Gene Munster sees Apple stock charging more than 20% higher in 2020

Apple Store Fifth Avenue
Apple Store Fifth Avenue

A longtime Apple analyst says Apple stock is on pace for its best year since 2009, but it has room to run higher in 2020.

Gene Munster, Loup Ventures:

There are five reasons why we believe Apple will be the top-performing FANNG stock in 2020. When compared to other tech and services companies, we consider the fair value for AAPL to be $350-$400. For example, applying FB’s current year multiple to shares of AAPL suggests a $395 share price. We believe the base case of $350 (21% upside) is achievable in 2020 and $400 (38% upside) is achievable sometime in 2021 (38% upside).

5 reasons why:

    1. Easy iPhone Comps
    2. Continued Growth in Apple Watch
    3. Five New iPhone Models in 2020
    4. Investor Anticipation of 5G
    5. AAPL Will Be Rewarded With a Proper Tech Multiple

MacDailyNews Take: From Gene Gene the Predicting Machine’s lips to Mr. Market’s ears!


    1. Let’s not forget that Steve Jobs himself said “I finally cracked It,” (discovered/invented a new TV solution). This was back in ’11 and as of yet, such a manifestation is still elusive.

      I’m not excusing Gene’s prediction…just adding a little context.

  1. Gene Munster has been one of the very analysts that have been smartly bullish on Apple for years. He’s been right and the corrupt lying analysts have been wrong.

  2. Back in December 2007, Apple’s Stock was at around $200. By December 2008, after the crash, it went down to $85. (Note: these prices were prior to the 7 for 1 stock split of 2014) . . . I reference this time frame, because today’s prognostications (AAPL will hit $400 ! ) are similar to the “forecasts” we heard back in 2007 . . . at some point the market will crash (it always does), the question I have is how much AAPL will drop.

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