Apple reveals which governments requested the most user data

Apple reveals which governments requested the most user dataApple has released the biannual “Apple Transparency Report: Government and Private Party Requests” in which Apple reveals which governments requested the most user data. The report covers the period of January 1 – June 30, 2019.

In the measure of Worldwide Government Device Requests,
 January 1 – June 30, 2019, Germany topped the “# of Device Requests Received” with 13,558. For comparison, the U.S. asked for 4,796. China led the “# of Devices Specified in the Requests” category with 121,011 (vs. the U.S. with 11,457).

In Worldwide Government Account Requests,
 January 1 – June 30, 2019, China topped “# of Accounts Specified in the Requests” with 15,666, followed closely by the U.S. with 15,301.

Apple Inc.:

Apple is very seriously committed to protecting your data and we work hard to deliver the most secure hardware, software and services available. We believe our customers have a right to understand how their personal data is managed and protected. This report provides information regarding requests Apple received from government agencies worldwide and U.S. private parties from January 1 through June 30, 2019…

Apple’s full report revealing which governments requested the most user data is here.

MacDailyNews Note: Regarding Government Account Requests, Apple says that for China, the high number of accounts specified in requests predominantly due to financial fraud and phishing investigations and in the United States, the high number of accounts specified in requests are predominantly due to fraud and suspected unauthorized account access/phishing investigations.


    1. So someone took a lot of trouble to compile a conspiracy theory video about Apple for youtube.
      There are similar videos that purport to prove that the earth is flat.
      Do you believe that shit as well?

  1. I’m guessing you didn’t watch the video or are just not sophisticated enough or up on Apple and its politics and business to make a rational comment.

    There is nothing conspiratorial about the video. It makes no suggestion that Apple is conspiring to do anything any more than any other computer company out there including Google, Facebook and others.

    The video refers quite factually to things that Apple does from the government requests to the report on government requests above. The video points out the hypocrisy of Apple when it comes to privacy being a human right, unless you are a human in China or the EU or Russia and so on.

    The video does not judge Apple.

    The video points out that like any other company out there, Apple is in the business of marketing.

    Apple goes on and on about how they don’t sell your information to third parties, and that they are in the business of selling products. This might be true, to a certain extent, but you don’t have to dig much further to see that Apple is also in competition with Google and Facebook.

    When Tim Cook comes out and blasts Facebook for trying to start a cryptocurrency, the translation is that Apple sees that cryptocurrency as direct competition for ApplePay and AppleCash. It would have been also had it not been killed in its infancy. Tim is competing agains FacebookPay as well.

    When Apple complains about immigration, Apple isn’t worried about the average impoverished, under educated, desperate immigrant fighting to get over the border, Apple is worried about its supply of highly trained engineers from India, China, and elsewhere.

    When Apple talks about how much it cares about privacy and how the others are the privacy bad guys, Apple is selling its own services over theirs, and while it is not directly selling your information to Google or Facebook it has allowed both to install privacy invasive software and gather their own information.

    None of this is a conspiracy. It’s all right in the open. The point is you cannot assume Apple is the good guy just because they say so. Apple is no different than Google or Facebook and continuing to pretend that they are is at best childlike and naive.

    1. theloniousmac…”the hated one”?
      Your cries of injured innocence are yet more dissembling and Cook baiting with added faux concern. Rife with factual errors, obsolete information no longer relevant , negatively framed inferences galore, some outright misstatements(lies), extreme grading on a curve to show Apple as no different to Google/Facebook when the opposite is true complete with zombie voice over.
      iow….conspiracy lash up.
      Hilarious that you take yourself so seriously.

      1. One look at Trump’s defense team tells you much about Orange Liar’s latest media spectacle.

        His one and only attempt at defense is: “As president, I am above the law.” Of course that is flat wrong, but having no real defense, he will instead offer a media circus. Rather than use his longtime personal attorneys (some of whom are behind bars), he enlisted a new defense attorney greedy enough to represent rich scum like Epstein and OJ Simpson. Orange POTUS also chose as a partisan hack who spent 5 years and millions in taxpayer money in a failed bid to remove Slick Willy, a well known philanderer who under pressure misspoke the word “sex” for “intercourse” for his most recent inappropriate consensual adult extracurricular activities. When the electorate saw what a sham that show was, they tuned out.

        In other words, Orange Liar wants the same outcome: as long as the public doesn’t care, he thinks he’s free to do anything he wishes. Philandering in every sense of the word has always par for the course for the Orange Liar. He’s always had enough cash to pay off the right people, so of course he thinks the same will happen now. He expects the public to continue to support exactly the same sexual behavior the President has shown all his life, with a trail of hush money, silicone bimbos, porn stars, golf club trysts, and trophy wives to show for it. Orange Liar wants to monopolize media attention so the court of public opinion will overlook the legal complexities like obstruction of justice, illegal foreign entanglements, gross misuse of resources, leaking of protected US info to his personal non-US agents, and so forth. The average public hasn’t time to think about the role of congressional oversight or understand the self-imposed limitations that intelligence branches had during prior investigations into the current POTUS’s corruption. Orange Liar is counting on smoke and mirrors to ensure that the people’s representatives don’t hear the whole truth from Parnas, Bolton, Pompeo, Guiliani, Manafort, et al. In a sane world, Orange Liar would be out on his ass and VP Pence would be in power now, beavering away in an attempt to make the USA a christian theocracy.

        Anyone who would advocate the idiotic position that the president shouldn’t be properly investigated is setting a dangerous precedent for the republic. Sad that thelonius can’t see the forest for the orange trees. It certainly doesn’t help that Moscow Mitch is too much of a spineless wuss to defend congressional prerogative against the most corrupt president the USA has ever seen.

  2. This is really interesting. 1 comment from one moron calls a video that addresses nothing but actions that Apple takes, that we discuss here regularly, labels it conspiracy theory, and over 30 people approve fully of the post. Nothing has so ever clearly labeled the quality of reader on MDN.

        1. It is truly pathetic that MDN can’t moderate its forums to prevent an ass from impersonating the real Applecynic, who routinely offers excellent counterpoint to the brainless hype many here push incessantly.

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