Apple encourages Valley employees to work from home

In California’s Santa Clary County, in which Cupertino and Apple’s Apple Park campus are located, there are currently 20 known cases of COVID-19coronavirus along with several suspected cases. Therefore, Apple is encouraging employees in Silicon Valley to work from home today if they can as an “additional precaution,” as per Bloomberg News‘ Mark Gurman.

Apple employees work from home. Image: Apple Park
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Mark Gurman via Twitter:

Apple is encouraging employees in Silicon Valley to work from home today if they can as an “additional precaution.” Its local retail stores remain open.

MacDailyNews Note: This follows on the heels of Santa Clara County recommending that area companies cancel mass gatherings. In new guidance from the County of Santa Clara’s Public Health Department to protect residents of the county from coronavirus, the department on Thursday announced six new confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are now 20 total people who have tested positive for the virus in Santa Clara County, home to Apple, among others.


  1. The #2 Apple city, Austin, just cancelled the South by Southwest Education, Interactive, Film, and Music Festival. The impact on the community will be huge and the impact on some individuals will be devastating.

    So much for “It’s just the common cold, folks.”

    1. Joe, the lethality rate for seasonal flu is 0.1%. The rate for Covid-19 is conservatively estimated at 1.0, and the reported rate in some locations has been up to 4.6%. The average flu patient infects 1.4 others, while it is estimated that Covid-19 has a basic reproduction rate (R0) between 2 and 3.

      How is that weaker than ordinary flu?

      1. What the conservative peanut gallery here refuses to acknowledge is that there are dozens of influenzas that spread and mutate every year. In total, they cause tens of thousands of deaths per year. These are studied, tracked, and treated so in general, healthy people without preexisting conditions are not at great risk.

        The new strain(s) of conaviruses have no verified cure yet, the transmissions are not completely understand, the symptoms are not easily discernible, and the means to slow the spread are all highly disruptive to daily lives.

        We all know you don’t care about others but for once please shut up and let healthcare professionals take the lead in determining whether this is a big deal or not. Declaring yourselves to be bulletproof only highlights the fact that your ignorance and apathy are never ending.

        1. This isn’t the end of the human race if it was most of the animal and plant kingdoms currently on the way out would jump for joy. With all these cancelations, will the Federal, or State governments cancel tax collection on April 15, will the banks cancel debt, no they won’t everyone is still on the hook….

    2. The panic is real in some places. 25% of Italy is restricted from travel right now. Several cities in China are quarantined for 2 weeks. The similar actions may be needed elsewhere until more is known about the virus.

      Whether you care enough to up your personal hygiene to minimize the spread is probably related to how much medical training you have had, or whether you have personally known people who have been impacted by a “weak” flu. Not everyone is as virus resistant as you imagine yourself to be.

  2. More than half the human race do not wash their hands after using the bathroom (you know who you are), the common cold, the flu, are caused by the same family of coronaviruses, it is too late SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 are now a part of the human condition, Western Europe thru Italy is a done deal.

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