iOS 13.3.1 beta allows users to fully disable location tracking on iPhone 11

disable location tracking on iPhone: photo iPhone 11
Apple’s iPhone 11

The latest beta version of iOS 13.3.1 includes a new setting that allows users to disable location tracking on iPhone by disabling the Ultra Wideband chip that was introduced in 2019 with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

David Nield for TechRadar:

Ultra Wideband is like a more spatially aware version of Bluetooth, giving iOS features like AirDrop a better idea of where an iPhone is and which way it’s pointing. It’s going to come in very useful if Apple decides to launch a Tile competitor.

However, it’s not been approved for use in every country where the iPhone 11 models are sold, so up until now it’s been logging device locations, even when all the location service options are disabled.

Now Apple is fixing the issue, as it promised to do when it was originally reported – disabling the Ultra Wideband chip on your iPhone 11 will completely disable any kind of location logging on the device.

MacDailyNews Take: In December, Apple addressed this issue:

Ultra Wideband technology is an industry standard technology and is subject to international regulatory requirements that require it to be turned off in certain locations. iOS uses Location Services to help determine if iPhone is in these prohibited locations in order to disable Ultra Wideband and comply with regulations.

The management of Ultra Wideband compliance and its use of location data is done entirely on the device and Apple is not collecting user location data. — Apple Inc.

Apple has also said at the time that it will allow users to toggle the feature completely off in order to disable location tracking on iPhone with a future iOS update and here it comes!

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