Nevada Democrats to use 2,000 Apple iPads to avoid Iowa caucus fiasco

The Nevada Democratic Party has a two-step plan intended to avoid repeating the Iowa Democratic Party fiasco: 2,000 Apple iPads loaded with survey app Google Forms to calculate voting results in next week’s Nevada caucus.

Nevada caucus Apple iPads - imgae: Apple's 10.2-inch iPad
Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad
Steven Musil for CNET:

The app will be loaded onto 2,000 iPads bought by the party and distributed to precinct chairs, according to a memo signed by party Executive Director Alana Mounce seen by the Associated Press Thursday. Google’s app will calculate and submit results electronically, while a second step will rely on submissions also being made by phone.

The new process was hastily constructed after use of an app during the Iowa caucus caused confusion that delayed the announcement of a winner in the Feb. 3 Iowa caucus, the first nominating contest of the 2020 US presidential election. Many people blame the Iowa Democratic Party for what appears to be a botched rollout of an app on such a big stage.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, if security and reliability are the goals, at least the Nevada caucus got the hardware right: Apple iPads!


  1. iPads will definitely help Demonrats on their campaign for illegal voters and dead voters

    Ever notice that EVERY voting anomaly favors the Demonrats? Coincidence? I think not.

      1. Voter ID doesn’t do what you think it does – and it won’t stop any kind of fraud. If someone is voting under someone else’s ID, it would be obvious when the original person shows up and is told that they had already voted. The fact that this hardly ever happens shows that there is basically no fraud that voter ID could stop.

        1. What Voter ID requirements do is make it impossible to ever have mail-in or electronic voting.

          In other words, the rigid right wants to make sure that technological development on anything pertaining to voting or matters of the state is strictly limited to 18th century solutions. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

          That doesn’t mean I would trust any IT company including Apple to get electronic systems implemented correctly — especially if using iOS. Limiting oneself to iOS is stupid. The computing power and ability to add seamless security layers is much better on a Mac or Linux system.

          1. Maybe the rigid right want to proceed with the more more definitive over the other system (s) that’s been proven to be more problematic in comparison…at least up to now?

            Once a new system has proven itself to possess greater security than the older system, the rigid right will switch and, painfully adopt the new technology, because they’re so stuck in their ways. They of course will yearn with a pained heart as they harken back to the old days and remember how good they were.

            On those days, please send them cookies and well wishes because they’re so weak and dumb. I wish we were all like you. Back to my tractor.

            1. So you do all your banking with hard currency only? No electronics of any kind? Why are you even here on an Apple forum????

              Paper ballots are not the standard for security. MDN attempts to tout Apple Pay evert chance it gets— is this more secure than cash? Why not?

              How about these 50 different state IDs —- are they secure? Why would you even imagine that?

              Don’t know why these tropes keep getting repeated. There are a million ways to screw up any election system, but papering over it is just a bassackward slowdown to an already archaic system. Further disenfranchisement of millions of citizens who don’t hold “acceptable” IDs isn’t the ultimate fix.

            2. The most comprehensive published study of voter fraud could confirm just 31 examples of impersonation fraud out of roughly a billion ballots cast. Those involved both parties more or less equally.

              The Voter ID push, like restricting the number of polling places, lengthening the time it takes to vote, limiting early voting opportunities, purging the rolls, and the like are not effective tactics for reducing fraud. Whether intentionally or not, they are effective means of voter suppression.

        2. “Voter ID doesn’t do what you think it does – and it won’t stop any kind of fraud.”

          Totally FALSE.

          ID with photographs and CHECKED matching information on voter rolls will stop over 90% of voter fraud.

          Works the same way in boarding an airline, banking, renting a car or may paying taxes. Sheesh.

          Certainly in cases of stolen identity and fraudulent ID will filter through, guessing the numbers are very small…

      1. Well the Democ-rats voting system recently tried to do something basic such as counting votes but like a three legged blind horse trying to jump a fence, it fell flat on its face!

    1. That is exactly what you would expect if Republicans were doing the cheating. Ever notice that the republicans are never on the side of transparency and accountability?

    2. The greatest election anomaly in US history is 2016 where a Democrat won the popular vote by around 3,000,000 votes and the “loser” moved into the White House.

      3,000,000 votes? That is enough to make the Founding Fathers gag if they were still alive.

