Apple gets FCC approval for Mac Pro tower, and rack-mount version

All-new, completely redesigned Mac Pro delivers maximum performance, expansion and configurability.
All-new, completely redesigned Mac Pro delivers maximum performance, expansion and configurability.

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

The Mac Pro has appeared today on the FCC registry site, with its regulatory testing information publicly released.

The new Mac Pro model aimed at rack mounting also passed FCC clearance today, ahead of the computer going on sale tomorrow. Apple previously announced that a ‘optimised version for rack deployment’ would be released in the fall.

MacDailyNews Note: The all-new Mac Pro starts at $5,999 and will be available to order in the fall. Pro Display XDR starts at $4,999, the Pro Stand is $999 and the VESA Mount Adapter is $199. All will be available to order in the fall. Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available at and


  1. I’d still like to put all the Apple executives mounted on the “rack” for all the years of consternation and frustration many have suffered over this ridiculously delayed product.

  2. At least the issue has finally been resolved, just like the wonderful keyboard in my new MBP 16″. Yes, Long overdue, and one can argue inexcusable to ignore pros like this for so long. I try hope Apple has learned from these mistakes. I prefer for now to bask in the cool new stuff that is finally coming out of Apple

    1. The issue has NOT been resolved. It is now 9:00 AM on Tuesday, 10 December 2019, the day the Mac Pro was supposed to have been available for order. I still CANNOT order one. Apple’s Mac Pro pages on their site STILL makes absolutely zero mention of any ability to order one. The page still says, “Coming This Fall”. Plus, even if they do change the pages about the upcoming Mac Pro, there has been absolutely no mention of when various configurations will ship!

      No, the issue has NOT been resolved.

      1. Yes once again we are disappointed and frustrated with no ordering possible on the day, Dec. 10th TODAY, they said we should see orders and options possible on their own site. But none have yet to appear. How long can this nasty charade go on?

  3. Sales of this will probably be disappointing – I expect most of the target market has given up and moved to windows by now. Rebuilding credibility in this market will take time, and updates. What if this exact model is still selling at list price two years from now? (as happened with the Trash Can.)

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