Apple TV+ forecast to have 26 million paying subscribers by 2025

Apple TV+ forecast to have 26 million paying subscribers by 2025, according to a new report from Research and Markets.

Apple TV+ subscribers
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars
Disney+ will be the biggest Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) winner over the next five years. Disney+ will add 105 million paying subscribers between end-2019 and 2025 to take its total to 126 million. Disney+ will reach 53% of Netflix’s subscriber total by 2025 – up from only 27% in 2020.

Five global platforms will have 553 million paying SVOD subscribers by 2025, adding 196 million subscribers between 2020 and 2025. Netflix will gain 51 million subscribers between 2020 and 2025; revealing that there is still growth left for the most established platform. Netflix will command 44% of the 2025 total for the five platforms; down from 53% in 2020.

HBO Max will have 30 million paying subscribers by 2025 – if non-payers are included then this figure could be tripled. The same is true for Apple TV+, which this author forecasts will have 26 million paying subscribers by 2025.

The SVOD sector received a boost in November 2019 with the roll-outs of Disney+ and Apple TV+. A further lift will come when HBO Max starts in May.

More info via Research And Markets’ “Global SVOD Platform Forecasts” report here.

MacDailyNews Take: That Apple TV+ number is too low. Apple TV+ is already in over 100 countries with a strong trial program and a low monthly price of just $4.99. Apple TV+ is available on billions of devices, including the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac, select Samsung smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices, as well as online at with a seven-day free trial. The Apple TV app is already or will be available on LG, Sony and VIZIO smart TVs later this year. Customers who purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch can enjoy one year of Apple TV+ for free. Apple Music Student subscribers get Apple TV+ for free. With all of these free trial opportunities, by 2025, Apple TV+ will be well established, with multiple hit series, and the service will have paying subscribers far in excess of 26 million.


  1. MDN is wrong. Apple TV+ content is pathetic and they will struggle to get anywhere near 26 million paying customers. Apple is appallingly bad at producing content. It is an epic fail so far. I don’t know a single person, all of whom own iPhones, that has any interest at all in Apple TV+

    1. Apple TV+ would do much better in its subscription service if the service provided all Marvel shows like WandaVision, and also provided all the content from the DC Universe app, solely from having subscribers pay one monthly fee.

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