Adobe delivers more desktop-quality Photoshop tools for Apple’s iPad

As Photoshop celebrates its 30th birthday today, Adobe is celebrating with some significant updates to their iconic photo-editing app for both the desktop and iPad.

Photoshop for iPad
Photoshop for iPad

Billy Steele for Engadget:

The company brought the AI-powered Select Subject tool from the desktop to iPad in December, and today it’s adding a couple more notable features.

First, iPad users can leverage another Sensei-powered tool: Object Selection. This particular feature was only added to the desktop app in November and the company worked quickly to bring it to the mobile version. Essentially, Adobe’s AI and machine learning will automatically make a selection for you beyond just the main subject…

Adobe added type settings to Photoshop on iPad, too. The company says “many of the typographic controls” from the desktop version are part of the update. Those include type layer, character and options properties. This means you can adjust things like tracking, leading, scaling and formatting (all/small camps, super/subscript, etc,). Kerning, a key typographic adjustment for designers, won’t be available until a “future release.”

MacDailyNews Take: With every update, iPad gets even more appealing to Photoshop professionals!


  1. I am so done with Adobe who can’t even be bothered to make their overpriced software multi-CPU and GPU efficient & less buggy. Not to mention unwilling to make a less expensive Premiere/AE/Photoshop package available. Really dumb.

    Moving on to FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Affinity Photo and Fusion.

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