Apple CEO Tim Cook granted restraining order against ‘aggressive’ stalker

Apple has been granted a temporary restraining order against a man whom the company accuses of being an “aggressive” stalker who harassed CEO Tim Cook and other members of Apple’s executive team.

Tim Cook stalker. Image: Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Jo Ling Kent and Ezra Kaplan for NBC News:

The man, Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma, trespassed on Cook’s personal property in Palo Alto, California, at 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 4, a security specialist for Apple said in documents dated Feb. 13 filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court. The security specialist said Sharma entered through the closed gate and tried to deliver “flowers and a bottle of champagne” to Cook.

Before trespassing, Sharma left “disturbing voicemails” on an unnamed Apple executive’s phone, according to the Apple statement, and he called the technical support line, saying he knew where members of the executive team live.

“I don’t use ammunition but I know people who do,” he said, according to the Apple statement.

Rex Crum for The Mercury News:

Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma, of San Francisco, must stay at least 200 yards away from Cook and his Palo Alto home, and Apple’s Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino. Sharma is alleged to have left several threatening voicemails against Cook and Apple, posted sexual photos on Twitter in which he tagged Cook in the photos, and on occasions in December 2019 and January of this year, trespassed on the grounds of Cook’s home.

Shara Tibken for CNET:

He has been ordered to stay away from Cook’s residence in Silicon Valley, as well as the CEO’s three security guards.

MacDailyNews Note: 24 hours divided by 3, equals three 8-hour shifts or just one bodyguard for Cook at all times, except for shift changes. That’s not enough. That should be doubled, at the very least. It’s not like Apple doesn’t have the money and Cook, if he was reticent before, should accept the bolstered security now, if he hasn’t already.

In a court document, Apple security specialist William Burns said Sharma’s harassment began on Sept. 25, 2019, when he left a “disturbing” voicemail on “an Apple executive’s phone.” Sharma allegedly made another unsettling call about a week later… A video Sharma posted to Twitter in early February criticized Cook. “Hey Tim Cook, you have serious issues at your brand,” he says. “You need to leave the Bay Area. Basically, I’m shooing you out. Shoo, Tim Cook, out of the Bay Area.”

After allegedly trespassing on Cook’s property, Sharma in February placed “two nonsensical” calls to Apple, Burns said in a filing. In one, he asked for a cash settlement because he said an “Apple employee laughed at him over the phone and hung up while Mr. Sharma was allegedly recovering in the hospital.” Sharma told Apple that his attorney is Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, according to a court filing.

MacDailyNews Take: This is very scary! A stalker is not something for Apple or Tim Cook to take lightly – and they’re not, as evidenced by the restraining order. Apple needs to seriously boost Cook’s security detail – and don’t arm them with green squirt guns 🔫, either.


      1. And…by slight of hand sophistry you manage to accuse Ripciry of racism whilst denying the serious nature of homophobia and the threat posed by this individual.
        But that’s you all over.
        MDN Take. Typical that you see this as purely a ‘security’ problem that needs beefing_up and armed to the teeth.
        The guy has obvious problems that call for different solutions…if you really want to stop this sort of behaviour. I can’t think of a more dangerous situation where anybody of a ‘high_enough profile’ has to be surrounded by guns – lots of them.
        I would lament the total loss of the individual’s rights to be safe that did not involve more guns…but I suspect I would be wasting my time…

        1. MacDailyNews is just being realistic. Unlike you.

          Your “different solutions” for the mentally ill stalker are fine and dandy, after the target (potential future victim) has been adequately protected from harm.

          Prior to developing an obsession with American actress and model Rebecca Schaeffer, Robert John Bardo had stalked child peace activist Samantha Smith before her death in a 1985 plane crash.

          After writing numerous letters to Schaeffer, Bardo attempted to gain access to the set of the CBS television series “My Sister Sam,” in which Schaeffer played a starring role, but Warner Bros. security turned him away. He returned a month later armed with a knife, but security guards again prevented him from gaining access. Ultimately, he obtained her home address via a detective agency, which in turn tracked it via California Department of Motor Vehicles records. His brother helped him get a Ruger GP100 .357 handgun because he was only 19 years old and had mental health issues. Once again, gun laws don’t work to prevent criminals or the mentally ill from obtaining guns as they do not obey laws. This is simple logic.

