Apple looks to ban ‘App Store Confidential’ book

App Store Confidential

Apple has filed legal action against former German App Store manager Tom Sadowski and publisher Murmann Verlag to stop sales of the book App Store Confidential, alleging that it contains confidential “business secrets” that Sadowski is allowed to reveal.

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

Lawyers working for Apple have ordered Sadowski and his publisher to cease deliveries of book orders, to recall all copies of the book that are already in circulation, and to destroy all manuscripts of the book. Publisher Murmann and the author have so far resisted the demands from the iPhone maker…

Sadowski was an employee with Apple for ten years, working for iTunes marketing for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland before heading up the App Store’s efforts in Germany until November 2019. After Apple, Sadowski moved to offering coaching to startups, and provides advice to companies about their apps and monetization strategies.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is about to learn just how effectively the Streisand effect works in the age of the internet.


  1. Germany should have no problems with banning. They actually love it. Germans have a history of burning books and are currently actively banning and censoring movies and video games. Totalitarian state, they havent even been able to break a power of chancellors since Hitler (president is still close to nothing in Germany) compared to a chancellor. Also no German leader has not yet changed one of the biggest things Hitler did, which no German emperor managed to do – uniting all independent German “kingdoms” to one united Germany.

      1. Who said anything about Mein Kampf?

        Do you know that video games which are freely available ANYWHERE in the world are hidden below shelf in German stores and you have to ask specifically the salesman to sell it to you as the law prohibits to display these publicly. Censoring video games is a common thing. If you have a popular American made shooter Team Fortress 2 for instance, and you have a German version, then when shooting someone it bursts into hamburgers, because their putin-loving leader believe all people in their country should belong to a big kindergarten where blood should not be seen.

      1. Lufthansa Pilot (LP) to Frankfurt Tower (FT): “Requesting permission to take off” (in German)

        FT: If you want clearance to take off, you must request it in English.
        LP:(Angry) I am a German pilot, in a German aircraft, IN GERMANY!!! Why must I request in English?
        British Airways pilot on the same channel: ‘Cause you lost the bloody war!

      2. Ad hominem (Latin for “to the person”), short for argumentum ad hominem, typically refers to a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.

        German Empire, under Bismarck, strictly speaking, was a federated a group of 26 states, each had their own parliament and government and a lot of rivalry, which even Bismarck was not able to handle. Hitler chose a state of Bavaria as its first “victim” which was helped by Bavarian ministers plan led by Bavarian prince Ruprech to create a “state in a state”. Before anyone was able to figure out, Hitler set his fellow von Epp as ruler and discarded all local laws, after that all other states followed where set under Berlin rule. Most difficult was to deal with Prussian state, but Hitler managed to make Göring a minister of interior there and he manged to get von Papen to sign a leave letter and Göring became a Prussian ruler. In sum what happened:

        Almost one year later, when Hitler became the chancellor, he adopted the “unification of the state” which took elegantly the work done so far;

        The independence of the regional components has been abolished
        The sovereign rights of regional parts go beyond the government of the Reich.
        The governor is subject to the Reich Home Affairs minister.
        Reich Minister of Internal Affairs provides the necessary laws.
        The Government of the Reich may amend the constitution of regional parts.
        This law will apply from the date of publication.

        Berlin, January 30, 1934
        Von Hindenburg, Hitler, Frick

        Even the “Iron Chancellor” Bismarck would not have dared to dream about such steps but it seemed that the time was ripe. And this whole process was practically fully achieved by democratic means.

        After 1945 years many offered that the Germans lost all their heads collectively – but no changes were made.

        1. You know absolutely NOTHING about German history or political science and it shows with every post. No reasonable person at all would dare claim that Germany was not a united state up until Hitler. By any definition, Germany met the criteria for a united single state.

          1. Sorry but centralized government in Berlin which nazis created after being in conflict with resisting monarchs and their governments in the various German states outside the Kingdom of Prussia, with the Kingdom of Bavaria in particular keen to defend the rights afforded to it in the Imperial constitution is not gone anywhere. After World War II nobody re-instated kingdoms or monarchs and their powers. Federated centralized government in Berlin, thats what it is. Lots of less states (only 16) with lots of less say, and no monarchs or kingdoms anymore.

  2. Gotta love all of the totally uninformed commentary on this forum. As far as I can tell, NONE of you have any knowledge of the specific contents of this book, or what aspects that Apple might find legally objectionable. But, none the less, you rapidly devolve to tossing “censorship” and “Hitler” accusations back and forth.

    That is one of the many things wrong with this world.

    1. You are correct.

      The reason why I spoke out is because I have a special grudge with Germans, They have been bossing around for a while now and tend to jump from one extreme to another. Whenever I hear someone banning videogames I just cant help it and rage. And they are leaders in this field. Now their chancellor Merkel is pointing fingers and preaching smaller EU member states about “liberal European values” etc, which apparently is a loads of BS when their thirst for Russian gas comes in play and all this “European values” are forgotten in case of Ukraine.

      Therefor I would love to a German in real life who is complaining about Apple book banning and I would love to have a discussion regarding their enthusiasm about videogame bans. Of course this is not really my problem and many young Germans are not happy about this too, but being gown up in totalitarian state (USSR) absolutely triggers me when it comes to limiting some freedoms and rights.

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