Apple debuts short film shot on iPhone 11 Pro for Chinese New Year

Apple has debuted a short film (8:20) that was shot on iPhone 11 Pro to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Apple via YouTube:

A film about three generations of Chinese women coming together at Chinese New Year. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro. Directed by Theodore Melfi. Cinematography by Lawrence Sher. Starring Zhou Xun, China’s leading actress.

Song: ‘Hope’ By Varqa Buehrer

Go behind the scenes with director Theodore Melfi, Cinematographer Lawrence Sher, and actress Zhou Xun to see how they used the iPhone 11 Pro to bring the touching story ‘Daughter’ to life.

MacDailyNews Take: Granted it’s in the hands of very talented artists, but see what iPhone 11 Pro can do? No other smartphone’s video capabilities come even remotely close.


    1. Nick… you obviously haven’t seen many commercials from the 60s, 70s, and even 80s… I’m not Asian… but’s Americans were notoriously ignorant towards people OTHER than African-Americans. Have you see the Jell-o commercials talking about “poor Chinese baby” who don’t know how to use spoon?

      Sure, China has some racism issues… lots of countries are xenophobic, especially right now. Give them time and they’ll get there. We all gots stuff we needs to work on.

      1. I’ll have you know that just the other day I saw this little documentary about Chinese people who found a little lost Negro on their porch and fed him and he followed them home, and they wound up keeping him. He grew to be bigger than a St. Bernard! He is rude to his mother about her cooking. He is looking to major in Computer Science, though he recognizes he will have to study very hard.

  1. Not once did anyone mention the giant mesh of bars and tubes and gears and lenses and stuff all attached to one tiny little iPhone following them around.

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