Apple’s budget-friendly ‘iPhone SE 2’ reportedly now in trial production

According to supply-chain sources, Apple is already in trial production of a new budget-friendly “iPhone SE 2.” Mass production set to begin shortly, within weeks, MyDrivers is reporting.

iPhone SE 2 production: Apple's new budget-friendly iPhone is said to closely match iPhone 8's physical specs
Apple’s new budget-friendly iPhone is said to closely match iPhone 8’s physical specs

David Pierini for Cult of Mac:

Rumors of either an iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9 have been swirling for months with an unveiling likely in March… The low-cost iPhone is likely to see an initial order volume of more than 30 million with total shipments expected to exceed to 200 million units by the end of the year.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has what many say the best record when it comes to predicting Apple’s next moves. Earlier this week, he said Apple has several new devices planned for the first half of this year, including a 4.7-inch LCD iPhone.

MacDailyNews Take: Coronavirus willing, we should finally see this long-rumored new “iPhone SE 2” or “iPhone 9” (hopefully with a better name than either of those) with the next two months!


  1. Can someone inform Tim, and Apple, it’s the SIZE!!!! 4″!!! NOT 4.7. Not 5.5. 4″ !!!!!
    FOUR INCHES 4 FOUR 4… in fact offer a new X at 4″ and watch the small gap of missing sales/financials quickly balance out; because MANY of us don’t care about the price.. we want a SMALL phone.. SMALL…. 4″!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tim is obviously sick of 4-inches in his pipeline of products. He wants something bigger. I wouldn’t call him a size queen, but what Tim wants, Tim gets.

  2. I beg to differ…The primary factor For the SE2 is price, price, price! Apple has to find a way to make a quality iPhone that comes in below the price of the current bottom end model, the iPhone 8. More modern than the 8, but less expensive. That means reuse of existing components (like the display) where possible to avoid additional expense.

    Rumored iPhone SE2: 5.45 x 2.65 x 0.29 inches / 5.22 oz (identical to iPhone 8)

    Original iPhone SE: 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches / 3.99 oz

    Deltas: 0.58 x 0.34 x 0.01 inches / 1.23 oz

    While some people obviously disagree, I think that this size makes a lot of sense for the SE2. First, Apple used a 4.7” display in the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 models. Using the existing display, which is still being manufactured for the 8, saves a lot of money over starting production of a new 4” display.

    Clearly, the iPhone SE2 is going to be a revamped 8 with a newer A-series SoC and, perhaps, a couple of other tweaks.

    I am using a 7 right now, so the dimensions and weight seem fine to me. And the delta weight from the original SE is mostly battery, which should please everyone.

    The SE2 is going to be an improved iPhone 8 for an Equal or lesser price. It is hard to complain about that, and it will sell like crazy.

    1. “I beg to differ…The primary factor For the SE2 is price, price, price!”

      So do I, NO, it’s about size, size, size! I have to chuckle at an Apple fanboy who Artie’s, “That means reuse of existing components (like the display) where possible to avoid additional expense.”

      Right, Apple is broke and needs to save money. 🤣🤣🤣

      The argument you obviously do not understand and tone deaf to is SIZE, SIZE, SIZE!!!

      The original iPhone that was announced in January 2007 was 3.5 inches and Steve said at the time, it was the perfect size. I agree…

      1. We are talking an SE size difference of less than 2/3” in height and about 1/3” in width compared to the iPhone 6/7/8. Few people are going to make a big deal out of that.

        Cost/price matters – a lot. Why should Apple contract for new 4” displays when it already has contracts for tens of millions of 4.7” displays. The use of existing components with minimal changes to tooling and assembly lines is a big deal. That results in lower costs which can be passed on as a lower price for the SE2. The SE2 is not just intended for people with small hands or small pockets. The SE2 is also the lower-priced iPhone for world markets – Apple’s latest effort to balance price, profits, and market share.

        The fact that you call me an Apple fanboy makes your post irrelevant to me. No true Apple follower stoops to denigrating fellow Apple followers by using that term. That is a term used by Microsoft lovers and Android lovers when they cannot come up with a valid argument other than Apple hate. So you can stick your opinion up your sphincter.

        1. Awwwhhh, poor baby feelings are hurt.

          My definition of an Apple fanboy has nothing to do with MicroSoft or Android. It has everything to do with a blind follower that is 100% in Apple’s corner and is incapable of one word of constructive criticism.

          Granted, I have not read 100% of your posts over the years, so I could be wrong. That said, what I have read is very defensive and supportive at the same time not recalling one criticism.

          No, I repeat it’s all about size and certainly prices go up eventually. You did not address my point the original iPhone was the “perfect size” at 3.5 inches according to Steve and the original SE is slightly larger, I have bought three since debut in March 2016.