          On July 18, 1989, Bardo confronted Schaeffer at her home, angry that she had appeared in a sex scene in the film “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills.” He visited her at her apartment and told her he was a big fan. After having been turned away by Schaeffer, Bardo stopped at a diner for breakfast, only to return to the apartment about an hour later, again ringing the doorbell.

          When Schaeffer opened the door, Bardo shot her in the chest at point-blank range in the doorway of her apartment building. She died within 30 minutes.

          Bardo was arrested in Tucson, Arizona, where he was observed walking aimlessly in traffic. He is currently serving life imprisonment without parole after being convicted in October 1991 for the July 18, 1989 murder.

          If Schaeffer had an armed bodyguard, they would not have blithely opened the door to this deranged nut a first time, much less a second time an hour later, and Schaeffer would quite likely still be alive today.

          1. On the contrary, ‘I suspect’ is typical Britspeak understatement for “I know absolutely otherwise” so no lesson in realism needed.
            But you fail to address the fact that more guns at the ‘incident’ end of the story, does nothing to address the circumstances that created this damaged individual. To me, the epitome of realism would be to address the problem at source to stop the inevitable with the added bonus we would all be safer with less gun proliferation.
            In fact your citing Bardo’s troubled history shows exactly the consequences of ignoring the obvious.
            Unless of course you think these dangerous individuals just materialise out of thin air in which case, there will be an endless line of similar problems in future.

        2. And… ignoring the story and jumping on the homophobic wagon as Ripcity did you steer the discussion away from the real issue.

          Just like a Democrat. It’s OK to call anyone homophobic but don’t DARE call a lefty racist!!!

          1. Exactly right TT, NOTHING to do with “homophobia.”

            Unbelievable how the lunatic left instantly draws it out like a gun to stereotype and ATTEMPT to SILENCE honest opinion.

            Well, you and I know better. If the guy shows up at Tim’s House with wine and flowers, could he be looking for a date? Or, just a clever ruse to gain access and do harm.

            Either way, this should not be allowed and Cook deserves the best protection money can buy…

            1. Agreed that homophobia doesn’t appear to be Rocky’s problem. Ripcity probably didn’t read the referenced articles.

              But responding hypocritically isn’t the best approach, Goeb. You whine about Ripcity making stupid assumptions regarding homophobia, but without knowing hardly anything about Ripcity, you label him “lunatic left”.

              …and we wonder why otherwise intelligent people can’t get along. Y’all need to chill out.

              My 2 cents: it’s interesting how homosexuals/insert-acronyms-here/ are such a small percentage of the general population but have acquired such an oversized voice in society. They probably wouldn’t act as such attention-seeking whores if straight people simply ignored them – in person and online. Keeps the blood pressure lower too, Goeb and TT.

            2. @Mike

              Your response that I spoke “hypocritically” is just wrong.

              “You whine about Ripcity making stupid assumptions regarding homophobia” Aaaahhhh, NO! That’s called stating facts. You need to look up the definition of “whine.”

              “without knowing hardly anything about Ripcity, you label him “lunatic left”. Reading COMPREHENSION ALERT. 🚨 Please quote me where I specifically said and labeled Ripcity “lunatic left.” I’ll save you the trouble, it does not exist and it says more about you than it says about me.

              That’s called implication, projection and extrapolation. For the record I was speaking in general BROAD terms regarding the ugly stereotyping from the left, happens DAILY just read AOC in the newspaper and listen to the LUNATIC on cable news. Antifa, anyone? I purposely avoided mentioning Ripcity, he or she is entitled to their opinion and you should remember that.

              “They probably wouldn’t act as such attention-seeking whores if straight people simply ignored them” NO! You are now officially making EXCUSES for gays and blaming straights. The REAL REASON a minority gets almost as much press as President Trump, is the inordinate amount of attention paid by Democrats, Hollywood and the Media.

              Most straights probably ignore them because they never met one. Personally, my boss is from Paris and dined with him and his gay partner. Remember, Rush Limbaugh is good friends with Elton John and he played live at Rush’s wedding.

              You think you are so smart, yet you prove yourself wrong and shoot yourself in the foot time and time again.

              BTW, my blood pressure is just fine… 🤣

    1. It’s more likely that some psycho has a mad crush on him. Celebs and public figures deal with this crap all the time. Blaming “homophobia” is just asinine..

