Apple’s new 4.7-inch ‘iPhone SE 2’ might actually be called ‘iPhone 9’

Apple's iPhone 8 physical specs
Apple’s iPhone 8 physical specs

In a product naming move that makes some sense, Apple’s oft-rumored followup to the iPhone SE, albeit in an iPhone 8 form factor, may be called “iPhone 9.”


The widely rumored “iPhone SE 2” might actually be named the iPhone 9, according to an “informed source” cited by Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

The report reiterates that the device will have a similar form factor as the iPhone 8, including a 4.7-inch display with bezels and a Touch ID home button, but with a faster A13 Bionic chip. 3GB of RAM is also expected.

iPhone 9 would certainly be a more fitting name for the device given it sounds like more of an iPhone 8 successor than an iPhone SE successor.

MacDailyNews Take: This would also assuage those of us who’ve been wondering what happened to the number 9 since iPhone flagship naming jumped from 8 to 10 (roman numeral X) on November 3, 2017.


  1. Yes, I said a few months ago, when this rumor about an iPhone 8 replacement started, that the obvious name was “iPhone 9” NOT “SE2” 🙄 Now, start the rumors about the REAL “SE2” 😜

  2. Where does it go after iPhone 9 then. This strikes me as just creating or delaying a problem for the future when a sensible forward looking naming procedure could and should be introduced now. It smacks of a total lack of Ingenuity even before we see the actual phone which starts to look by association like a phone already that has been stuck in hybernation for 4 years rather than any new take on an SE or even a modern more affordable design concept. Surely this is going to where the puck was yesterday rather than tomorrow and very typically Cook Regime inspired.

  3. It doesn’t need to go anywhere… Apple released iPhone 8 and iPhone X at the same time. The iPhone 8 path was intended to be a dead end, with iPhone X the main path forward. But Apple left a naming gap between 8 and 10 to allow for at least one more new iPhone with the classic (Home Touch ID button) design, to provide a less costly choice. iPhone 9 will probably have a 3-year run. By the time it’s retired, the newer design (using Face ID) will be usable for the next lower cost iPhone choice. And the classic iPhone design will be gone from lineup.

    I hope there continues to be a smaller iPhone choice. An iPhone with a 4.7-inch screen that’s edge-to-edge (hopefully no notch) can be about the same size and weight as the old iPhone SE with 4-inch screen. Now THAT would be an awesome iPhone.

  4. Enough time has passed we are all weary of the hap hazard naming conventions of iPhones that make no sense.

    To name the new SE iPhone 9 after Apple has been selling iPhones for 14 years come 2020 is not only ridiculous, a failure of management of the largest company of all time.

    That naming silliness aside, at Macworld on January 9, 2007 Steve introduced the perfect size FIRST iPhone at 3.5 inches. Appreciate the slightly larger, yet still small, SE models and have bought three and typing in one now.

    Bottom line: fingers crossed Apple continues to produce a small and powerful form factor iPhone, whatever they call it, light years more advanced than Steve held in his hand that cold January morning many years ago…

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