien prisoners, many of whom pass in and out of the system in less than a full year. It is the difference between measuring how much water is in a hose at a particular moment in time, versus the amount of water that passes through the hose over an extended period. The Cato Institute reexamined the same data taking that factor into account and concluded that illegal aliens have a lower crime rate than native-born citizens, and legal immigrants have a much lower rate.

            So, your argument is a castle built on sand.

            1. It is not a crime to simply be in the US without authorization, so many of these folks (the DACA registrants, for example) are not criminals.

              Besides, that is rather irrelevant to this discussion. The original claim was that immigrants have a propensity for violent crime. That is demonstrably untrue.

    3. The US government has come under fire for its response to the coronavirus – particularly because it has tested far fewer people than other affected countries.

    4. That’s right! Trump is a racist for limiting / controlling entry to the US. Wow! Sure are a lot of racists around the globe right now. Better call CNN! I think we should just let EVERYONE in – 24/7! No questions asked. Then we won’t be racists. Yay!

    5. Just a friendly pc reminder to everyone to not call the Chinese Wuhan coronavirus the Chinese Wuhan coronavirus. You know, calling it what it is would be… racist! Don’t want to be racist, do we. Nope!

      1. You’ll be happy to call the so-called “Spanish Flu” by its real name then. Which would be Kansas Flu, the Trump Dogwhistle flu…or let’s just call it ‘the ignorant American Flu.
        You’re welcome.

  1. And yet House member Nunes is on FoxNews urging people to visit restaurants, etc., mandatory closings are right around the corner. This administration has bungled this from the start, Trump is shaking hands, testing still not widely available, and packing people together, many of whom might be virus carriers, together at airports.

    1. Don’t worry, Grandpa Joe Dementia will take care of everything!

        1. Keep supporting Joe and come November his supporters will be asked (from Princess Bride),

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