Cellebrite moves into computers with acquisition of BlackBag Technologies

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Cellebrite, a provider of forensic solutions for law enforcement, government, and enterprise agencies, announced today it has concluded a definitive agreement to acquire BlackBag Technologies, an industry leader in Computer Forensic acquisition and analysis solutions.

The acquisition expands Cellebrite’s portfolio of Digital Intelligence solutions. Cellebrite’s all-in-one solution will give public and private businesses a unified platform with access to all aspects of a digital investigation generating critical insights in a controlled and coordinated fashion while accelerating the investigative process. This includes providing complete coverage of digital data collection tools and sources such as mobile devices, computers, cloud data, and call data records with unified analysis and review capabilities to generate a complete intelligence picture. It also means offering a broad array of field acquisition capabilities including consent-based evidence collection along with an integrated solution set that provides access, insight and evidence management to facilitate and control large-scale deployments and orchestrate the entire digital intelligence operation.

“The BlackBag Technologies team has built a remarkable business based on their passion to help law enforcement and corporations globally, by equipping officers and executives with the best of breed in Computer Forensics solutions,” said Yossi Carmil, Co-CEO of Cellebrite, in a statement. “As the global leader in the field of integrated Digital Intelligence solutions, Cellebrite reinforces the two companies’ commitment to their customers and continues its strategy to further deepen and expand its capabilities in the field of Digital Intelligence to support the growing market needs.”

“Our mission has been clear since the beginning: to develop and deliver innovative solutions that help the law enforcement, corporate and consultant communities reveal the truth in their investigations,” stated Ken Basore, CEO of BlackBag Technologies, in a statement. “There is an incredible synergy between the mission and culture of these two companies. Being part of Cellebrite will unlock huge value to our customers, through our ability to innovate faster and to provide an expanded set of Digital Intelligence solutions and insights.”

Yossi Carmil concluded: “This acquisition will allow Cellebrite to accelerate the delivery of new Digital Intelligence solutions and services that will empower our customers and allow them to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of their digital investigations. The acquisition is a major milestone in our journey to help our customers build safer communities and we welcome the BlackBag team to Cellebrite.”

Source: Cellebrite

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  1. Everyone worth his/her salt wants to get in on data acquisitions, peeping Toming, and tracking. Where os the opt-in? Oh, big gub’mnt preemted California’s opt-in law, forcing ot to comply with corporate friendly Opt-out.

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