Apple has strong showing in survey of each generation’s favorite brands

Every year, MBLM produces the largest study of brands based on emotion to come up with a list of favorite brands. Now in its tenth year, the firm has reviewed more than 20,000 qualitative brand stories, 1,000 hours of insights, nearly 25,000 quantitative respondents, and over 200,000 brand evaluations.

This year MBLM surveyed 6,200 consumers across the United States, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates to detail their experiences with nearly 400 brands across 15 industries. Their report focuses on highlights of the Top 10 Most Intimate Brands.

This year’s rankings show a new #1 brand, Amazon, with a narrow lead over Disney. We continue to see a strong performance across the media & entertainment industry with three brands in the top 10. However, this industry’s dominance may be starting to shift; last year it had four brands in the top 10. The automotive industry has improved its standing, with four brands in the top 10. Two retail brands made this year’s list, with #1 Amazon and #9 Walmart, a new top 10 entrant.

Apple has dropped from second to third place and is the only technology brand in the top 10.

Amazon is the only brand to appear in the top five across all three age groups. Consumers aged 18–34 and 35–54 selected two media & entertainment brands among their favorites, whereas those aged 55–64 ranked three retail brands. In the 18–34 age range, Apple is ranked 7th.

Favorite brands. MBLM Age

Income demonstrates a more varied view of intimacy, with no shared brands among income groups. Both groups selected two retail brands as top performers. Consumers earning $35–$50k seem more attached to media & entertainment, while those making $75–$100K have more varied industries comprising their top five. In $35-$75K, Apple is ranked 3rd.

Favorite brands. MBLM Income

This year’s findings show two out of five shared brands among men and women in our study, Amazon and Apple, in second and third place. Men notably have two gaming brands, whereas women have more retail brands.

Favorite brands. MBLM Gender

More info in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Study 2020 here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s a strong showing for our favorite fruit company as Apple ranks near the top of each generation’s favorite brands!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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