          Deflecting to iPhones 6, 7 and 8 is off topic and not concentrating on the smaller size some women, teens, children and men prefer. You’re too busy making manufacturing excuses to save Apple money like they need it. No, what we users need counts more — Apple is wealthy enough!

          I’ll take the high road and RESIST telling you to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine… 🧐

          1. But you didn’t take the high road, did you? Just like the orange drumph, you go as low as you can. And your memory is clearly drumph-like if you believe that I never criticized Apple. The difference with you and your ilk is that I constructively criticized Apple. You just criticize.

            You have posted a lot over the years, BlowMe, and I clearly recall the vast majority of your content as being hyperpartisan and illogical drivel.

            Have a great day!

          2. GoeB, the iPhone with the 3.5” display was not the “perfect size.” It worked initially because the iPhone of 2007 was not part of Apple’s current ecosystem with apps and maps and all of the other good stuff that thrives on larger displays.

            On top of that, there is no perfect size, your opinion not withstanding. I am using an iPhone 7 right now and it is a fine size…for me. It is only a bit larger than the SE, as I carefully pointed out in a previous post. But, if it is too large for you, then I am afraid that you are doomed to disappointment. Apple is not going to issue a new contract for 4” displays when they already procure tens of millions of great 4.7” displays just to trim a fraction of an inch from the height of the SE2.

            One more thing…I have to ask if you really NEED a slightly smaller iPhone or do you just WANT one. There is a difference, and your posts are coming across as extremely…needy.

            1. Unfortunately Mel, there are going to be people who find the old 3.5″ to be their size Goldilocks.

              Many of these mysterious people are called “women”. That’s because anthropometrically, roughly 50% of the world’s population of women (especially outside the USA) have hands smaller than Donald Trump’s.

              My wife is just such an example. She’s petite and has done UI tests using my 6s and 7 … she hates BOTH of them, because what’s “just a little bit bigger” for me is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for her: that little bit is enough to take away single-hand use.

              So she hates my 6s and 7: they’ve both been used and declared “too {bleeping} big” and so she refuses to move away from her SE.

              I know that I’m not going to win this fight, so I’m not going to try. My only “marital bliss” option is to keep her SE alive and buy replacement batteries for her until that’s no longer a viable option. I’ve already been caught once trying to sneak in a purchase of a spare SE to have as a backup in case her hardware gets damaged.

    2. I had a 6 and got rid of it for an SE because the 6 was TOO BIG. I’ve tried every phone since and they are all TOO BIG to operate easily in one hand. The last truly one-handed iPhone was the 4sN even the SE is 5 sized so not as good, but still viable. I don’t care what they cost. I care that it can be used, and if the SE2 is bigger, you’ll have to pry my SE out of my cold, dead hands because it’s about SIZE.

      1. RyderDA – you must be just like Trump then – small hands syndrome. Sad! Screw size. It’s about PRICE. You’re a size queen in reverse – you don’t want it bigger, you want it smaller. Well you’ll just have to buy some dumb tiny flip phone to be your phone and use your bigger real phone for everything else.

  3. This one is still too big!
    Apple should not build too much hope of these sort of compromises.
    Millions of people WANT to be able to have a SMALL iPhone in their POCKET… So, this means a 4″ POCKET SIZE device!

    1. Size doesn’t matter, obviously. Those “tiny hands” have turned around the economy in RECORD TIME establishing several ALL TIME RECORDS. That’s all you got along with KingME petty partisan elitist mocking of success? HA!… 🇺🇸

      1. Drumph did not “turn around” the economy. It has basically continued on the steady, but slowish, pace as under Obama. That is even after Drumph and the GOP passed an ill-advised tax cut for the wealthy to stimulate an economy that already had low unemployment and near-zero interest rates.

        You understand economics about about as well as you the realities behind iPhone SE2 size. You will, no doubt, blame the resulting economic crash on the Democrats. You and Drumph have legendary victim mentalities. It is sooo unfair…boo hoo! No one has ever been treated as badly as me, the orange Drumph whines incessantly.

        Honestly, just another off-topic, hyperpartisan post by BlowMe GoeB.

  4. I had a 6 and did the same. Put it in a drawer, after paying for it in full, and went and got the SE because the SIZE. I dropped the 6, as it was difficult to use with one hand. And I don’t even have small hands. The SE size is the largest phone size I prefer. IF Apple would have continued to offer a smaller size phone, I would have upgraded every 2 cycles since. They lost 3-4 sales in that time because of the lack of offerings in a smaller size… and I know a bunch of people that share that sentiment. I bet there’s millions of us out there.

    1. That’s exactly right. It IS ALL ABOUT SIZE! The defensive Apple fanboys making EXCUSES totally MISS what is important in the SE debate. KingME leading the charge and his self righteous indignation is laughable…

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