Apple’s powerful A14 could make iPhone 12 as fast as MacBook Pro

Apple's revolutionary A13 Bionic chip powers the all-new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max
Apple’s revolutionary A13 Bionic chip powers the all-new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple’s A12 SoC was built on a 7nm process, the A13 was made on an enhanced 7nm process, the A14 coming later this year will almost certainly be a 5nm system on a chip (SoC).

Jason Cross for Macworld:

This is a big upgrade…

In single-threaded performance, the A13 delivers a 20 percent improvement over the A12 (in Geekbench 5)… My guess is that Apple will likely wind up in the 1,800 range [with the A14], due to both higher peak clock speeds and some architectural improvements made possible by the much higher transistor budget…

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Geekbench 5 multi-core score creeps up to 5,000 or so. For what it’s worth, the fastest Android phones score around 3,000 on this test, and a score of 5,000 would be similar to 6-core mainstream desktop CPUs or high-end laptop CPUs. It’s 15-inch MacBook Pro territory.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s next-gen A14-powered iPhones and iPads will be a dramatic leap over the current devices and just might set the stage for ARM-based Macs with Apple-designed SoCs!


    1. You DO realize that most folks spend a LOT of time surfing the web and writing emails, right? And editing photos… and playing videos… and consuming content. So, iOS and iPadOS is just going to be even BETTER at that than a MacBook Pro 😀

      1. iOS is NOT better at surfing the web or writing emails, and not just because of its inherently inferior chip architecture. A proper laptop offers a superior smudge-free display, a superior keyboard, more durable components, superior I/O, a real file system, and the ability of the OS to actually multitask pays tons of dividends to even the casual user.

        But facts won’t stop you from posting your undying love of iOS at every opportunity, will it?

        Price — not performance — is the primary reason why otherwise intelligent people would ever attempt to downgrade to iOS for their primary computing needs. Then they realize soon what a pain in the ass it is to do even mundane operations, and their iPads become entertainment devices for the kids and e-readers.

        iOS works okay on a phone, to pad the incomes of game makers and gimmick app writers, and for a few very narrow use cases, that’s about it. To do ANY truly personal computing including creative work and sharing files, Mac or Windows remain untouchable in efficiency.

        1. There isn’t a Mac made that can run a webpage’s Javascript faster than an iOS device. I mean, a Mac is perfectly ok for Javascript, but iOS is better.

          A proper laptop doesn’t even offer a 120 Hz display!

          See, I get it. You’re old. People are likely, at this moment, on your lawn, day in and day out and you just… want them to get off of it, y’know? The music kids listen to today is trash! You have this romantic view of folks in white lab coats standing stoically before their computer altar doing “truly personal computing” and you think that is what the world is doing. But, they’re not.

          The vast majority of consumer computers are being used for consumption (get it? “consumer” is in the name). That family sharing their iTunes content? Consumption. That guy on a long flight watching a movie? Consumption. That couple looking at pictures of little Tim Tim on their huge iMac display? Consumption.

          So, you show them something that’s smaller, lighter, online ALL the time, and CHEAPER, that lets them consume even more than ever before? Yeah, they’re going to go for it, no questions asked. 🙂

          The days of the Intel Mac will soon come to a close, and can’t say that I’m bothered by it.

        2. Hater ALART! Mikey is here again with his sour-ass trash talk about the biggest selling Apple product of all time. A billion customers are wrong and Mikey knows better! For the love of God Mike , cease your pedantic dictates and leave the Apple forum. We got your message-you hate what we like. Bye bye.

    2. The current MacBook Pro 16 can drive two 6k XDR display’s, if it is close to that, the A14 would be fast with very low power usage, Apple won’t do it but a dual CPU system like the original dual G4 would be a even faster system and would be cheaper went compared to a Intel CPU system.

  1. It amazes me that this story continues over and over.

    A process running iOS can not be compared to one running MacOS. It’s like comparing a plane to a car and saying the car (iPhone) can get to the destination 20miles down the road faster than a Plane (the Computer) when if that twenty miles was in the sky rather to a place 20 miles on the road the plan would win.

    its stupid to try and find something to compare because they are just so different in what they can do.

    A Mac runs different applications requiring different more complex software processes on bigger products (delivering multi 8k screens)compared to a tiny iPhone which uses light weight hindered software running mostly very simple point and click applications for your email and playing music and your instagram likes.

    Apps are small to do little tasks on a little phone for little power and on the go quick things

    You just cannot compare this product to seriously different big applications running on proper Macs doing seriously bigger processing tasks and complex creative computations.

    Yes millions of people with iPhone actually believe its the world and they can do everything on it and thats great but those things you do are all created using proper computers (Macs) the word app was created to show how small the ‘applications’ were for the little phone on computers we run programmes to do proper work.

    little minds, little phones, simple comparisons, for simple people.

    1. “big applications running on proper Macs doing seriously bigger processing tasks”
      I know, right? I remember when these silly microcomputers came out… folks thought they would one day be able to do even what big mainframes could do!! We ALL know who had the last laugh then! 🙂

  2. “A process running iOS can not be compared to one running MacOS.”
    Sooooo, a process that finds prime numbers on iOS can’t be compared to a process that finds prime numbers on macOS? Even though they both generate lists of prime numbers (which iOS does faster than most Macs?)


    I love when these stories come up because you get interesting justifications for how physics really isn’t physics, and the ability to churn through arbitrary code at speed has NO BEARING on user experience 🙂

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