Democrat’s Iowa caucus fiasco is among the biggest tech failures ever

Delivered by the very Democratic Party officials who have said for four years they were “ramping up” technology capabilities, convening numerous security task forces and collaborating with federal agencies to make sure everyone was in the loop on voting security, the Democratic Party’s Iowa caucus fiasco represents one of the the biggest tech failures ever.

Iowa caucus fiasco

Kate Fazzini for CNBC:

Iowa officials counting the results coming in Monday from the caucusing app reported irregularities that required them to switch from the app to counting votes manually. Party officials said the “underlying data” put into the app was fine, but it is unclear as of yet how they know this or even what they consider “underlying data.”

The Iowa Democrats were using an application made by a partisan progressive start-up named Shadow Inc., managed by a nonprofit investment company called Acronym. In a statement, Acronym distanced itself from Shadow.

“We are reading confirmed reports of Shadow’s work with the Iowa Democratic Party on Twitter and we, like everyone else, are eagerly awaiting more information … with respect to what happened,” Acronym said in a statement.

MacDailyNews Take: Ay yi yi. Shadow managed by Acronym? Doesn’t sound shady at all! Sounds like something from an episode of Get Smart, actually.


      1. Exactly. I love having a choice of 20 incompetent socialists. Much harder to vote if you only have one well qualified excellent patriot who has proven he can run rings around the socialists. Oh well, the Democrats can always blame the tech system, built by Hillary Mooks, was hijacked by Trump and Putin. And an obscure Libyan videographer living in LA.

        1. Well, I guess that we now understand the new definition of “patriot.” Thanks, Kent “McCarthy” for explaining what beliefs and behaviors are “un-American” in your eyes.

          I hate to burst your little partisan, name-calling bubble, but you are not the arbiter of patriotism and your narrow, self-serving definition is in conflict with the wise people who founded this country.

          I am so tired of the GOP name-calling, as if a label can completely define anyone or any group of people.

          Good luck with your “choice,” Kent. The rest of us have had more than enough of the current POTUS and the Senate leadership.

          1. NO, you don’t hate to burst little partisan, name-calling bubbles, because you practice the same frequently.

            “I am so tired of the GOP name-calling” I am so tired of Democrat name calling. Check and mate. 🤣

            “The rest of us have had more than enough of the current POTUS and the Senate leadership.”

            Don’t you just love how ELITIST Democrats attempt to speak for others? Well, “the rest of us” let’s be honest, you are talking Democrats that are the minority in Washington and overwhelming statehouses in the U.S.

            Surely numbers of clueless elected Democrats will shrink even further in TOTAL VINDICATION of a great president come November elections.

            You had “more than enough,” wait for it, much more coming… 🇺🇸

      2. Associating the “R” caucus with the commi/dictators mentioned is so absurd…it’s hyperbole unhinged from intellectual or humorous usefulness.

        I guess the two R’s in the caucus had to get the ok from the Politburo or a Maduro-like person lurking in the corridors, or else?

        And, let’s go ahead and acknowledge, incumbents rarely have competition in a caucus anyways.


      3. You sound like a typical Democrat fool.

        The Republican caucus in Iowa went off without a hitch and accurate results were made available to the public within an hour. Republican turnout was extremely high, which is not normal for a sitting president facing very minimal (Bill Weld) competition.

        Get ready for the Trump 2020 Landslide, folks!

      1. Easy. Buoyed by the Trump Takedown Channel CNN, she could not help herself as the daily partisan petulant Pelosi to do the right thing for all Americans because of her Trump tantrum.

        That face will become much longer come November…

    1. Exactly, and I suspect that Podesta’s DNC told the Iowa DST to delay the full count in order to blunt the people’s joy in the Bernie win and figure out in the meantime how to cheat him out of it, giving it to its boy wonder, Buttiegig.

      That DNC/Peter Buttiegig/Seth Klarman/Donald Sussman app, Shadow Inc., used in Iowa is metastacizing into other states which should not be so. “Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price refused to say who was behind the failed app.”

      It is glaringly obvious that the apparently failed Shadow Inc. App was not developed by Apple. If it was not a failure, then it worked as the Shadow’s funders planned, by cheating Bernie out of the immediate glory and good publicity. But, make no mistake, Bernie is the winner in Iowa and this win is DonnyTinyHands’ worst nightmare because, while Liz is vulnerable for her 17 documentes lies and distortions for which Donald will incessantly and effectively destroy her, Bernie has no such serious flaws.

  1. From years of litigation “we have the truth” Shiffy/Nancy failures to “no we can’t get it straight” with our own peeps at the Ioway Caulki…

    ”Vote for us because we’re united, truthful and competent!”

    Hmmm, pauses a citizen and mutters, “no, I don’t see it. I’d normally say, “try again”, but all the matches are burned and you want more”?

    1. What a frigging ridiculous ageist comment, Danox! Who do you think played a major role in developing the technology that people enjoy today? Those people were probably your age ten or twenty or thirty years ago… lol, you are going to have a very poor opinion of yourself when you get old.

      Just because younger folks can navigate a GUI or work a social app does not mean that they are technologically savvy or competent, just like most people who can drive a car are not mechanics.

    1. It hard to fathom how the Dems could have bungled this more thoroughly even if they had planned to do so from the get-go.

      The level of incompetence is astonishing. This will provide months of comedic fodder for anyone and everyone. They might consider focusing on a message and real solutions, instead of their brain-dead “This country can’t last another 4 years with Trump.” or their “Let’s give away stuff for free” strategy.

  2. I have friends at Shadow Inc – I met them
    In 1985 in my shop. Nice people, they told me they are secretly republican. I’m a hypocritical democrat of course, that’s my thing. Al Gore knows what I mean.

      1. That’s the problem, Dd, I do have to remind you with every post. You just can’t trust anything I say. I lie about lying. I try and I try but I fail. I did manage a shop once. Made a video and it’s on YouTube. The fact I don’t manage a shop anymore probably tells you something. Or maybe not. I can act as Dad’s taxi to take kids to little league. I’m useful like that. Promise I’m not lying about lying down for a nap. In the store I used to manage. With Steve Jobs as a regular visitor.

  3. Demonrats have not been able to win an election honestly for decades. They only way to they can win now is to steal them.

    There have been hundreds of “election anomalies.” Things like more voters than the number of citizens. EVERY time these “anomalies” favor the Demonrats. Coincidence? I think not. Pure elation fraud.

    All the dead voters voted Democrat. Coincidence? I think not. Pure elation fraud.

    Since Americans don’t vote for Demonrats anymore, they have to pander to illegal aliens for votes.

    Russia, Ukraine and the impeachment was nothing more than farces to illegally effect the election.

  4. I’m a recovering ex Democrat & Republican. The rhetorical drugs they were peddling turned me into a political junkie .I’ve been “clean” for almost 30 years. Its sad watching these current party addicts, whether red or blue, in denial about their relationship with these political dope peddlers..I’m reminded of the Marx Brothers quote: “its easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

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