  1. WTF is wrong with these individuals? I’d simply beat the shit out of a stalker if it happened to me. Or maybe give him the ‘dexter’ treatment. F’n loser.

  2. If something bad were to happen to Tim Cook, god forbid (I admire him greatly), BILLIONS of dollars would be lost. That’s how important, one man is to the world economy. MDN has it right. More security please.

    1. Cook is an easily-replaced, unelected bureaucrat. As an AAPL shareholder, I would not support spending an additional dime of company money on Cook’s personal protection. He’s amply rewarded and can hire whatever enhanced security he feels he needs out of his own pocket.

      The same goes for almost all current CEOs.

  3. Guns are not just for duck hunting. I believe that even anti-gunners like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have gun details to protect them against threats. But I know that the Fed Gov needs to refund mental hispitals that it stopped during Reagan.

    1. There are very few hardline “anti gunners” in the USA. Certainly not any mainstream including the Dems you cited. From 2009-2011, Pelosi and Obama had the power to enact draconian measures but they didn’t. They let existing law enforcement at local and state levels choose their means of abating violent gun crime. Crime rates slowly fell and the Dems focused on more pressing issues. Of course, the NRA, with verifiable funds from Russia, blanketed the airwaves with FUD about how Obama and the evil Dems were going to take away yer gunz. Ysing the same fearmongering methods, the most corrupt, lowest IQ, least experience president ever got “selected” in 2016.

      T administration, totally different tone. Intolerance is now condoned, even celebrated, at rightie rallies. Extremes from both fringes now at each other’s throats nonstop. Overall blue collar violent crime was previously trending down but mass shootings by deranged idiots is now up. Drug epidemic rages.

      Orange Bozo does nothing. The armchair law & order idiots say arming teachers and bank clerks and librarians would solve everything, as if they would lift a finger to fund the massive training needed to do that. Because you know, they claim it’s too hard to be proactive and get psychos help and keep mass murder weapons only in trained hands with oversight using laws. Mass murders are acceptable, per their myopic worldview, because to curtail them proactively would be too hard.

      Think about it: the law&order enthusiasts aren’t doing a thing to protest the constitutionality of speed limits, which were supposedly a proactive measure to drop traffic accidents. Now as cars are safer, these speed limits are blatantly used for revenue from coast to coast. Where’s the regulatory reform, right wing libertarians???? If you don’t care about something like that which unquestionably limits your freedom every day, then why such the hard line on background checks and psychological verification for something that inconveniences no sane citizen????

      1. “Intolerance is now condoned, even celebrated, at rightie rallies”

        What a joke you are. Fed up is not the same as intolerant.
        Leftist are the most intolerant, whiniest snot nosed babies around.
        Just look how universities treat any Conservative speaker.

        God y’all are in such denial.

        1. I think Gwagon makes some valid points.

          If you don’t think intolerance is celebrated on both extremes these days, then why don’t you go ahead and tell Heather Heyer.

          Oh wait…. you can’t. She was murdered at a demonstration by an intolerant idiot.

          Is that an isolated incident?

          Well I think not. In Cedar Rapids, Cheeto urged his supporters to “knock the crap” out of the protestors who were exercising their Constitutional rights. He went on in his usual way, unable to complete a sentence with one thought:

          “…knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell— I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise. It won’t be so much ’cause the courts agree with us too.”

          So you see, the fish is rotting from the head down. This clown thinks he controls the courts, he thinks that fixer cash can buy off any crime, and he entices violence by dangling pardons in front of his bullies.

          That’s not a civil society, and that’s why ~53% will never support him in any way. It doesn’t matter what your funny munny 401k says this year, it doesn’t excuse dividing the nation into warring factions. That is exactly what US-hating actors around the world want. To paralyze the US with infighting. So why does Cheeto and why do you continue to foment it?

          1. I’m sorry, leafing through your scattered examples, is that supposed to convince me that the right is more violent or even just as violent as the left?

            Are you fucking kidding me??
            Do you even know how often leftist protest lead to violence compared to the right?
            And again do you understand that homophobia was not mentioned as the reason for the stalking but is just accepted by many posters?

            What the hell has happened to the comprehension of those on the left??

            First you jump to conclusions and then after that find a way to blame the wrong conclusion on the wrong party.

