T-Mobile tops J.D. Power wireless purchase experience in 5th straight win

T-Mobile tops J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Wireless Purchase Experience Study – Volume 1 for full-service providers once again. This is the fifth win in a row for T-Mobile. The company took the top spot in every factor of the study with better, faster, more personalized experiences for customers shopping online, in-store and on the phone.

T-Mobile takes 5th straight win for J.D. Power wireless purchase experience“Everyone deserves an incredible customer experience. At T-Mobile, they get just that … year in, and year out, in stores, online or by phone … we are absolutely customer experience obsessed, and this latest win is further proof,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, in a statement. “Hats off to our unbelievable retail, care and digital teams for making sure our customers get that rock star treatment, every time!”

T-Mobile ranked highest in overall satisfaction at 863 (on a 1,000-point scale), scoring significantly higher than the full-service industry average of 839 in the J.D. Power U.S. Wireless Purchase Experience Study. T-Mobile also ranked first in every factor in the study, including courteous and knowledgeable in-store and phone representatives, website, cost of service and offerings and promotions.

“Shopping at T-Mobile is unlike any other experience, and that’s a direct result of the driven and talented sales team, working ‘round the clock to keep our customers the happiest in wireless,” said Jon Freier, EVP of Consumer Markets at T-Mobile, in a statement. “We’ve snagged the top spot in this J.D. Power study, five times in a row … this isn’t a flash in the pan, it’s an enduring laser-focus on our customers.”

In recent years, the Un-carrier has amped up investments to create improved, personalized retail, web and phone experiences for customers. The Un-carrier rebuilt its retail training and support programs, and redesigned T-Mobile.com to be more immersive and to connect the customer’s shopping experience between online, in-store and on the phone. And earlier this month, T-Mobile earned a record-breaking high score in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study—Volume 1 with the help of its revolutionary Team of Experts – a dedicated team to help customers whenever they call, message or go online.

More information about T-Mobile’s J.D. Power rankings here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully some of that will rub off on Sprint.


  1. I tried T-Mobile. The sales rep in the store lied to my face about the data cap on my plan (found out later) and screwed up the new customer rebate on my iPhone. I called customer service and they refused to make the correction. I cancelled everything right there. Fuck T-Mobile

    1. Knowing dd, his charming personal demeanor certainly helped out his cause. (sarcasm intended)

      It’s generally true that good companies make mistakes, great companies find a way to fix them. But today the internet is flooded with griping customers, who of course think they should be served rare champagne in silver goblets for the price of a mass brewed beer. Seldom does the outside observer have all the facts to weigh where the truth sits.

      It is entirely possible that one T-Mobile employee screwed everything up out of the gate, then later customer service quickly realized that nothing would make dd happy, ever. T-Mobile may have very good reasons for preferring not to have dd as a customer. Who could blame them?

      In all kinds of other rankings, T-Mobile scores very highly in value, customer service, etc. For example, Tom’s guide ranks T-Mobile #2 overall: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/best-phone-carriers,review-3066.html

      I suggest you all use “big data” and YOUR personal experience to form an opinion rather than letting our local exemplar of the most charming, civil, polite chap dd steer you away from a very good carrier.

      1. Switch from Verizon to T-Mobile because of the great deal to upgrade our phones. It’s close to 2 months and they still can’t figure out why I can’t create a login account. The connection would be unsatisfactory in many areas were it not for WiFi calling. Can’t believe the coverage maps. In fact customer service gives you a more realistic assessment after you sign up. Unlimited in theory but no connection in many places.

        1. Relativity. You’ve driven so far off the map to the right that in your wacky view, everyone else is a liberal.

          You proved with your juvenile misspelled attempt at insult exactly what I was saying above: you act like a jerk and treat everyone around you with disrespect, then you shouldn’t be surprised to receive poor customer service. You ARE a poor customer.

          1. I treat people exactly the way the feeder ever. I complained to the store manager about the employee who lied to my face right in front of the employee. I hope he got fired.

            As for libturds, suck this:

            1. Hey dipshit:

              Nearly empty countryside mortgaged to the hilt to big city banks isn’t politically coloured.

              Go overlay your cute color chart with a map of population and you’ll learn where the political power lies.

              Just die off already, bitter old fsucker.

            2. You tell ’em, Dd. There’s a lot of left wing UNTS around these parts, scum buckets the lot of ’em.

            3. Libturds sure are stupid. Get a Life just said that the left has the power, while in the real world, Trump is President. Doesn’t get any more hilarious than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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