Complete disassembly and analysis of Apple’s all-new Mac Pro

Snazzy Labs:

We have our hands on the newest $6,000 2019 Mac Pro for a compete teardown and parts analysis as compared to its PC brethren.

Apple announced the new Mac Pro after years of waiting for a cheesegrater tower to replace the rapidly aging and woefully unsuitable trashcan Mac Pro released in 2013. While we don’t have the new Afterburner card or the latest and greatest CPU configurations from Intel’s Xeon W Cascade Lake X lineup, we do have Apple new hardware and answer many of the following questions: How do Apple’s MPX modules work? Are the feet on Mac Pro removable? Can you use wheels other than the $400 wheels from Apple? Are other PCIe devices supported? How does the cooling system and fan configuration work? How is memory or RAM supported or inserted? Is the SSD upgradable by the end-user? And so much more!

Jonathan Morrison:

The 2019 Mac Pro + Afterburner Accelerator Card just blew my mind. For fun, I decided to pull out a Vega II MPX Module and see if I could playback a 16K video. Uh. Crazy.

To test out the Mac Pro Afterburner acceleration, I initially created a 4K Multi-Cam project with 9 and even 15 streams of 4.5K Pro Res 4444 XQ video which didn’t even break a sweat on the Mac Pro. I figured let’s make an 8K timeline, nah. Let’s make a 16K timeline and the results blew me away.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Mac Pro is an absolute beast!


  1. The lesson is: Ignore what the ignorant have to say and listen to people who actually know what they’re talking about. The Mac Pro may be rather expensive for the average computer user, but it’s worth the money to those who really need it. And no one will ever be forced to buy the wheels, but they will make it easier to move from place to place if you’re struggling to lift the Mac Pro. The base model weighs 40 lbs. but will likely weigh at least over 50 lbs. when fully loaded with goodies. Wheels would be easier than pulling it around in a little red wagon.

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