Apple to reopen retail store in Shanghai on February 15th

Apple said on Friday it would reopen one of the company’s seven retail stores in Shanghai on February 15th albeit with reduced working hours, Reuters reports.

Apple to reopen retail store in ShanghaiThis comes one day after Apple said a few retail stores in Beijing would reopen today, February 14th.


The coronavirus has claimed 1,380 lives, infected 63,851 on the Chinese mainland, and has spread to at least 24 countries.

It has led to lockdown of cities, extended new year holidays and factory closures that have disrupted the supply chains of several companies.

MacDailyNews Take: According to disease modelers, at least 550,000 and possibly as many as 4.4 million cases of the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV are possible before the outbreak runs its course.

According to Sharon Begley at Stat, “the Covid-19 models ‘are doing quite well, despite a lot of complicated dynamics on the ground,’ said Los Alamos computer scientist Geoff Fairchildd. While it’s not clear yet if they’ve nailed the true numbers of cases, they are correctly projecting the outbreak’s basic shape: increasing exponentially, the number of cases growing more quickly the more cases there are.”

Apple is being prudent in slowly opening a few stores, including this latest Apple Store in Shanghai at reduced hours, to see how things progress before throwing open their doors to the masses everywhere in China.


  1. Those dumb masks that people over there are using are worthless. You need the medical grade ones, silly chinese. And stay home and quit infecting the rest of the wold already.

    1. Actually, it has far more cultural importance than you realize, so if it makes them feel better and dampens mass anxiety, let ’em. But you’re right, those masks are about as effective as using a chainlink fence against marbles. But it sure messes with China’s super surveillance system, eh?

    2. “And stay home and quit infecting the rest of the wold already.”

      Name one country that has done more than China now (after initial mistakes) in containing the epidemic. Only 2 or 3 people have died of Corvid 19 outside China.

      the H1N1 first detected in USA in 2009 infected 60 million worldwide and killed an estimated 150k to 600k worldwide (USA CDC numbers)
      Did the USA shut down entire cities (y’know like Chicago or something) to contain it ?

      Corvid 19 is dangerous and bad but lets stop the racist bashing.

      1. Leftie morons like yourself should all move to China and continue shooting your mouth off, you’re worse than the Coronavirus (not the ambiguous bs term you a parroting like a little government drone).

          1. opps totally sorry,

            my sarcasm “must be hard looking into a mirror every morning and thinking “f-k that’s an idiot” must be too over the head for a person of your brain power.

            let me think awhile , maybe I’ll figure some insults with mono syllable words . Or get out of the basement and ask mom to help you.

        1. Nick, “coronavirus” is ambiguous; it covers the common cold and dozens of other human and animal viruses. “Coronavirus disease 2019,” or “COVID-19” refers unambiguously to the specific strain causing the current outbreak. Perhaps next time you could think before you shoot your mouth off like a xenophobic parrot.

      2. China has acted only if/when it’s necessary and revelations are primarily for the CYA purpose. They are still “lying” and new “facts” are being revealed regularly.

        Their manner isn’t surprising.

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