‘App Store Confidential’ hits No. 2 on bestseller list in Germany

After Apple tried to halt sales of a book written by Tom Sadowski, a former Apple executive, claiming his book disclosed secrets about the App Store, App Store Confidential has hit No. 2 on the Amazon bestseller list in Germany.

App Store Confidential bestseller


Until late last year, Sadowski was the head of Apple App Store in Germany. After his book was published in Germany this week, Apple wrote to Hamburg publishers Murmann Verlag demanding a halt to sales and a recall of copies already sold, according to extracts of a letter shared with Reuters by Murmann’s lawyer Ralph Oliver Graef…

Murmann said a first print run of 4,000 copies was selling well and, rather than pulling the book, it was rushing out a second print run. “It’s No. 2 on the Amazon best-seller list in Germany – everyone is talking about it,” said Peter Felixberger, an executive at Murmann…

The 180-page book states at the outset that all the facts it contains are publicly available… “I really enjoyed working for Apple … I never had any intention of betraying any secrets or harming Apple, as anyone who has read the book will tell you,” Sadowski said in a written reply to a Reuters request for comment. “But I also believe in the freedom of the press and freedom of speech and that every person and every company is equal before the law, and therefore I resist Apple’s demands.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s secret plan to leverage the Streisand effect to propel App Store Confidential to the top of the bestseller lists is working like a charm!

Genius, Apple. Pure genius!


  1. The book cover is too White while an “Apple marketing partnership…seemed to be canceled because females involved seemed to be showing too much skin.” with no mention of skin color.

    Astonishingly, author Tom Sadowski, a former Apple executive in Europe, refused to mention that the first White president of the United States of America, George Washington, and the fledgling Colonies’ first mediocre general, adhered real teeth taken from his Black slaves into his dark gray colored, lead-based dentures.

    Washington might have been able to retain his natural teeth, thus no need to resort to slave teeth, had the iPhone been available to the Continental Army with access to a reminder app to tell him that it’s time to brush his teeth. With that app, art history would have provided us with smiling Founders of the United States of America. Alas, slavery could have been stopped much earlier and Apple could have been started earlier to produce a better society without the fake need to wear a Commie Red-colored cap with “Make America Great Again” (to the time of GW) emblazoned upon it.

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