      1. If you remove the millions of illegal votes, Trump won the popular vote
        How stupid do you have to be to not understand the electoral college?
        The US is NOT a democracy.
        Go back to school and learn something. But not your old school. They obviously failed you

        1. You truly are an imbecile aren’t you?

          Trump spent $3 million dollars trying to prove that it was the Mexicans that made him lose the popular vote by 3 million votes. Came up empty. Nada!

          Then there was the 1.5 million at his inauguration crowd. If that was 1.5 million, we drew that at Church last Sunday.

          So did the Dallas Stars…


          1. You truly are an imbecile, applecynic. An example of how Americans are as dumb as sh!t – well, left-wing fktards like you, anyway. You are a blight on humanity and reason, applecynicX, like your moron!c twin, sh!t!zenX

      2. Obviously your public education FAILED you, pity.

        Read up on the framer’s BRILLIANCE on devising the Electoral College To PREVENT mob rule from electing a president.

        But more importantly, every voice is heard…

    3. every voting anomaly? you mean like Gore vs Little Shrub? suuuuuuuuure, keep drinking your party punch, dumbass dimwit.

      unrestricted money (including foreign money) going to unregulated PACs has dramatically tilted most elections toward, you guessed it, the moneyed class. the same 1% that packs city councils with multinational corporation stooges and works tirelessly to gerrymander electoral districts. there are billionaires trampling over the majority in both mainstream corrupt parties but the Red team is by far the worst. they have long put corporate elite profits over peoples’ freedom health and sovereignty. when they tell you they’re deregulating for prosperity, they’re actually screwing taxpayers with externalities that their corporate masters created.

      fat cats have been represented for the last 50 years by the Nouveau Whig party, who called themselves Republicans before hiring a reality TV show personality to act as entertainer-tweeter. now they call themselves Trumpers because it’s the perfect cover to entertain the least educated rabble while the billionaire class keeps hijacking democracy for their own benefits. what specific goals are included as part of MAGA? only one: rigging the game ever more for the rich so they can make easy money with speculative investments rather than production and creation and problem solving.

      the corruption is plainly obvious to everyone but dd and the paid trolls here.

  2. I remember the first time I voted in college, and all of the poll workers looked like they had been bussed over from the Senior Center. The 85 year old man in charge of crossing your name off the paper ledger, was wearing glasses, but he couldn’t see. The woman in front of me in line, tried to help him, pointing, “My name is there” and he snapped, “Don’t touch the paper!” . . . to me, that entire experience was a metaphor for the value that our society places on voting.

    1. Absolutely true. It’s gotten to the point where high-population districts cannot possibly process everyone in person. The time constraints make it so that anyone with a job can’t justify spending all day in line waiting to vote. Rural states don’t see the problem, obviously, but they feel justified issuing personal attacks on urbanites.

      Modest proposal: If voting in person with multiple ID/biometric checks is the gold standard of voting security today, then fine. Let’s accommodate that. This means:
      1) The federal government will need to issue an unhackable ID. Legacy weak IDs like drivers licences and so forth DO NOT cut the mustard. Taxpayers will have to fund this new agency, and new laws will have to be established so that the data / tracking that such a system would enable cannot be abused.
      2) all overseas personnel, expats, and so forth will need reasonable access to a secured voting place. If installing voting places all over the planet isn’t reasonable, then these folks need airfare to the nearest polling place if they choose to vote.
      3) One day to cast a ballot isn’t realistic anymore. Instead of following the rigid constitutional (and largely arbitrary) guideline of one day of voting midweek in november on a day when farmers could ride their buggies to town after the crops were all harvested — how about modernizing the voting schedule. My recommendation would be to tie voting to a holiday period that everyone should already celebrate. Declaring a full-week public holiday when the weather is better: the first week of July, “Independence Week”. Then no matter where you live or what your occupation, you should be able to find time to access polls. Of course, no election results would be announced until all votes were tallied. Sorry exit pollsters, you will have to be banned.
      4) Fix the money problem. Billionaires buying elections will only become a bigger problem going forward. Stop the march toward oligarchy. Citizens United was the worst thing to happen to the democratic process. Today there is no way to even guess how much foreign money is tilting US elections. This is a problem infinitely greater than ID fraud.
      5) If voting is supposed to mean something, then I’m sorry, but minimum qualifications must be enacted. You have to be of sane mind to execute any other legal process. Why not voting? If felons abuse others’ rights, then they should lose their right to vote for some minimum duration of time, perhaps lifetime for major offenders. Again, this is another government function that doesn’t come for free. Administering this isn’t something private corporations are interested to do.