            So as long as those ‘53%’ believe anything they are told (today Russia is helping Trump 2020….Jesus God y’all are gullible) then I never expect the country to heal. Not as long as the left drums up hate about anything from the environment to Supreme Court nominees as reasons to call in antifa(cts) for some nice warm mob rule.

            1. TowerTone:

              I’m a centrist. I can provide you equal examples from the far left if you want. That’s not the point, however. As a centrist, all I see is people like you scurrying to one intolerant extreme while the other half goes the opposite way. When there’s nobody remaining with me in the middle, then the US is finished as a functional democracy. Sorry, democratic republic. Better be sure to get that correct, otherwise someone will label me a socialist.

              I don’t know how many times I have to repeat, I am NOT with the “other party”. I am pointing out the error of the extremes, and it just so happens that MDN has an unusually high ratio of extreme right wing voices.

              RE 53%: Actually it’s 52.2% according to 538’s latest poll aggregate:

            2. “What the hell has happened to the comprehension of those on the left??”

              Too easy. The left are programmed bots starting with kindergarten and later through life indoctrinated by the media and Hollywood. They are not allowed to critically think on their own present day, a good thing, since so many are INCAPABLE.

              Give me the open minded left of the sixties generation. The LAST liberals with open minds now a dying breed. Particularly compared to today’s politically correct RACISTS like AOC and her mob mentality gang out to DESTROY anyone that does not think like them…

          2. @Mike

            “I’m a centrist.” Right, and TxUser is a conservative Republican… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

            1. Ooooh, you found your happy emoji. Yay!

              I’m more fiscally conservative than you, that much is plainly clear GoeB. As a former prosecutor in a “red state”, TxUser has shown very clearly that he is an honest and fact-focused guy, usually unswayed by heated rhetoric from either extreme.

              We only wish you could join us from your perch over in Trumpville.

            2. @Mike

              “I’m more fiscally conservative than you, that much is plainly clear GoeB.”

              A bit of advice, sonny. NEVER allow ego assumptions to replace FACTS. You have NOTHING regarding my fiscal practices, you are pissing in the wind.

              “As a former prosecutor in a “red state”,”

              Yeah, just how do you know, sonny? Are you two hooked up on LinkedIn or have you looked seriously into his background and resume? No verifiable facts beyond opinion. More peeing in the wind.

              “‘TxUser has shown very clearly that he is an honest and fact-focused guy, usually unswayed by heated rhetoric from either extreme.”

              TxUser has shown over and over ad nauseam he is the most dishonest and FACT-LESS guy around here. Yes, he is not swayed by “heated rhetoric” the exact same approach as HERO Hillary CALMLY lying to your face. Conservative Republican he claims is as RIDICULOUS as me claiming to be a politically correct AOC liberal. He is Number One on my disinformation list.

              “We only wish you could join us from your perch over in Trumpville.”

              HA! Join the disinformation lying specialists? You have it exactly BACKWARDS. “you could join us” in “Trumpville” when you give credit where credit is due to promises kept by the HONORABLE hard working President Donald J. Trump… 🇺🇸

            3. Mike, give up. GeoB doesn’t know what a conservative is. They didn’t teach that in the Soviet schools he attended.

              What evidence do I have that GeoB is a Russian agent trying to sow dissention between actual Americans? None. But that obviously does not matter in a world where somebody can claim that I am a liberal because I support constitutional government over one-man rule. It is, I suppose, possible that he is simply a Russian dupe rather than a conscious agent, but that doesn’t really matter.

              Either way, patsies like GeoB are doing Putin’s bidding by deepening the divisions that keep America from effectively opposing his designs.

            4. “GeoB doesn’t know what a conservative is.”

              I do know what it is NOT — YOU.

              “They didn’t teach that in the Soviet schools he attended.”

              Thank you for proving my point, I repeat: “TxUser has shown over and over ad nauseam he is the most dishonest and FACT-LESS guy around here.”

              “somebody can claim that I am a liberal because I support constitutional government over one-man rule.”

              The PROOF you are a liberal is every post is 99.9% mocking and attacking Republicans and 99.9% supporting Democrats, Hillary your favorite. You have never once, at least that I have read, called her out for obfuscation, lying and dishonest practices. But yes, when pinned down and asked you sheepishly admit in a GENERAL SENSE you do not support political lawbreaking. How very precise and CAREFUL of you to have it both ways.

