Swisscom customer interactions soar thanks to Apple Business Chat

Genesys today announced that Swisscom‘s customer satisfaction, efficiency and transactional Net Promoter Score have improved by nearly 10% on messaging channels since deploying Genesys Messaging for Apple Business Chat just six months ago.

Apple Business Chat
Swisscom’s Genesys Messaging for Apple Business Chat

“Our customers are shifting their preferred communication methods from traditional voice services to messaging,” said Rolf Neukom, Product Manager at Swisscom, in a statement. “They expect to be able to connect with us just like they do with friends and family. We recognize that with support for messaging apps, we can meet our customers where they are. The Genesys integration with Apple Business Chat made it easy to bridge the gap and led to more satisfied customers.”

Intuitive Conversations on the Customer’s Terms

Swisscom deployed Apple Business Chat on the Genesys Customer Experience Platform with support in two languages across four locations in just weeks. Now the company’s customers can engage in rich messaging conversations with its associates directly via the Messages app on Apple products. Swisscom is also using the latest chat suggestions feature of Apple Business Chat, available on iOS 13. When a user taps to call Swisscom’s customer service phone number, iOS offers a suggestion to start a Business Chat conversation instead. If the customer chooses to message, a conversation with Swisscom will open instantly in the Messages app, and users can respond when it’s convenient.

Through the powerful integration of Apple Business Chat with Genesys, consumers can easily and conveniently start a conversation with a Swisscom customer service agent, ask a question about plans and other services, and look up store locations in Maps, Safari and with Siri during a chat.

The benefits of Apple Business Chat extend even further, enabling consumers to communicate directly with businesses, make payments easily and securely with Apple Pay, schedule appointments, choose from a list and more without having to toggle between apps. Genesys takes the user experience to unrivaled levels by allowing consumers engaged via Apple Business Chat to seamlessly move to a phone call without losing any context, by using the list picker to choose a date and time for a call within the conversation.

Proven Results with Genesys

Since deploying Apple Business Chat, Swisscom’s interaction volumes on that channel have quadrupled and agent productivity is higher with rich messaging than with voice. In addition, first contact resolution is now more than 80% on Apple Business Chat, exceeding industry standards.

In addition to adopting Apple Business Chat, Swisscom moved all support channels to the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. This helped the company break down silos that prevented true omnichannel engagement.

Neukom said, “Our employees now have a 360-degree view of the customer across all touchpoints and can deliver more personalized service. That was hard to accomplish with traditional communication channels.”

Source: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Every time a company turns on Business Chat they prove the importance of the Apple platform. Not only this, but Apple is seen as the gold standard for customer engagement, which every enterprise wants a piece of.

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