18 hidden Apple iPhone tricks and tips

Jonny Evans has a nice collection of iPhone tricks that Apple has been “hiding” from users (not really hiding, but you have to know where to look.)

iPhone tricks. Image: Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max
Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max
Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

Want your iPhone to flash when a call comes in?

This is simple, but how to do it recently changed:

• Tap Settings>Accessibility.
• In the Hearing section choose Audio/Visual.
• In Visual enable LED Flash for alerts.
• You may also want your device to flash when a call comes and it is in Silent mode.

How to see all your recently closed Safari tabs:

• Open Safari
• Tap the tabs button (the two boxes at the lower right)
• Now tap and hold the + (plus) button to find a list of all your recently closed tabs.

How to use a trackpad on iPhone:

Typing a message and want to select a specific word or letter? Wouldn’t it be much easier if iPhones actually had a trackpad? It sure would. Which is why there is one: Just press and hold the virtual keyboard until it grays out. Now you can move your finger around the greyed out keyboard and the cursor moves just like a trackpad.

MacDailyNews Take: There are 15 more hidden iPhone tricks in Evan’s full article. Give it the once over and you might discover some you don’t know that may prove useful!


  1. Can you imaging a bunch of software engineers sitting around saying “Let’s hide some tips and tricks for people to figure out… and for columnusts to write about,” as if this is some sort of an exposé.

  2. The fact that these are correctly called hidden tells us how underwhelming Apple’s Tips app, help menus, and online documentation have become. iOS is often a hamburger menu guesswork game and swiping mess.

    Straying very far from the ideas of the company founders.

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