              On the flip side of that coin, you rarely miss a chance to infer President Trump is doing something nefarious. Hell, unless I missed it, I don’t think I’ve read President and Trump in the same sentence in your posts. Liberal Alert: DISRESPECTFUL DEAD GIVEAWAY.

              “constitutional government” EXISTS, are you BLIND? The president just got impeached, HELLO??? 🙄

              “It is, I suppose, possible that he is simply a Russian dupe rather than a conscious agent, but that doesn’t really matter.”

              Have to agree with you here, RIGHT, “doesn’t really matter.”

              “Either way, patsies like GeoB are doing Putin’s bidding by deepening the divisions that keep America from effectively opposing his designs.”

              Generalized opinion about who I am and whose bidding I am doing are ALL in your head, certainly not reality. No FACTS. No verifiable specific EXAMPLES. Just Democrat TALKING POINTS.

              We get it, FORTUNATELY…

      2. Utter blind stupidity.

        Pay close attention, clueless. Russia, the NRA, presidents of both parties have absolutely NOTHING to do with gun violence, regardless of their views.

        Criminals do not OBEY LAWS. Nuff said… 🤨

        1. I think this is what he must have been referring to:

          “Mariia Butina, 29, was arrested Sunday in connection with what an FBI agent described in court documents as a “Russian influence operation.”

          “U.S. officials allege that Butina, while attending a university in Washington, worked from 2015 until at least February 2017 as a Kremlin agent under the direction of a high-level official in the Russian government and Russian central bank, according to an FBI affidavit in support of the complaint. Although the complaint does not name him, it appears to refer to Alexander Torshin, an associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin and longtime supporter of the National Rifle Association who reportedly also has ties to Russian security services and organized crime figures.

          Authorities have been investigating whether Butina and Torshin, both gun enthusiasts who attended NRA events together, were part of a plot to funnel Russian money through the NRA to the Trump campaign, perhaps through NRA entities that were not required to disclose their funding sources.”

          That’s embarrassing, period. The NRA used to be a grassroots organization that focused most of their attention on teaching kids how to safely use firearms for sporting and competition. Then over time it became little more than a lobby for small arms makers, still morally defensible. Now — as federal officials are documenting — it’s turned its attention to politics, and for more power, it has willingly become a foreign money laundering organization. For shame. There is no acceptable explanation for crossing the line like this.

          1. As GeoB pointed out, criminals like the Russian Federation, the NRA, and the Trump Campaign DO NOT OBEY LAWS concerning interference by foreign governments in American elections. Nuff said.

            Of course, some of us would suggest that people might obey reasonable campaign finance laws if the government showed any interest in enforcing them.

            1. “As GeoB pointed out, criminals like the Russian Federation, the NRA, and the Trump Campaign DO NOT OBEY LAWS concerning interference by foreign governments in American elections. Nuff said.”

              The FAKE PROSECUTOR and FAKE REPUBLICAN has just ACCUSED the NRA and Trump presidency of not obeying laws? What a partisan crock of 🐂💩!

              OK USER, please detail all the laws the NRA and Trump administration has VIOLATED. I’m sure The NY Times is breathlessly waiting to print your findings on the front page.

              USER, You do not have a problem with Hillary VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW, by using an illegal private server to cover her tracks with classified emails, is that correct?

              USER, you do not have a problem with the Obama administration arming Mexican drug cartels with firearms, is that correct?

              USER, you don’t have a problem with Democrat run “sanctuary cities” harboring and protecting illegal alien criminals and refusing to assist ICE to bring criminals and gangs to justice, is that correct?

              Looking forward to your deflection non-response…

        2. It is true that criminals don’t obey laws. That is why taxpaying citizens pool their funds to share the expense of law enactment, law enforcement, and judgement. Overwhelmingly, criminals pay the price for overstepping the rule of law that citizens together agree on. If the criminals are violent, they are removed from society. Statistics show that this system works with impressive effect. The one flaw is that a clinically insane person whose purpose is to sacrifice himself in a terrorist act can today take out hundreds of people in moments. Recent events show that even the presence of good guys with guns can’t stop the mayhem.

