When Apple TV+ free trials run out, will people pay?

Apple TV+ is available in over 100 countries with a 7‑day free trial, after which there is a monthly subscription of $4.99. Further, when anyone buys a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac, they get a year of Apple TV+ for free. There’s also a special bundle for students where those who sign up for Apple Music for $4.99/month get Apple TV+ for free. When their Apple TV+ free trials run out, will people pay?

Apple TV+ free trial
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars


We surveyed TV+ viewers in late November, a little less than a month after TV+ was available, to get an early sense of how people have received the tech giant’s foray into the entertainment business.

So far, most people have found their way to Apple TV+ the same way they do to every other streaming service: by clicking a button for a free trial. 73 percent of Apple TV+ users we surveyed tried the service through this avenue. Of them, 28 percent ultimately signed up.

But when people whose trials haven’t expired were asked if they would sign up, 59 percent said yes… Apple TV+ viewers watched an average of 3.31 hours per week, and they watched the most on Apple devices.

Which of the following have you used to stream Apple TV+?

Which of the following have you used to stream Apple TV+?
Soucre: Flixed

People enjoyed Helpsters and Servant the most out of Apple TV+’s roster. They liked Oprah’s Book Club and Snoopy in Space the least.

Apple TV show ratings
Soucre: Flixed

MacDailyNews Take: Interesting results, but very early results. For just one example, The Morning Show doesn’t really get going – but it does get going! – until you’re past episode 3, to which these early survey respondents didn’t have access. We’d love to see this survey repeated now or a couple months from now to see how it changes.

As we’ve said before, interest in Apple TV+ will build and accelerate over time as Apple’s service basically started from a standing start. As shows grab awards and headlines, as the number of series and content builds up, and Apple ramps up promotion, the service will naturally grow thanks to the simple math of new devices being purchased, each with a potential free year of Apple TV+. This service was always destined to start slowly then build and build, gathering steam over time!

By the time one year has elapsed, after 100+ million Apple TV+ free trial-eligible Apple devices have been sold worldwide, tens of millions of people will decide to sign up for just $4.99/month! And, yes, we bet Apple will leave that low price alone for many years as they do not need to make money on Apple TV+. It’s there to make the Apple ecosystem even more appealing and to help sell Apple devices.


  1. After watching The Morning Show the selection gets very slim. Most likely after my free subscription runs out, if the content doesn’t improve, I will not reup. The selection out now is a to SJW for me

  2. I read elsewhere (on MDN) only 10% of all users who have had access to a free trial took advantage of it. So another way to interpret the data is, OF ALL WHO HAVE BEEN OFFERED A FREE TRIAL, only 6% (59% of 10%) — that’s 6 out of every 100 — would consider paying for it. (Many don’t even wait until the end of their Free Trial to terminate!)

    Frankly, I’m not surprised. I am a huge Apple fan, but their offerings are too edgy, crass, raunchy and filled with political-agenda for my tastes — I’m not after “art” but entertainment — and apparently many others agree. I much prefer Amazon Prime and Netflix where there is enough variety that I can choose my entertainment according to MY tastes, not theirs. (And, BTW, I have found the in-house productions in both of these options to be similarly distasteful, too.)

    1. I really agree with your comment about “their offerings are too edgy, crass, raunchy and filled with political-agenda for my tastes”.

      I have eough trouble with iTunes music not being labelled correctly. I sure don’t need to add more that is filled full of similar content but in video format.

  3. It’s all about the library and fresh content of which Apple has little of both. I got a free sub when I bought my wife a new 27″ iMac and have barely looked at it and I’ve had it a couple months now. If I watch anything it’s usually something from Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    So I don’t plan to upgrade unless Apple ups the ante substantially – this was always my greatest concern for an Apple media service. I also think it unfortunate you can’t stack up free multi-year subs if you buy multiple $$$ Apple devices. Doesn’t seem fair.

  4. Anti subscription here so very selective. I’ve only found The Morning Show if interest so even $4.99 a month for one show isn’t worth it. Apple will find it difficult to be a content provider. They’re to high and mighty.

  5. Yes. Got one year with a new apple TV. Wife and I both liked Morning Show and For All Mankind so far. The production quality is like a series of movies. See was decent too.

  6. I believe a considerable portion of the average ATV+ subscriber base will be of the on-and-off variety subscribing for a month then ‘off’ for two, repeating the cycle to catch up on new shows due to the lack of a sufficient content library. After the first year or so unless Apple decides to bundle ATV+ with other services it may not be as ‘sticky’ as Apple hopes.

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