What’s coming in Apple’s new 2020 iPad Pro lineup

Apple’s new 2020 iPad Pro lineup is expected to get a hardware upgrade in 2020 after a year focused on software (iPadOS). Apple is widely expected to focus on augmented reality and more this year, with updates expected sooner than later.

Renders of 2020 iPad Pro 12.9-inch design
Renders of 2020 iPad Pro 12.9-inch design

Chance Miller for MacHash:

According to leaked renders from OnLeaks, who has accurately leaked designs of previous iPhone and iPad models, the iPad Pro is unlikely to feature any major changes in terms of design. The iPad Pro design introduced in 2018 still feels incredibly modern, especially in comparison to the rest of the iPad lineup…

With that being said, there will be one major change to the back of the iPad Pro this year: a new triple-lens camera setup [which will] improve camera performance, add new augmented reality features, and more…

The most likely scenario is that the iPad Pro [will feature] a more powerful revision of the A13 processor currently used in the iPhone 11. If history is any indication, this processor would likely be referred to as something like the A13X Bionic.

MacDailyNews Take: There is certainly no reason to futz with the current iPad Pro’s external design, outside of the camera bump, as it’s the best iPad design Apple has ever produced. It’s simply gorgeous!


    1. Kidding right ? iPads have had AC Wifi for 6 years, since the iPad Air 2 and the Pros have 2×2 MIMO and HT80 beyond basic AC. I have tested ~ 400 Mbit speeds from my iPad Pro 10.5″ in my basement to my router on 2nd floor, and around 600 Mbit in same room as the router and without optimizing any settings yet to boost performance. The Wifi performance is awesome.

    2. Strange question. All iPad Pros have always had this. Not to mention all current iPads and even older older ones (i am not bothered to go back in history when this was was first introduced). AC is an ancient standard, Apple was one of early adaptors of this (see AirPort routers).
      Maybe you mean AX?

  1. Um excuse me MDN but they are fragile and bend-prone and they absolutely need to address the external design! I have seen several display models in Apple Stores and Costco that are clearly bent! They need to reinforce them better or undo whatever Jony Ives designed into them to make them so fragile. If it makes them thicker then so be it! Some have pointed to the materials being weak, others at lack of proper internal support structure to save space.
    It is the reason I bought an iPad Pro 10.5 while I could still get one, instead of 11 or 12.9. That and the clearance pricing on 10.5 was too good to pass up 🙂

    1. I have had every model of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro (3 units) and used them every day from initial launch date in November 2015 to the present. I’ve used them with and without cases, and carried them with my Mac in a form fitting MacCase and with my work PC in a loose-fitting backpack. Over 5+ years of using the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, I have never received a bent iPad out of the box or had one bend on me. Since every tablet is capable of bending, my experience suggests that (1) out of the box bent iPads are rare, and (2) if your pristine iPad bends it’s because you’re careless with it and would probably bend any tablet you use. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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