      Other ideas?

      1. Here’s a really simple idea, already tested and proven to work in Oregon and Washington: vote by mail only. No polling places, no ID hassles, no lines, no closing schools or opening churches for a day, no people turned away because the line is too long or the machine broke down. The election commission mails out ballots two weeks before election day to all registered voters. Return postage prepaid or you can drop it off at a designated ballot dropbox. Voters keep a perforated stub with a unique ID and can check online to see that their ballot was processed. Lots of checks and balances in the receiving and counting of physical ballots and an automatic paper trail if something looks off. More Americans should know that this is a solid solution staring them in the face that is and has been working for years.

          1. I guess it’s really hard to understand…
            “Lots of checks and balances in the receiving and counting of physical ballots and an automatic paper trail if something looks off”
            Par for the course in your case.

          2. This is not a theoretical proposal. This is an actual working system that’s been in place for years. It was worked out and refined by actual democracy in action.

          1. You should know by now that my opposition to something/someone is not a wholehearted endorsement of the opponent. Still, who can resist a good conspiracy theory… 🙂

        1. The purchaser? Ummm, sure, ‘cuz Joe Public knows how to properly vet an app and check all the code and make sure the app isn’t delivering malware or breaking privacy laws and gathering data etc etc etc. Wow. This is possibly the worst idea you’ve ever had. Oh, except maybe the government is even worse. Really? Now you’re advocating for the government getting involved? Cuz we all know how efficient and smart the government is rolls eyes. There aren’t words to describe how stupid your suggestions are. At least you’ve admitted apps need to be vetted by someone other than the creator of the app. That’s progress.

          1. applecynic is well known to be several gigabytes short of a terabyte. He thinks the “war on tera” is the battle to replace HDDs with SSDs because he believes that’s how the cookies crumble in your browser’s temp file. When you think JavaScript is a coffee order it’s no wonder people take applecynic’s nonsense with several large grains of sugared salt.

  3. I want in person voting with photo ID, on paper that can be checked in case of a recount. Anything that is totally electronic is subject to manipulation. With that, audited voter rolls so the dead can’t vote.

    1. So bottom line you trust Apple to keep all your personal data electronically secure, but it’s impossible to run an efficient electronic election.

      Cheap Accurate Fast. pick two. paper, as you know, is actually NOT cheap, NOT fast, and as we have seen many times before, only as accurate as the people running the process — who can be corrupted.

      Too bad some company from Cupertino couldn’t come up with a better system.

    2. Rick, in many US elections, fewer than half of the voters exercise their right. The reasons vary. Some people can’t stand in line for hours. Millions cannot drive and have no passport.

      So I ask you: which is better for democracy, a voting system that is so much more efficient and accessible that millions more are able to participate, with the risk of a small fraction of one percent increased fraud, or the status quo? A person who believes in democracy would choose the former. The current voter registration systems already check for fraud, the data is there for you to read what a small problem it is in most districts.

      If mandatory ID is your only proposal, then with the population of the US, you’re going to have to soon establish a federal biometric ID system that is fast and secure. Most state issued IDs are rubbish and poll workers cannot accurately process all the various grubby IDs that are waved in their faces.

      What is truly pathetic is that evil propagandists keep trying to make this a partisan issue. America loses when its citizens are disenfranchised!

      1. I do agree with you, on all points.

        Still it bothers me immensely when people support disenfranchising. It also bothers me when people use lame excuses like standing in line for not voting. And it’s for the same reasons.

        The right to vote is sacred, people have died to attain it. Yes, you have the right to not vote, but not vote, other than perhaps out of protest is disrespectful to democracy. I repeat, you have the right to be disrespectful. But it’s a shame.

      2. “Rick, in many US elections, fewer than half of the voters exercise their right.”

        Absolutely correct.

        That said, the more telling statistic is less than half of U.S. ELIGIBLE voters are REGISTERED.

        I have to disagree that voter ID would not prevent fraud and a “biometric” measure is necessary. Not all fraud, but certainly over 90%.

        You can board a plane with photo ID.

        Nuff said…

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