How Apple can make iPhone SE 2 successful

Apple iPhone SE 2 rumored. Pictured: Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple is reportedly prepping an iPhone 8, which some call the Apple iPhone SE 2 or “iPhone 9” update that either, depending on the rumor, replaces the antiquated Home button with a modern TrueDepth Camera system with Face ID, enabling a larger 5.4-inch display in iPhone 8-esque dimensions or keeps the Home button to keep costs down by eschewing the TrueDepth Camera system.

Patrick Holland for CNET:

Rumors are all over the place. One has it that the phone will have Face ID, and one says it won’t. There is a rumor that it’ll have a 4.7-inch screen, while another points to it having a 5.4-inch screen. Some rumors call it an iPhone SE 2 and yet others suggest it’ll be the iPhone 9…

In order for the iPhone 9 to be a success it needs to recapture some of that original iPhone SE mojo… The iPhone SE cost $399, the lowest price for any “new” iPhone… Perhaps the biggest reason behind the iPhone SE’s success, however, were the smart compromises Apple made… In order for a new iPhone SE to be as appealing to customers as when the first one launched, Apple needs an attractive price, a small size and smart compromises… The new budget iPhone needs to be smaller than the current iPhone 11 family, so a screen that’s 4.7 inches, like on the iPhone 8 or even 5.4 inches (as rumored) would still be smaller than the 5.8-inch screen on the 11 Pro.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever they call it, this “Apple iPhone SE 2” needs to be physically small, with modern cameras and Apple’s top A13 SoC, at a good price. Regardless of whether or not Apple can pull off an edge-to-edge, Home button-free device at a budget price, this iPhone will serve as a gateway into the Apple ecosystem for millions and adding even more fuel to Apple’s burgeoning Services business!


  1. “gateway”???

    It ain’t about a cheap phone to capture new market share. It’s about providing an updated phone for those of us who value its small size, instead of having to carry around a monstrosity.

  2. Apple already has an iPhone with edge-to-edge screen and Face ID, at the lowest possible (current) price for such a device. It’s iPhone XR from previous year, still going strong, starting at $599. So this new iPhone must have a Home button with Touch ID, if it’s meant to serve a distinct and important purpose. To be a high-performance device at lower cost, probably starting at $399.00.

    It’s not meant a best-seller. It’s like latest iPod touch (A10 Fusion) from last year that starts at $199. Apple would rather sell customer an iPad or iPhone XR and above. But a significant customer segment does not want to play the higher cost, and will go with Android if there’s no Apple option. And some business or educational customers want the most bang for buck. That’s why iPhone 9 (or whatever it’s called) exists. It’ll get the job done reliably and be affordable.

    If that other rumored device exists, maybe it’s the smaller size option for a later iPhone lineup, NOT designed to be “low cost.” Curious to see how small an iPhone can be with 5.4-inch screen. Narrow width would make it feel small.

  3. I have the 8, which I have grown accustomed to following the SE. I prefer small since I carry my phone in the front pocket of my jeans. I would like to see something the size of the old SE but with a full screen. However, I know that’s not coming. So, give me the outer dimensions of the 8 with a full screen and updated internals. I would be very happy with that compromise.

  4. My wife has an original SE – it was the first iPhone that she agreed to use. The others were simply too big and uncomfortable in her hand.

    Her SE is still working well (like new) and the only thing that would get her to change is getting rid of the button. She keeps her phone unlocked because she considers unlocking it to be a pain in the ass. FaceID changes that, allowing her to use Wallet (and apply for an Apple credit card.)

    The power of the A13 chip is more than sufficient for the SE so the SE’s in the future will be able to continually be one version behind the mainline iPhones.

  5. 4″!!!!!!! SIZE!!!!!! NOT price. I would pay MORE for a X available in a 4″ size. I hate the larger size. I tired it, and hated it. I don’t want to carry a huge phone with me everywhere. I like the small form factor such better.

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