          But you don’t like that rule of law stuff, do you, sport? You don’t care to look at statistics or evidence that drives policy today, do ya? To you a law isn’t a fair guideline, you want it as a political tool. You want to interpret the 2nd amendment to your will, not in context of when it was written, and you don’t want updated laws to reflect modern technical realities unless it favored you personally. You want to convince everybody that you and your gun is better. As if wild west vigilante justice was ever efficient. Of course, you hypocritically then declare you want America to be “great”, with the most powerful socially-funded military the world has ever seen— but you prefer it to be controlled by a belligerent Mussolini wannabe instead of by citizens’ representatives, at least 50% of which you openly despise. You bitch and moan about taxes but you wholeheartedly endorse the militarization of police departments. But then you undermine all that by pretending that you can defend yourself against anything, just as long as you can have unlimited firearms without any restrictions. You ignore of course the fact that a guy like Bloomberg, as one random example, could hire a mercenary army and wipe every trace of you and your extended family off the face of the earth, with impunity and without any traceable evidence. Because outfits like Blackwater do this professionally for sums of money you will never have. You would have to be clinically insane to think you and your 25+ bullet magazine semiautos with bump stocks make you safe. All that hardware on the street merely makes it easy for crazy people to kill multiple victims in terror sprees. Defending your home — yeah that’s another issue. All you need is a single shotgun. Not an arsenal. If you can’t put down a burglar with the first shot from a 12 gauge, then you need to step away from the keyboard and head to the local trap shoot for instructions.

          Somewhere in the middle there is an answer. The challenge is to convince dinosaurs like you that personal responsibility means enacting efficient laws and properly funding AND OVERSEEING government entities that carry them out. Getting military weapons out of the hands of crazies should be an easily agreeable position, except to hardliners like you.

      3. “Of course, the NRA, with verifiable funds from Russia, blanketed the airwaves with FUD about how Obama and the evil Dems were going to take away yer gunz.”

        What “verifiable funds?” 🐂💩

        Yes, the “evil Dems” and Democrats will not stop at taking away our “gunz” and thank the maker the NRA will not sit idly by and always defend the Second Amendment…

          1. “Today’s news means Republicans can no longer ignore what has been in front of them for months: Russia used the NRA to infiltrate and influence US politics”

            Yeah, just how did the Russians use the NRA to infiltrate US politics? Let me guess, no answer typical of BIASED MEDIA.

            “I hope the Republican leadership in Congress will finally join my investigation on the NRA’s role in attacking our democracy and force the NRA to answer straightforward questions about its role in the 2016 election.”

            NRA attacked democracy?!?!? They are the cornerstone of freedom in the US DEFENDING the constitution.

            Story is 🐂💩. Nuff said….

  4. The solution is to hire more Indian programmers, they must not feel welcome enough in the Bay Area. Diversity is wonderful until it stomps on your lawn, leers through your window and kicks down your door.

  5. Speaking of being in denial. Those who cannot see the absolutely obvious tactics of the neo-fascist in chief are almost more frightening and genuinely anti-American as he is. This nation was FOUNDED on the basis of QUESTIONING leadership and holding them accountable. Defenders of “The Chosen One” are little more than enablers. Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin, and so many other “strongmen” all had their sycophants (Stephen Miller anyone?)… but they led their nations into gross distortions of nations since it all became a cult of personality. Question ALL leaders from Nancy Pelosi to Trump. Hold them ALL accountable. Transparency and honesty. It’s not too much to ask. Wrong is wrong. I don’t approve of Pelosi ripping up the speech. I don’t approve of how BenGhazi was handled. I don’t agree with many of Obama’s policies. I don’t think Andrew McCabe should have gotten off scott free. Wrong. Is. Wrong. 16,000 documented lies is WRONG. It matters of course that we have low unemployment. It matters that we have a strong and enforceable immigration policy and serious reforms. It matters that we make it possible for business to do well. It matters that we deregulate areas that have become so full of crap that nothing can get done. But for god’s sake. Pay attention to what is happening with the flow information from the President. Even BARR is ready to walk over the barrage of bullshit. Fascism is NOT impossible here. The suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus CAN HAPPEN.. (look that up if you doubt me).. Here’s how

    1. “Speaking of being in denial. Those who cannot see the absolutely obvious tactics of the neo-fascist in chief are almost more frightening and genuinely anti-American as he is.”

      NO WAY! More like neo-Republican that deeply cares about ALL AMERICANS. Get a f*cking grip!… 😡

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